Aadi Perukku 2023: The History, Meaning, And Importance

Aadi Perukku 2023 – India is a country where every day is associated with its connotations of spirituality that serve to appease a deity to attain a particular object, celebrate a historical event, or establish interpersonal relationships.

Aadi Perukku 2023: The History, Meaning, And Importance Of This Prosperous Day


Aadi Perukku 2023: The History, Meaning, And Importance

The Tamil Nadu region is highly cultural and values its ancient traditions to the core. Every monsoon, the state honours the life-giving and sustaining qualities of water by holding the Aadi Perukku festival. This festival places a high value on nature worship to help every Tamil family get heavenly favour for their well-being, tranquillity, and prosperity.

Every July or August, the nation observes the auspicious day of Aadi Perukku, or Aadi 14th month, which heralds the start of the Tamil calendar year. when the moon is moving away from the sun and toward the north. Additionally, we discuss the significance of the day, the Aadi Perukku date, and other topics in this post.

What is the history of Aadi Perukku?

They join married women in performing rituals and puja on the occasion of the Aadi Perukku celebration, which is primarily observed by single girls.

According to tradition, unmarried women who give rice-and-jaggery sweets, palm-leaf earrings, and black-colored beads will be blessed with finding nice husbands.

Married men receive gifts from their in-laws, including invites and new apparel. Married women spend a month at their parents’ residence before Aadi Perukku.

After Aadi Perukku, they returned home with their spouse the following day. Typically, women would prepare rice and bring it in various ways to the Kaveri river.

Importance of Aadi Perukku

Due to the beginning of the monsoon and religious devotion, the month of Aadhi has special significance. The festival of prosperity and fortune known as Aadi Perukku is observed on the 18th day of the Aadi month.

The Aadi Perukku festival can not be restricted to the Tamil Naidu state alone because it is associated with the holy rivers Kaveri, Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, and Vaigai, among others.

Water bodies are seeing plentiful flow as the month goes on. People are frequently observed praying on riverbanks as a sign of appreciation for the life-sustaining qualities of rivers.

According to legend, Lord Ram took a ceremonial wash in the Kaveri River to absolve himself of the sin of slaying Brahmin Ravana. This is a great illustration of water’s noble attributes when combined with the significance of the Aadi Perukku festival.

Incredible returns

Whether it be a new beginning, puja, or a purchase, there is unwavering faith in the amazing benefits of this incredibly fortunate day.

People are performing altruistic activities on this day in order to gain a number of benefits. On this historic day, many people flock to jewellery stores to buy gold, and some people go to stores to buy household goods.

This is perfect for the people of Tamil Nadu, especially when they are buying sentimental items. For a very long period, everyone can purchase everything they absolutely wish.

You should only buy goods from reputable store owners or websites like Vivek’s to avoid falling for scams from dishonest traders posing as Aadi Perukku.

Decorations and offerings

If a person is unable to attend a temple, they can still show their devotion by watering the plants or statues in the pooja rooms or on the shelves with turmeric.

The Sakkarai Pongal festival would serve as the event’s “Naivedyam.” Women make beautiful kolams in front of the home on this day, which are often surrounded by a crimson “Kavi” border.

The entrance has been foliated with mango leaves. Oatmeal, coconut milk, and Vadai are used to decorate a special puja.

The Importance of Holy Rivers.

People should grow saplings and sow seeds in the month of Aadi as Varuna Deva starts to bless the world with rain. Vegetables can be harvested on the eve of Thai Pongal in 5 months during these seasons since they frequently grow well.

Because of their relationship to Lord Vishnu, from whose lotus feet the Ganga flows, and to Lord Shiva, whose hair is entwined in the hair of Bhumi Devi in order for her to carry the might of her power, sacred rivers like the Ganga are revered as holy in our rich historical culture.

Properties that support life

Even the renowned Tamil philosopher Thiruvalluvar acknowledges that there would be no righteousness in the world if the rain stopped and the universe vanished. The fact that many ancient temples with significance have sacred wells and tanks supports the aforementioned information.

The ritual’s dual goals of money gain and water conservation are the motivation behind it. Please be aware that water is no longer regarded as a renewable energy source.

Deep-seated beliefs

According to traditional belief, young ladies who perform pooja along the river banks with Karugamani (black beads), Kaadholai (palm leaves braided into earrings), and Kapparisi are said to be blessed with the perfect companion.

On the day of Aadi Perukku 2023, women adore the goddess Parvati. Various kinds of rice, including sweet Pongal, curd rice, tamarind rice, lemon rice, etc., are prepared and served to the Goddess with devotion.

After bathing in the holy water, worshipers change into new clothes. After the sacred bath of the Kaveri Amman, the procession now continues.

The Aadi Perukku is also referred to in the Silapathikaram. Every year on this day, a great number of married women throng the Meenakshi temple pond to change the thread on their “thalis.” An astounding proportion of these women are also girls, demonstrating that our clients have been protected.

The husbands are seated near to the newlyweds when the brides tie the knot (thali).

Ritual of breaking coconut on devotees’

The history of Aadi Perukku is influenced by several events and ideologies. One of the most widely held myths is that God Vishnu visited the planet many years ago and brought with him goddess Lakshmi, a coconut tree, and the Kamdhenu cow to save humanity.

It is lucky to crack a coconut when worshipping. The breaking of coconuts in Hinduism marks the end of the practise of animal sacrifice. One priest holds the head of each devotee while the other quickly smashes the coconut on the skull as part of the rite.

The smooth, white inside of coconuts is said to represent serenity, while the hard, outer shell is thought to represent one’s ego.

Giving coconuts to God is a metaphor for self-giving. This act is said to solve financial issues as well. However, some people believe that cracking coconuts by a woman is bad luck.

A Piece of Practical Advice

This information on the Aadi Perukku event is crucial. People in Tamil Nadu are loyal to their faith, and they participate fully in every event and rite.

Most of the time, people are purchasing new items for their houses or families. To get new appliances for your home during Aadi Perukku 2023, go to Vivek’s website. We provide the top everyday use items at affordable prices.


This festival signifies the beginning of a fresh journey that will prepare you for the unexpected changes coming to your life. In order to get a nice spouse in the future, females become associated with married ladies in this.

Or a good monsoon is used simultaneously so that rice farming receives good water. In addition to wishing you a very happy and prosperous Aadi Perukku and hoping that all of your dreams come true, please share and comment on this article to let us know what you think. Cheers to reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about Aadi Perukku?

Aadi Perukku, commonly referred to as Padinettam Perukku, is an unique celebration honouring the enduring river basins and the water source regions of the central lakes of Tamil Nadu.

It is intended to celebrate the rise in water levels that the monsoon brought about, which is normally anticipated to occur on the 18th day of the solar month.

Is Aadi Perukku auspicious?

On the 18th day of the Tamil month, Aadi, the fortunate Aadi Perukku celebration comes to a conclusion. For Tamils, the month of Aadi is devoted to the God of nature. The monsoon season and harvest season both start in Aadi.

People commemorate Aadi Perukku to honour the monsoon and embrace its immeasurable benefits to the planet.

Why do coconuts break in front of God?

Lord Vishnu brought a cow named Kamdhenu, a deity named Lakshmi, and a coconut tree to the planet in order to further the welfare of people. In this sense, cracking a coconut while doing worship is lucky. The custom of breaking coconuts was created by Hinduism to put an end to animal sacrifice.

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