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Androrat APK Download – With a tonne of strong functionality to control remote Android devices, Androrat is one of the best Android RATs (Remote Administration Tools) ever offered. Download the Androrat app and start using it.

Androrat APK Download

Androrat APK Download

Tools used for remote administration may access a device without that device’s consent. Not all RATs are used for unethical objectives; in fact, most of them are utilised for legitimate purposes, such as security research to identify system vulnerabilities.

It is often used for illegal usage. The goal of disseminating this Android RAT is to raise awareness of how quickly and easily your Android phone can be compromised, exposing all of your private information, including social messaging applications.

Why Androrat RAT when there are so many other Android remote administration tools? The solution is, in fact, fairly clear-cut and easy to understand.

The victim can’t be in any question about installing Androrat because of its straightforward Androrat Binder function, which can be used to produce Andorat APK with just one click and can be bound with other programs.

This Android remote administration tool (RAT) was created by university students as part of a class assignment, but it quickly rose to prominence. It is designed for both the client and the server and runs on both Android and Java for the client and Java and Swing for the server.

Features of Androrat

An Androrat APK may be easily and quickly created and installed with only one click.

Without the need for technical expertise, Androrat Binder is a strong binder that connects the payload APK with other Android applications. It may be connected to other applications with a few simple clicks.

The user may experiment with a tonne of stuff on the remote devices after the Androrat APK payload is installed:

Take a copy of every contact on the victim’s devices and provide it to the attacker so they can read it plainly. The user has the option to see the information of any contact.

Obtaining the user call records gives the attacker access to the whole call history of the victim’s device, including incoming and outgoing.

Spying capabilities are among the most potent characteristics that have helped Androrat become so well-liked. The whole conversation and message traffic from the target device may be spied on. Remote attackers have access to very sensitive information from messages and conversations. Although it may seem to be against the law, this feature’s main goal is to provide parents the power to watch over their children.

Device position is tracked using GPS (Geo Positioning Satellite) location. provides the user’s precise position in the present.

Internet Browser History to ensure that your child is on the correct road and that the internet isn’t abusing them. Utilize this function to see their browsing history.

Realtime Track all of the chats live from the target smartphone using spy software for Messages. You can see each new message that is sent.

If the phone is on a call or in an idle state, you may spy on its activity. keeps a complete record of who is calling immediately and other information.

Using the camera on the target device, you may capture images and see them on your client panel.

Live audio feed from a distant microphone. Without realising that the walls have ears as well, one may listen in on all discussions.

Watch the remote Cam’s live feed to learn what is happening and what they are up to.

With the “Do a Toast” option, prompt a message on the destination phone. Send the victim a quick message of any kind.

Send SMS messages; use a smartphone to send texts. Target won’t even be able to determine if someone has sent texts on their phone.

Make a remote call from the linked phone by dialling any number.

To launch any website in their default browser, use the Remote URL Browser.

To have a little fun with your buddies, vibrate the smartphone.

A list of every app that is installed on the phone.

GUI Androrat Interface

Androrat is a tool with a GUI interface, which makes it extremely simple to use. With simply a double click, the client may be launched, and a list of all connected devices will show. To interact with any connected gadget, just click on it.

List androrat client

A screenshot of the connected device is shown below. It offers a wide range of choices to experiment with on a distant target. Tabs are used to organise every feature. You may simply do any given work by using the alternatives provided by the various tabs.

APK Androrat

Using Androrat, creating an APK is not difficult. The produced APK will be very compact and simple to install on any Android phone. Once the target device has the Androrat APK loaded, success!

As you have complete remote control over the apparatus, you are now its commander. The Androrat client windows allow you to quickly explore all of your available choices.

Accordion Binder

One of the main capabilities of this programme is its ability to connect any Android application with the payload, preventing the victim from having any concerns.

With the use of the binder, you may attach an apk and deliver it to your target, who will then immediately install your payload apk when he instals the app.

Download Androrat for Android

Click on the link below to get the whole androrat setup, which contains the Androrat APK and Androrat Binder as well, in order to download the androrat.

Click here to get an Android app. The login is H4H.

See how to remotely hack an Android phone using Androrat for a step-by-step instruction.

The best Android hacking applications of 2023 are available for your perusal.

How Androrat functions?

It’s not as difficult to work as you may imagine. So, how does it operate? Here is the response:

Utilizing its APK Binder tool, create an APK.

The resulting APK may be shared or sent straight to your destination.

The APK will connect to our client and appear in the Androrat client window as soon as he has finished installing it on his phone.

You may take whatever action you want on the target device from the panel.

How can you stop your phone from becoming Android?

Make sure you don’t install any applications from third parties if you want to keep yourself safe from this Android rat. Use the PlayStore only to find programmes free of viruses.

Install an antivirus and malware removal software as well so that your phone can get rid of all the dangerous applications. Frequent software updates should not be overlooked.

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