APRILA SR 150 Race Price in India 2023, Reviews, Specification

APRILA SR 150 Race Price in India 2023 – Is This All-New Sports Scooter Worth Extra Mileage? Aprilia is quite a popular scooter manufacturing company, which is available in our market for years. The Piaggio Group has introduced its all-new sports scooter, a motorcycle and scooter crossover, APRILIA SR 150, at the Auto Expo in 2023.

APRILA SR 150 Race Price in India 2023

APRILA SR 150 Race Price in India 2023

The Italian Bike-Manufacturer has now unveiled yet another sports scooter version of the standard APRILA SR 150, popular as APRILA SR 150 Race. So let’s check out what more it is offering in its race edition.

The all-new SR 150 Race by APRILA is a sportier variant of the standard SR 150, available in the Indian Marketplace. This superb-scooter is manufactured with completely new graphics, which is inspired by APRILIA’s MotoGP Bike – RSGP.

This all-new sports scooter is customized with 14-inch alloy wheels, and rear mono-shock, which is now made with a new red paint job along with the front disk brake caliper is painted golden instead of black.

APRILIA SR 150 Race’s graphics are a combination of red, maze grey, and green, paired with newly painted alloy wheels and rear mono-shock, and its golden brake caliper in the front looks really stunning.

This all-new sports scooter resembles somewhat similar paddock scooters, which are mainly used in MotoGP. To explore more about such an advanced edition, continue reading with us to check out its updated points.

Engine & Transmission Level of SR 150 Race Variant

APRILIA SR 150 Race has received a retuned transmission, which is praiseworthy. The CVT has been customized with exact responsiveness now, which is similar to expensive electric scooters.

This superb-scooter also retains a 155.4cc carbureted single-cylinder engine, which can produce 10.4PS of power and 11.4Nm of torque. Its acceleration in an initial range is quite progressive and picks-up entirely in mid-range.

Thus, SR 150 Race by APRILIA can produce 90Kmph, although, with two onboard, it struggles to get upto extreme speeds. And so, riders can generate a mileage of 37kmpl.

Mechanically, APRILIA SR 150 Race has remained unchanged; only updates are made to overcome its initial acceleration issues between 0 to 30 km/h mark. However, while riding on it, you won’t sense any problem as its overall performance is excellent. The SR 150 Race has clocked 0 to 100 in just 28 seconds, which isn’t quite impressive as a scooter.

This stylish scooter can also reach a triple-digit number, which is a top-most speed of 105 km/h without any interruption.

This advanced scooter’s engine is so refined that while riding 100 km/h doesn’t produce any stressful noise. The SR 150 Race can indeed clock the full-top speed of 120 km/h, which is unique in its own way.

Race Riding & Handling of SR 150 Race by APRILIA

APRILIA SR 150 Race is one of the stiffest scooters in today’s Marketplace. This stylish scooter is sensed rock stiff when ridden sans a pillion, which can improve your riding quality significantly.

The SR 150 Race was manufactured with one major aim, which is to offer corner-carving pleasure to its riders. The front disc brake enables it to halt safely when compared to other scooters available in the market, and also, its rear cask is exceptionally responsive.

Aprilia is still not providing a single-channel ABS with SR 150 Race. If you are riding it on a particular plump, you won’t get enough pillion space to enjoy. This all-new sports scooter is manufactured with ultra-stylish appeal and can easily seek the attention of riders.

Remarkable Features & Looks of APRILIA SR 150 Race

The SR 150 Race looks even more excitable when compared to the standard scooters. This sports scooter retains a similar silhouette, although it comes with more graphics from Aprilia Racing Team, which is a mixture of glossy grey shade, a golden-colored finish for the front brake caliper, and red shock absorbers and alloy wheels.

Even its wing mirrors appear aerodynamically inclined. 14-inch alloy wheels on a modern scooter are quite impressive, and you can state more options as soon as you start riding.

The SR 150 Race by Aprilia is customized with a semi-digital instrument cluster along with an orange backlight. The speedo is set in an analogue style, which the readouts are in modern style.

Two trip meters, a petrol gauge, and minutes are shown here. This ultra-style sports scooter also comes with a USB charging port and a light bulb. The tail light is an LED unit, and proper red-colored grab rails edge it.

Additional Kit

The Italian Bike-Maker is even planning to unveil a race kit for APRILIA SR 150 Race. This kit is expected to include a retuned muffler, which will help improve exhaust notes and its performance grades.

The carburetor will also get upgrades with enlarging jets. The estimated price of its additional race kit is evaluated to around Rs. 3000 to Rs. 5000. However, there’s yet no confirmation from Aprilia about when its race kit will get introduced in the market in India.

Pricing of SR 150 Race by Aprilia

The all-new SR 150 Race by the Italian Manufacturer Aprilia is priced at Rs, 70288 (ex-showroom), around Rs. 3000 more than the standard Aprilia SR 150. APRILIA SR 150 Race hasn’t received any rivals yet, although, in respect to dislocation, Vespa 150 is its nearest competitor.


Aprilia SR 150 Race might not appeal to those looking for practical scooters to conduct regular commute. However, there’s nothing to contradict that the SR 150 Race is one of the best fun-to-ride scooters on sale in India’s market.

So if you are interested in purchasing a sports scooter, which will provide excellent riding performance and something that stands out from the rest, you must look no further.

That’s completely your choice now, whether you are ready to invest for SR 150 Race over Aprilia SR150. According to our viewpoints, Rs. 3009 won’t make much difference for MotoGP fans in India to buy such a variant in a costly garage today!

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