101 Back Hand Mehndi Designs 2023 [Simple Mehndi Design]

Back Hand Mehndi Designs 2023 – When a person or a girl thinks of the word ‘Mehndi,’ the first image that comes to her mind is an elaborate pattern made on the palm.

Back Hand Mehndi Designs 2023

Back Hand Mehndi Designs 2023

The backhand Mehndi is taken for granted for a reason. Most of the people stick to older patterns which are easy to make and take less time for drawing.

Yet, if a person or a girl picks carefully, the girl’s backhand mehndi designs can enhance the appeal of Mehendi exponentially. There are some of the unique backhand Mehndi designs that you can get inspired from which are available o the various internet websites.

The list includes various categories and types of patterns that are used in backhand Mehndi.

Some of the backhand mehndi designs which are popular:

  1. Jewelry Back Hand Mehndi Design

Everyone is now familiar with the recent favorite of mehndi artists, the Mehndi design of the jewelry. These designs are most suitable for the backhand of the person.

So, there are so many simple and more elaborate designs. The simple design is inspired by the famous women’s jewelry item worn mainly by Indian as well as by the Pakistani women.

  1. Mandala Back Hand Mehndi Design

The Mandala type Mehndi design is one of the older traditional patterns Mehendi, which is still popular and famous.

While this pattern of Mehendi can be used for both front as well as for the backhand, it looks insanely better on the backhand. 

The proper area which is around the Mandala in the middle of a palm is left empty to make it even more prominent.

In case a person wants, they can fill the space by using various a pattern and also cover it with Mehndi. This design will look fantastic in both the way.

  1. Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design

In India, a girl is not a real bride in case you do not have hands and feet completely filled by the various mehndi designs and sometimes other parts fully covered in Mehndi too.

The Mehndi design for backhand for a bride will be more elaborate and intricate type than other designs of the girls. Still, some of the brides might prefer to keep it simple and pretty.

  1. Floral Back Hand Mehndi Design

Flowers symbolize as the beauty in the Indian tradition. This is maybe the actual reason why Indian Mehndi artists are more obsessed with floral motifs.

From lotus petals to lilies to just leaves, and also a vine, these kinds of patterns have everything related to flowers which a person can think of.

Important Things to Keep in Mind:

Talk about bridal mehndi designs and we’re equipped with a sea of possibilities for you to lay down. We have all sorts of inspiration to give, from the most basic & simple patterns to extensive ones with fancy rose motifs, swirling strokes and pet portraits, cartoon characters or brides & grooms. And how good these patterns turn out to be on your bridal hands and feet depends entirely on your mehndi designer. After all, it is only the exceptional skills, imagination & style of your mehndi artist that can do your bridal hands & feet absolutely justice. And to make sure that the bride showcases the most stylish & chic mehndi designs on your wedding, it is critical that you get the right mehndi art!

Asking yourself how to choose the best mehndi artist? Fret not, we are here to assist! Before finalizing your mehndi artist we laid down some unavoidable things to keep in mind. Swear by them and you’ll surely get the results you want!

Be aware of the latest mehndi trends:

First things first, learn the new trends in mehndi! Whether it’s plain mehndi designs with minimal coverage and less strokes, trendy mehndi Arabic designs consisting of edgy bels & paisleys, exclusive portrait designs or those with customizations, do a detailed search to see what’s right and what’s wrong. See also what kind of designs brides want, these days.

Know what sort of mehndi design do you want:

Once the rigorous research is done, take note of how you want your mehndi design to look like. How did Deepika Padukone or swear by some custom mehndi designs like Priyanka Chopra and Sonam Kapoor do you want to go all the elaborate with your bridal mehndi design? Get clear right from the start, and save some mehndi designs to show your mehndi artist.

Skim through the profiles of renowned mehndi musicians, or do work offline:

The next big thing to do after searching for some inspiration is find a suitable mehndi artist. And to begin with, start scrolling through the ShaadiSaga profiles of various mehndi artists or their handles on social media. Through their designs you can easily catch a glimpse and contact them if something impresses you. If you don’t want online research methods to go faithfully, you can still base yourself on conventional research techniques. Ask your newly-wed BFFs or sisters for tips, and reach out to their bridal mehndi artists.

Thoroughly go through for the artist’s portfolios:

Now comes the aspect of the best vendor being shortlisted according to their portfolios. After checking out hundreds of profiles of mehndi musicians, shortlist some 5-6 that you liked the most. Speak to them face-to – face and ask them to show their portfolios or photo albums of their work in order to get a better image of their style.

Understand the artist’s style:

Seek to understand their area of expertise while guiding their work. While most artists would have tried their hands on various types of styles and designs, understanding precisely what their signature style is is crucial. Is it more inclined to traditional motifs or to experimental patterns & lines? If you have grasped that successfully, see the style of mehndi artist suits best with your personal choice.


So, this is the various design of the Mehendi, which a girl or the varied can apply on their Backside hand and look better with this mehndi design.

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