Top 20 Beard Quotes 2019

Beard Quotes 2019:

Top 20 Beard Quotes 2019

Top 20 Beard Quotes 2019

When Someone Asks Me If My Beard Makes Me Hot During Summer I Like to Reply with It Makes Me Hot All Year Long.

I Grew My Beard out A Little Bit Just to Show That, Indeed, I Am A Man. – Johnny Weir

A Man Who Can Grow A Beard Is The Kinda Man You Want to Be with Because A Man Who Has The Patience to Grow A Beard, Has The Patience to Deal with Your Shit!

The Scruffier Your Beard, The Sharper You Need to Dress. – Ashton Kutcher

Shave off Your Beard And Wear A Dress. You Would Be A Great Impersonator. – Simon Cowell

First of All, I Wish I Could Grow A Beard. – John Hodgman

Well Done, Sir P90X Has Helped You Get That Lean Look of A Female Marathoner! Get Your Beard on.

I Just Play Him As Myself, I Don’t Ease Myself into Any Role Really. I Stick A Beard on And Play Me. – Michael Gambon

Every Director I’ve Ever Admired Has A Beard. – Peter Horton

I’m Not Gonna Be Able to Grow A Beard. I’ve Realized My Limitations As A Human. – Danny Pudi

There Was An Old Man With A Beard, Who Said: ‘It Is Just As I Feared! Two Owls And A Hen, Four Larks And A Wren Have All Built Their Nests in My Beard. – Edward Lear

I Hope People Think of Me As A Bit Older. I Do Have A Beard. That Makes Me Look Very Old. Afnan Gani

Maybe! Maybe! Maybe if Your Aunt Had A Beard, She’d Be Your Uncle. – Alvah Bessie

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His Droll Little Mouth Was Drawn up Like A Bow, And The Beard of His Chin Was As White As The Snow. – Clement Clarke Moor

A Full Beard Looks Cool. – Richard C. Armitage

“Your Character Tells The World You Are A Real Man. Your Beard Is Mostly The Exclamation Point.”

I Never Had Long Hair Before I Got Busted. I Never Had A Beard Before I Got Busted. – Charles Manson

When I Was A Kid I Had This Idea That I Would Have A Beard When I Got Older. I Thought It’d Be Nice to Rub My Chin.

The Beard Isn’t Novel, It’s Natural. But, Your Continued Efforts to Maintain A Boyish Look by Shaving Your Face Is Truly A Peculiar Habit.

You Don’t Always Need A Plan. Sometimes You Just Need Balls And A Beard.


Top 20 Beard Quotes 2019