Top 100 Best Happy Bengali New Year Wishes Images

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Best Happy Bengali ew Year

Top 20 Best Happy Bengali New Year Wishes Images

1. This Poila Baisakh is an opportunity to hop on new adventures, find beauty in both joys & sorrows and enlightening soul-searching.

2. Wishing you a wonderful Poila Baisakh. May all your dreams come true, your aspirations find bigger wings and most importantly you feel loved wherever you go.

3. As you celebrate the new year
May lord Ganesha bless you with
happiness, prosperity and luck
Happy New year

4. I am sending love, health, peace and joy,
On this new year as my heart felt wishes.
“Happy Bengali New Year”

5. Nabo borsher Notun Surjo Tomar Jibon E Niye Asuk Anando Soubhaggo ebong Safoller Alo . Subho Nwaba Borsho!

6. Notun e din,
Notun alo,
Notun e bochor,
Notun kichhu bhalo,
Notun kichhu katha,
Notun kichhu asha Notun kore jibon niea notun sopno dekha.

7. May this New year brings you
A career bright as Sun
Peace as cool as water,
Prosperity as shine as Gold
Love as sweet as honey
Happy Bengali New year

8. Lord Ganesha the lord of prosperity
May bless you with happiness and prosperity
Happy New Year

9. A Career like sunshine at morning
A life like a flow of river
Happiness like a sunflower in the morning
That is my new year wishes to you
Happy Poila Boisakh

10. Notun Surjo, Notun Pran, Notun Sur, Notun Gan,
Notun alloy katuk adhar, par hoye jao okul pathar,
Katuk Bishad Asuk Horso,

11. Let the Poila Baisakh offer you all the strength to fulfill your dreams. Follow your dreams and dare to make them true.

12. Have A Great New Year for All my Bengali Friends.
“Shubho Nobo Borsho”

13. May This New Year Be One Of Its Kinds.
May It Be An Opportunity
To Fill Your Life With Bright Cheer And Happiness.
May It Bring Prosperity
And Joy For The Rest Of Your Life.

14. Usher a sign of freshness in Poila Baisakh. Explore the new and start afresh wiping off the woos. May the New Year day and days ahead become one to cherish all through.

15. May the Poila Baisakh turn out to be a prosperous one for all in your family!

16. Greet the Naba Barsha with hope, excitement, eagerness and anticipation. Wishing you a year full of joy, contentment, peace and opulence.

17. Happy Poila Baisakh! Wishing you a delightful and fulfilling year that you most deserve.

18. Let this Poila Baisakh bring peace and prosperity in the lives of all

19. Let us promise to take life as it comes. Do not complain but make it tolerable by accepting the sorrows along with the happiness. Life will be peaceful.

20. Naba Barsha! Wish you a contentful and prosperous year filled with love, peace, hope and joy. May the coming year usher all these goodies on you.