Chevrolet Tavera Price in India 2023, Mileage, Specs, Review, Images

Chevrolet Tavera Price in India 2023 – Indonesia is the country which promotes the Chevrolet Tavera; the model is available in both, MPV as well as Suv. It comes under the biggest automobile brand from Japan. The unique name of Chevrolet Tavera is inspired by the small village situated in French.

Chevrolet Tavera Price in India 2023

Chevrolet Tavera Price in India 2023

In India, important competitors of the Chevrolet Tavera are from the automobile industry like the cars are the Toyota Innova, Mahindra Bolero, Tata sumo and other same budgetary vehicles.

Chevrolet Tavera Price in India 2023


From INR 9,30,400*

(Ex-Showroom Price – Delhi)


From INR 8,20,400*

(Ex-Showroom Price – Delhi)

Chevrolet Tavera Price

Chevrolet Tavera

The good option of buying MPV is Chevrolet Tavera. It is a compact multipurpose vehicle and sport utility type vehicle. It is produced in the year of 2023 in Indonesia by Automaker Isuzu, Japan. In India, it is produced by American automaker Chevrolet till the year 2023. Afterwards, the production is done by General Motors, India.

The main facility of manufacturing is located at Hilol, Gujrat which is also the headquarter office of the Chevrolet.

The manufacturing of the Chevrolet Tavera is done as per the comfort and convenience in mind. In the market of India and the Southeast Asian Nations, the Tavera is sold out. It uses the platform of a diesel-powered vehicle Isuzu Panther for selling in Indonesia market.

It is known as HiLander or Crosswind and Isuzu AUV in other markets. Actually, the name of the model is given by the small village name ‘Tavera’ in Corsica.

The design of Isuzu, the original Tavera is based on the Panther. It is designed which focused on the business and extra spacious for passengers rather than the commercial use of the vehicle.

There is two versions of the Tavera are observed in India as:

Original Tavera – The base of the model is available with B1 a dB2 trims.

Tavera Neo 2 – The normal version is included in this model such as LS-B3, LS – B4 etc.

The original Tavera is already sold out and the Tavera neo 2 is also sold at the upmarket of India. Some new modifications are done in the September of the year 2023, which introduces a new model or version Tavera as Tavera Neo 3 which is featured with the front lights and bumpers.

Firstly, in the Indonesia market, the Tavera car is served with petrol fuel type afterwards it only served with the diesel engine.

Tavera Neo3:

In the modified car as Tavera Neo 3, beige and dark grey coloured cabin. The captain seat is covered with the leather upholstery. The instrumentation cluster is looking great with the ice blue light illumination.

For diver’s comfort, a deal pedal is also providing in this new version of the car. It is more spacious with the air and practical cabin. This model comes with 9 variants. That means the variants are present in the configuration of seat and more additions up to the top variants.

The new Tavera is sold with the seat configuration as 7-seater, 8-seater, 9-seater and 10- seater also.

Recalling of Tavera in India:

In the Indian market, more than 114,000 Chevrolet Taveras is recalled by General Motors in July 2023 because the present vehicles are failed to meet the standards of the local emission system.

It also suspended the production of Tavera of the Indian market till resolving the problems. The daily newspaper of Sweden, Svenska Dagbladet reported that misleading of Indian people is done by some of the employees of the General Motors company.

They are misleading about the emission system and fuel consumption to be tasted with the small engines for passing the regulations. It results in the termination of the General Manager of the company along with a few numbers of the employees.

After recalling the Chevrolet in the Indian market, it becomes the 5th largest car maker company in India.

Colours of Chevrolet Tavera:

The Chevrolet Tavera is available in the market with the following nine different colours as:

Velvet red.

Velvet red/Linen Beige.

Switchable Silver.

Summit White.

Sandrift Grey.

Linen Beige.

Moonbeam white.

Moonbeam white/ Linen Beige.

Sandrift Grey/Linen Beige.

Chevrolet Tavera Interior:

The interior of the car is quite comfortable for use as it is equipped with a heater as well as air conditioner.

It is also equipped with front roof lamp, ashtray, rear door lock, seat belts, dual horn tab, power steering with power window, remote-based fuel cap opener, rear cabin lamps. The seating arrangement of the car is available with soft fabric upholstery along with complete fabric floor carpet.

The best feature is that the triple blower air conditioning which remains the inside air of car irrespective of the outside temperature. The car is not only having a flexible seating arrangement but also it looks more stylish on the outside.

There are also the transformations of seating arrangements from seven seats to ten seats. The seats are comfortable for the user while long-distance journey. And there is the adjustment of the seat option is also provided as per the occupant’s requirement.

Chevrolet Tavera Exterior:

The exterior of this model is extremely remarkable. It has a sleek outline. The whole structure is extremely aerodynamic. A classy new perforating is in a front decade which is bold. The front radiator grille is with matte finished and it has a long horizontal strip which is divided into two parts.

On this thick strip, the prominent crest of the company is embossed. The newly styled headlights are at the surrounding of the aggressive radiator grille which is powered by powerful halogen lamps and the side turn indicators are also available which gives the better visibility to diver during driving.

The large air dam is located at the lower side of the grille in the body-coloured front bumper. This large air dam is powerful to cool the engine quickly.

This bumper is also equipped with a fog lamp’s pair. And these fog lamps are surrounded with a chrome finish which makes the outline classy.

The side of the car body is looking really lustrous due to the outside body-coloured along with the rear-view mirrors and pull-type door and tailgates handle.

The new bodyside graphic is used which results the look of the site is attractive. The alloy wheels are covered with the tubeless radial tyres which give the superior road grip. So, the flared-up wheel arches are fitted with these alloy wheels.

The top end of the car is containing mud flaps at the front and rear side which puts the best effect of this MPV. The large windscreen is located the rear end of the model line which is along with high mounted stop lamp.

Some other features of the model areas:

Rear licenses garnish.

The entry and exit of the passenger are eased as the side steps are provided on both sides of the model.

The side steps are made up of steel.

It has several striking features which attract the customer to buy itself only.

Performance and handling of Chevrolet Tavera Interior:

The performance of the car is well in mid-range but at some speed, the engine of the car may seem noisy. The steering system of the car is good for occupant’s handling but at lower speed the suspension of the engine may slightly stiff.

The car has excellent control on whole accessories of its. The excellent grip is observed in the tyres of the car.

Braking and safety of Chevrolet Tavera:

The best feature of this model which is equipped with a safe option as a Child lock. The other features of the car as:

Side impact beams.

Power window locks.

The well-balanced suspension mechanism which gives the perfect and efficient braking system is fitted in the model which result the car looks so elegant.

The rear wheel of the model is fitted with the breaking system of ventilated disc type. The efficient braking is provided by the rear wheel because of the presence of drum brakes. The car comes with a jagged passenger cell with crumple zones. Side impact beams are fitted with all doors of the car.

The maximum mileage of the car is depending on the usage on the types of roads and traffic too as the Chevrolet Tavera is commercial use car.

Car Showrooms in top cities of India:

Through the wide network of Chevrolet, India is selling the several 15 models of cars such as Hatchbacks, SUVs and MUVs, Sedans etc. the Chevrolet beat, Tavera, Chevrolet Sparx are more popular from all models of Chevrolet.

In India, the car price ranges as Rs. 3,64,401 for Chevrolet Sparx and for Chevrolet Captiva over Rs. 27,36,692.

The details of the showrooms and dealers nearest to your location in India as:

Delhi – In New Delhi, a total of 9 Chevrolet Tavera is available

Aarav Chevrolet.

Arya automobiles.

Globus MotoCorp Pvt. Ltd.
Metro motors – 2

Sparsh Autotech.

Treo Chevrolet.

Triumph Chevrolet.

Go Auto Pvt. Ltd.

Ahmedabad – 4 showrooms.

Bangalore – There is a total of 8 showrooms under the Chevrolet Tavera.

Chennai – Total 3 showrooms of Chevrolet Tavera.

Hyderabad – 6 showrooms.

Kolkata – 3 showrooms.

Mumbai – 5 showrooms.

Pune – 5 showrooms as:

Pethkar Motors Pvt. Ltd.

Saibaba Sales Pvt. Ltd – 2 Showrooms.

Singh Cycle and Motors Co. – 2 Showrooms.

Thane – 5 showrooms.

Surat – 3 showrooms.

Kanpur – 2 showrooms.

Jaipur – 3 showrooms.

Bhopal – 2 showrooms.

Gurgaon – 2 showrooms.

Vadodara – 3 showrooms.

Aurangabad – 2 showrooms.

Kottayam – 2 showrooms.

Bhubaneshwar – 2 showrooms.

Baramati – 2 showrooms.

Coimbatore – 2 showrooms.

Ambala – 2 showrooms.

Bhiwani – 2 showrooms.

Alappuzha – 2 showrooms.

Kolhapur – 2 showrooms.

Khammam – 2 showrooms.

Indore – 2 showrooms.

Ludhiana – 2 showrooms.

Competitors of Chevrolet Tavera:

In the market, only a few players which works on the MPV segment. The Chevrolet Tavera has the competitors as Toyota Innova, Mahindra, Tata Sumo etc. The Tavera’s market is hit by the entry of a new player as ‘Tempo’ which implies that the reason behind the launching of new products as a competitor.

Toyota Innova –

The comfortable and excellent MPV for the long-distance journey is ‘Innova.’ It is spacious and comfortable for a big family. It offers with two seating system as middle row bench with eight-seater and seven-seater with captain seat in the middle row.

The lowest price of Innova car – Rs. 2.8 lakhs.

Highest prices of Innova car – Rs. 17.3 lakhs.


The multination car manufacturing company which headquartered at Mumbai, India. It is the largest manufacturer of vehicle company and it also largest manufacturer of the Tractors. It was at 17th rank of the top companies by the Fortune 500 magazine records.

Talking about products, it has various sectors as automobile unit, commercial vehicles two-wheelers too. More than 50, 000 employees are working in this company to date.

Tata Sumo –

The SUV type vehicle which is manufactured by Indian manufacturer ‘Tata Motors’ from the year 1994 till date, is Tata Sumo.

In the year of 1994, it is first introduced as ten-seater four-wheeler which is used for military purpose and off-road transportation too.

The version of old Sumo, Tata Sumo Gold is one of the most affordable and duel efficient four-wheeler car in the Indian market.

The price of Chevrolet Tavera in India:

The price of variants of Chevrolet Tavera as per records of year2017:

Chevrolet Tavera Base 10 –

Transmission system – Manual.
Fuel type – Diesel.

Showroom price – Rs. 8.45 lakh.
Chevrolet Tavera Max 10 –

Transmission system – Manual.
Fuel type – Diesel.

Showroom price – Rs. 9.18 lakh.
Chevrolet Tavera LS 10 –

Transmission system – Manual.
Fuel type – Diesel.

Showroom price – Rs. 10.16 lakh.
Chevrolet Tavera LS 9 –

Transmission system – Manual.
Fuel type – Diesel.

Showroom price – Rs. 10.30 lakh.
Chevrolet Tavera LS 7 –

Transmission system – Manual.
Fuel type – Diesel.

Showroom price – Rs. 10.43 lakh.
Chevrolet Tavera LS 7 C –

Transmission system – Manual.
Fuel type – Diesel.

Showroom price – Rs. 10.54 lakh.
Chevrolet Tavera LT 9 –

Transmission system – Manual.
Fuel type – Diesel.

Showroom price – Rs. 11.41 lakh.
Safety purpose view of Chevrolet in Tavera

Top models are outfitted with power controlling with a base turning range of 5.6 meters. Other security highlights incorporate back lock youngster lock, control window lock and strong side effect shaft.

The back hub of the vehicle is upheld by a semi-curved leaf spring instrument which is equipped for conveying high stacks. It offers brilliant outside appearance adjacent to magnificent inside that will, sure enough, draw in a few elective benefactors.

The general look and measurement of this car are path higher than elective autos of indistinguishable complete. Chevrolet Tavera thinks of new motor that siphons a great deal of intensity and a ton of power as the contrast with elective models. Talking concerning within house it furnishes the happy with seating with extra comfort for extravagance bit, mammoth windows to display ethereal feel.

The car misses things like wheel the executives, almost no read for the external mirrors, USB similarity for the framework, ABS and air stuff. Chevrolet Tavera is fitted with ventilated circle brakes in front with strong drum brakes in back wheels.

Being utility vehicles, the suspension of the vehicle is additionally generally excellent which accompanies gas-filled stunners in every one of the wheels.


The engine is the heart of any automobile. The whole power of the car depends on the engine. About Chevrolet, it has a pretty powerful engine. Chevrolet Tavera Price in India 2023

Chevrolet Tavera is known to have extraordinary engine limit and extreme manufactured. The engine is bolstered with 2.5L Direct Injection Turbo type.

The most extreme torque that Chevrolet Tavera can give is 19kgm per 1800 rpm. To help overwhelming business use and traveller carriage the engine is upheld with highlights of 2499cc.

Additionally, the engine is equipped for conveying an intensity of 80ps at the pace of 3900 rpm on a normal.

The MUV keeps running on a 2.5 litre 4 chambers 16 valves turbocharged DOHC based diesel engine uprooting 2499cc of air.

The engine can gather the greatest mileage and torque figures of 72.3bhp at 3900rpm and 171Nm at 1800rpm, individually.

The BS III agreeable engine can accumulate the greatest mileage figures of 10.0 Kmpl on the city and 13.58 Kmpl on the expressways. Chevrolet Tavera can arrive at 100Kmph in around 23 seconds.


Performance of the Chevrolet Tavera is decent and quite good compared to other same budgetary cars
Chevrolet Tavera is intended to give consistent execution and is one of the smash hits from Chevrolet.

The working is anything but difficult to deal with and doesn’t give a massive vehicle feel like different MUVs.

The pickup is magnificent, drive quality is great and the suspension is able. The programmed transmission is very much adjusted.

Alongside an exceptionally dependable presentation file, it has generally excellent insides with solace seating appropriate for long travels.

It is a standout amongst other execution based vehicles in this portion. Attributable to its extreme make engine and smooth drive quality it is appropriate for business use.

There are solace seating and abundant wellbeing highlights to back it up. It gives a power yield of a limit of 103.3bhp at 4400rpm and a torque stirred of about 250Nm at 1500-2500rpm. The apparatus moving and controlling taking care of is smooth

Chevrolet Tavera accompanies extreme building and exact making. The MUV has intense looks and supplementing its looks is its macho execution.

The engine is so smooth and amazing that it is appropriate for harsh streets and intense voyages. The insides are similarly all around prepared.

The AC in the vehicle which is a three-level one is very effective in cooling quickly. The vehicle has amazing 15-inch compound wheels, smooth multi-work controlling. Chevrolet Tavera Price in India 2023

Pros of Chevrolet Tavera

Tavera offers a few preferences like unrivalled insides and outsides, incredible engine, great headroom and extra space to move around, great stimulation framework, and substantially more.It keeps up its great spot in the market as it is a sensible decision that offers a few stunning advantages.

Its fundamental points of interest incorporate its unwavering quality and promising guarantee back up.

The greatest downside is that it has different variations that make perplexity in the client’s brain. Clients want to purchase the new model and that prompts decline the offers of this vehicle.

The focal points or stars incorporate a sincere looking MUV with a large number of utility highlights in the lodge.

The leg and shoulder space also space for gear is the sign of the vehicle. The cons allude to the nonattendance of cutting edge security highlights like airbags in every one of the variations.


The efficiency of the vehicle additionally leaves a great deal to be wanted. As the vehicle should go in a wide range of territories, its low ground leeway goes about as a bummer.

Chevrolet Tavera new engine that siphons more power and more torque as the contrast with different models.

In the inside space, it gives the cowhide seating with additional solace for extravagance contact, huge windows to give a vaporous feel. Chevrolet Tavera Price in India 2023


It is a really good option if you are looking multipurpose vehicle. The several safety options are available in this model and is also available with the better variants. For safety purpose, it is having fog lamps also which gives better visibility in foggy weather for the diver.

In Maharashtra, the other manufacturing plant of Chevrolet is at Talegaon Dabhade and the large technical centre is located in Bangalore.

Chevrolet Tavera is General Engines’ improved Multi-Utility car roused by Isuzu Panther of South East Asia. A multipurpose vehicle, Tavera offers a world-class execution alongside fabulous solace and strength.

Its superb inside example lodges the two explorers and payload with pizazz. Its 2.5 engine consolidates perfectly with the work concentrated rigging box and conveys sensible power.

Fuel cost-cutting measure is adequate alongside radiant Suspension which moves in the direction of sheer comfort than greatest accomplishment. It coasts incredibly on the interstate with smooth controlling.

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