Top 50 Congrats Quotes in English 2020

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Top 20 Congrats Quotes in English 2019Top 50 Congrats Quotes in English 2020

1. May today’s success be the beginning of tomorrow’s achievements. Congratulations!

2. Congratulations, I wish and pray that you always succeed in whatever you do.

3. Congratulations on your achievements! You have made us all proud.

4. May this success lead to great achievement in the years to come. Congratulations for present and upcoming successes.

5. Congratulations on the start of something beautiful! Much love, health, and happiness to you both on this happy occasion.

6. A new job is not a new beginning it’s a path to create a new ending.

7. The destiny of hard work is always a success. You have done hard work and got succeed. Congratulations on your huge and marvelous success.

8. Taking long strides, reaching out, leaping ahead, you walked the way to success! what better time to tell you that we are so happy for you, good going!

9. Time to rejoice, time to celebrate for you have won in the long run. Congrats!

10. Facing challenges with strength, determination, and confidence in what matters, and you have done it. Congrats!

11. A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement.

12. Congrats, you finally did it! But whoever said that hard work ends here. It actually has just started. So, good luck!

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13. May you bloom with success every day!

14. The destiny of hard work is always a success. You have done hard work and got succeed. Congrats on your success.

15. On this achievement, we wish you hearty congratulations, may your life always shower you with such great success and happiness. Well done.

16. Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm. Congratulations!

17. You have worked very hard for this promotion, and you really deserve it. I wish you all the best as you take up your new role at work. Congratulations!

18. To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

19. The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling. But in rising again after you fall.

20. Proud to be your side while you rock achieving success in all the things you do. It’s time to hear the success news! Congrats on your success!

You are the one who can inspire others, so you deserve this appointment. Congratulations on your new job!

I love to see good things come to good people. This is one of those times.

You deserve to be congratulated for your hard work, honesty, and utmost dedication. Congrats and best wishes for a promising future!

You’ve got the right mix of dedication and enthusiasm. Keep it up!

No matter how big a crowd may be, a person like you always stands out! There’s no one who has worked as hard as you have in the last years. Now your efforts effort has paid off. Congrats!

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Your dedication, enthusiasm, and insight are really inspiring. I wish you many years of great achievements!

How many times do I have to tell you? Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!

I love it when good things happen to good people like you.

If Oscars were given for a job well done, I’d nominate you! Congratulations for your fantastic achievement!

The highest happiness on earth is marriage. William Lyon Phelps – Congratulations!

Well done on making us proud. Your accomplishments are indeed no mean feat.

Facing challenges with strength, determination and confidence is what matters, and you have done it. Congrats!

A new job is not a new beginning it’s a path to create a new ending.

I have so much pride in my heart right now. It might even be a sin.

My face has a proud smile because of you.

It’s the time for recognition! Well done my dear friend.

I don’t know if anyone has ever told you this before, but I think you are pretty great.

You worked hard, you deserve it, you have got it! Please accept my congratulations on this wonderful recognition of your merits.

Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win. – Sun Tzu

Congratulations for being so balanced and focused throughout. Enjoy your success.

Congrats on your graduation! The world is waiting for you. Just keep dreaming and move on with confidence. You are soon to reach the stars!

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First, they ignore you… Then they laugh and fight against you… Then you win! I knew you could do it. Congratulations for your brilliant victory!

May this success lead to a greater achievement in the years to come. Congratulations on present and upcoming successes.

Success is never final. Failure is never fatal. Courage is what counts. – Sir Winston Churchill
Congratulations on proving that hard work and honesty are indeed the best policies.

Well done! You are destined to make it big, you just didn’t know it. This recognition is surely deserved and will give you an opportunity to spread your wings.

May the success that has come your way today lead you to a bigger achievement in the years to come. Congratulations!

You are our shining star. Well done.

You’ve worked hard to achieve this promotion, but your efforts were completely worth it. Now one of your great desires became real! Wishing you the best of luck in your new capacity!

Congratulations on your success. but remember, Success is not final, failure is not fatal. it is the courage to continue that counts.
Congratulations on scaling new heights and setting new standards.