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Don’t Tread On Me Meme 2020

don't tread on me meme 2020

When you’re the first ATF agent

in the stack, and Metallica’s don’t

tread on me starts playing over

a loudspeaker and you hear a dozens

of illegal SBR’s being charged

Don’t Tread On Me Know Your Meme

don't tread on me know your meme

Meanwhile, in an obscure of

the Internet..

Anarchist Capitalism is the only

good system. If you disagree with

me you must be a mentally retarded

economically illiterate I beard I

am an economic genius. I think the

the best society is one that everyone

is free, and by free I mean that

we would all have to be slaves to

corporations to get safety without

a government. But everything would

be voluntary. I only read the facts

like how the CIA paid math man

to do9/11 and how all Liberals are

controlled by the communist party.

Ron paul 2012!

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