101 Dulhan Mehndi Designs 2023 [Simple & Unique Mehndi Design]

Dulhan Mehndi Designs 2023: There are lots of mehndi design in this world. Dulhan mehndi design is very famous in India and Pakistan. girls must keep mehndi design on their special day and special day is a wedding day.

Dulhan Mehndi Designs 2023

Dulhan Mehndi Designs 2023

In India and Pakistan on the day of the wedding one function is mehndi function. So, there are lots of mehndi design with very different mehndi pattern. so here we have some mehndi design that you like most.

In India, Arabic mehndi design is very famous in the past but nowadays some mehndi artist gives a new look to the classical Arabic mehndi design. Floral and big leaves Arabic mehndi design is applied on the bridal’s hand.

This floral and leafy mehndi design is very trending nowadays for the wedding. this floral Dulhan mehndi design gives pretty look to the Dulhan mehndi design. Rajwani Dulhan mehndi design is a very attractive mehndi design in the list of Dulhan mehndi design.

Specially rajwadi mehndi design is applied on the bridal hand. in India many village bridals applies mostly rajwadi mehndi. Rajwadi mehndi design gives a traditional look for the bridal hands. Pictures art mehndi design is very classical mehndi design in India.

In Hindu culture, mostly bridal applies picture art mehndi design. net mehndi design is very popular on the backhand to the bridal. On the backside of the hand net, mehndi pattern is very popular in India and Pakistan.

Belt shape mehndi design is the best idea to that type of girl who kept some different mehndi design on their wedding day so belt shape mehndi design is a very nice idea for that type of girls. There are lots of Dulhan mehndi design for the leg.

Net mehndi design is very nice for leg mehndi design because net mehndi design looks like sandals on the leg. this mehndi design is very pretty for brides.

Mehendi is the most important part of Indian bridal attire and every bride wants a perfect bridal mehendi for her wedding. But when it comes to choosing the designs there are multiple designs available with the artists but all these designs don’t have the personal touch of your own.

But now every bride can choose a design and personalize it too according to her preferences. Yes, you can add your proposal day, you and me type and many more.

mehendi design ideas

Here, listed some beautiful and amazing personalized bridal mehendi design ideas that you can also apply and have a memorable wedding:

  1. The You and Me design:

Do you this type of design, if don’t then don’t worry, here is details of designs are avaible. This bridal mehendi design become very famous from last year wedding of one of the most popular TV actress who drawn picture of her and her husband on her hands which looks absolutely stunning as it adds a new flavor to the look. This pattern is also available as Radha Krishna design. So, if you have wedding this year add this design to your list and make your hubby feel surprised.

  1. The love story design

Through the amazing bridal mehendi design, every bride can relieve their beautiful love story on own hands skillfully. How you met and the sweet date when you went out together.This all can be done through this design. And what can be the best occasion to hop on to this design and look amazing.

  1. Add profession to your designs

Most of the couples love their profession and they can’t get parted from their professional background. But do you guys know that you can also add this profession love to your bridal mehendi design? Isn’t it a great idea? Sounds cool, no? Then add this to your list.

  1. Cartoon mehendi

This sounds really crazy but it’s true that bride request her artist to draw minion on her top hands as she is crazy fan of minion or any cartoon character. You can beautifully personalize you mehndi look by adding more cartoon characters in your mehndi.

  1. Write a phrase

This bridal mehendi design will add a delicate look to your hands. Choose your favorite verse or line of the song to your hands and rock in your shaadi. Don’t choose a verse longer than one line as it will make your mehendi messy.

Best tips before and during applying mehndi design:

Always get the appropriate amount of sleep and eat something healthy before getting the Mehendi applied.

Before finalizing the Mehendi artist, do look into their book of designs, to get a clear idea about the design specifications.

Or if you desire to have the exact same design that you have on your mind or a printout, then provide the Mehendi designer another copy of the same to help him trace it on you.

To get the best results, make or at least try to make the henna paste at home using a good quality Mehendi to do so.

Right before you sit for applying the Mehendi, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, and dry them properly.

Then, apply any cream or lotion or oil to minimize the absorption of Mehendi deep inside your skin.

Always ask your Mehendi artists, whether they are in need of any cloth piece or newspaper if they are not carrying any with themselves.

Choose a place with lots of light and minimal hustle bustle around you.

Wear soft and comfortable clothes for the Mehendi application period, as it may take hours to be applied.

What things you should avoid?

Don’t drink too much water or any liquid drink right before sitting for applying Mehendi.

Avoid sitting in the sun when you are getting the Mehendi applied.

Don’t move your hands in any direction but keeping them straight, as it might smudge the Mehendi design rather than drying it.

No matter what, DO NOT blow dry your Mehendi, it will only smudge the design rather than drying it quicker.

Get all your beauty treatments like manicure, pedicure, waxing or shaving at least 2-3 days before getting the Mehendi applied, or it will fade away the Mehendi if you do any of them after applying the Mehendi.

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