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Eicher Tractor Price in India 2022 – Tractors are the replacement of farm animals. The technology has opened the doors for farmers by using tractors in farming.

Eicher Tractor Price in India 2022

Eicher Tractor Price in India 2022

Eicher is one of the oldest brands in the industry of tractors. The company manufactures prominent commercial vehicles in India. The Eicher tractors are famous for their higher value for money, cost-effective and great features. These tractors are efficient economical and offer outstanding performance.

Which is the first tractor in India?

Eicher from Germany was the first tractor in India. Initially, the company sold around 1500 tractors in India. (Eicher Tractor Price in India 2022)

Why a tractor is important for a farmer?

Agriculture is the primary occupation of the people of India. Here are some points state how a tractor plays a crucial role in the life of a farmer.

A farmer not only saves time and resources but farming expenses as well. Farming done by using a tractor helps to reduce the human resources when it comes to harvesting and planning.

To fulfil the demand of farmers the tractors come in different ranges. Simply we can say modern agriculture cannot survive without a tractor. It has a great impact on social, economic and agricultural growth.

Facts of Eicher Tractor


The tractors are available in range 24 HP to 60 HP. These are robust, low price, fuel-efficient, low maintenance and offer great revenue to the farmers. During the short time, the brand has made trust in its customers.

Maintenance free

The engines of Eicher tractors are air-cooled so that they can run for long durations at a high temperature. This increases the productivity and profit of a customer. The tractor doesn’t need coolant and completely maintenance-free because there is no radiator and water pump. The user can easily avoid the commons issues arise from radiator choking and leakages.

Rugged equipment

Eicher is a reputed brand in the agriculture arena that provides cost-effective products. The rugged and reliable body of the vehicle provides great customer satisfaction. It is a combination of style and performance provides to the farmers.


You can easily buy a farm tractor ranges between Rs. 4 lac to 8 lac. The company sells around 20000 tractors annually in India. (Eicher Tractor Price in India 2022)

Top ten Eicher tractors

Eicher 242 (3 * rating)

One of the most popular tractor in 25 HP with a single-cylinder air-cooled engine. It is a great tractor having 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. 242 Eicher is a cost-savvy item in terms of fuel and needs low maintenance. It is a perfect item for the people who need a tractor for haulage, sowing, gatherer, cultivator, sprinkling and perfect 900kg of lifting limit with 12V 88Ah battery.

This product is one of the lowest-priced tractors at the 25 hp category. The tractor keeps running in the Mechanical Steering mode works with rotavator, sowing, gatherer and can harvest crops like groundnut, cotton etc. It comes with Automatic Depth and Draft Control. The tractor comes with a 1-year warranty.

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Eicher 368 SUPER DI (4.8* rating)

This tractor can generate 36HP easy to operated has equipped with 3-cylinders. You can use this tractor over 30 applications including haulage. Thus this product is durable to can be used for crops like wheat, rice, sugarcane etc. The hydraulic lifting capacity of the tractor is 1200 kg so it is suitable for a variety of implements like cultivator, plough, planter and so on.

The tractor is featured with a factory-fitted dual-clutch, Dual speed PTO. It has 8 forward and 2 reverse gearboxes. You can buy this tractor for a price of Rs. 4.92 to 5.12 Lac appropriate for Indian farmers. This product has 2 years warranty.

Eicher 5150 SUPER DI (4.5* rating)

Eicher 5150 comes under 50 HP category equipped with 3 cylinders. This model has 8 forwards and 2 Reverse Gear Box. The high fuel-efficient tractor has 2000 kgs lifting capacity.

The tractor is powerful rated 2200 RPM and engine capacity is 2500 cc. Manual and powerful steering is optional in Eicher 5150 Super DI. Eicher gives 2 years warranty on this product.

Eicher 551 (3* rating)

The tractor is equipped with 3-powerful engines that can generate 49 HP. Mechanical Steering, Constant mesh Transmission and Oil immersed Brakes are the features of it. The shift gear lever, adjustable seat, bottle holder and mobile charger for the operator attract you to buy this tractor.

The tractor can lift 1850 kg of weight which can serve the variety of implements like cultivator, rotavator, plough etc. The fuel tank capacity of the truck is 60 liters. Eicher 551 has 2 years warranty.

Eicher 480 SUPER DI (4* rating)

It is the most popular tractor equipped with 3-cylinders comes in the category of 45 HP. The tractor has great build quality gives excellent performance at affordable prices. 8 forward and 2 reverse gears make the tractor perfect for any type of the job you want to do.

This is perfect for framing and haulage operations. Power steering and deluxe seat offer the driver a comfortable drive for long hours. The tractor has a three-point linkage with options of automatic depth control, draft control and maintains the depth of operation. The weight lifting capacity of the truck is 1300 kg. The company gives 2 years warranty for Eicher 480 SUPER DI.

Eicher 364 (3* rating)

Equipped with 2 cylinders the engine can generate 35 HP. The key features of this tractor are Combi Constant, Siding mesh Transmission, Dry Disc Brakes and Mechanical Steering. This is easy to operate product can do more than 20 applications.

The weight lifting capacity of the tractor is 1200 kg and suitable with a variety of implements like cultivator, plough, planter etc. Bottle holder and mobile charging points give a great look to this tractor.

Eicher 312 SUPER DI (5* rating)

Eicher 312 SUPER DI in 30 HP, the engine is rated RPM is 2150 which is powerful. The tractor features with dry disk brakes and manual steering. It is one of the best agriculture machines suitable for applications like sowing, threshing, cultivations, spraying, puddling etc.

The capacity of the fuel tank is 45 liters. It can lift 1000 kg weight and compatible with 3 points linkage Draft Position and Response Control Links.

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Eicher 557 (4.7* rating)

This model is equipped with a 3-cylinder powerful engine that can generate 50 HP. Eicher 557 is featured with side shift gears, mobile charging, adjustable seat and digital hour meter. You can use this tractor for crops like wheat, rice sugarcane etc.

The lift capacity of the tractor is 1850 kg and the fuel tank capacity of the tractor is 45 liters.

Eicher 5660 (3*)

Eicher 5660 contains a 3-cylinder powerful engine that can generate 50 HP. It is featured with Combi constant mesh or Synchromesh Transmission, Mechanical/ Power steering, Dry or Oil immersed Brakes. Including haulage, you can use this truck for 30 applications.

This truck is used for different crops like wheat, sugarcane, rice etc. The lifting capacity of the truck is 1300 kg and used with different implements like rotavator, plough, planter etc.

Eicher 650 (3*)

Equipped with a 4-cylinder powerful engine can generate 60 HP. Eicher 650 one of the most economical tractor in India popular for its efficiency, price and low maintenance. The automatic depth and draft control help to do more than 20 applications.

The tractor can lift 1700 kg and suitable for implements like cultivator, planter, plough etc. Bottle holder and mobile charging points are the unique features of this product.

Eicher 333 Super Plus (5 * rating)

The tractor is equipped with a 3-cylinder powerful engine that generates 36 HP. This is one of the economical tractors in India popular for efficiency, affordable and low maintenance. This is easy to operate can work more than 20 applications.

The weight lifting capacity of the truck is 1600kg. Eicher 333 comes with a warranty of 2500 hours or 3 years warranty.

Eicher 188 (3* rating)

It is a single-cylinder powerful engine that can generate 18 HP. Eicher 188 is featured with Sliding mesh Transmission, Oil Immersed and Mechanical Steering. This is easy to operate a vehicle that can do more than 20 applications including haulage.

Eicher 188 can lift 700 kg is suitable for a variety of implements like cultivator, rotavator, planter etc. Simply design with bottle holder and mobile charger gives unique looks to the truck. (Eicher Tractor Price in India 2022)

How to select which is the best tractor for your farm?

Are you looking for a tractor for your farm operations? How to choose the right tractor when there is a lot of tractor with the different features are available in the market. Obviously, it is a big investment and you will be going to use it for a long time. Of course! You need a tractor for the best performance and productivity at work.

Make a list of tasks which you need to do using a tractor

A tractor can do multiple jobs, so focusing on the main task consider other tasks as well. It is a good idea to check the model which can serve you with different tasks. Also, keep in mind the tasks that you are performing throughout the year. Remember there is no particular season to select the tractor. Here are some uses of tractors given below.


A tractor is not only to move goods from one place to another, but you can do multiple tasks using that. By attaching a plough on the tractor you can cultivate the land without any hard work. The built-in applications of the tractors allow different tasks with it like a drill, planting, plowing, harrowing, sowing seeds etc.

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Stops fire from spreading

Fire can ruin your entire crop; it is the worst thing that can happen on your farm. The tractor can be used as firefighting equipment in that case.

The tractor can be used as a vehicle

Yes, a tractor is a vehicle you can go to the market by driving it. Some people designed it to make it roadworthy. In fact, it is a major vehicle which can carry your large amount of material etc.

Consider future expansion projects

The tractor has a long life and works for a long time. Right! So make sure to go for the product which is flexible to adopt the operation in the near future. This will save your money to buy a new tractor when you plan the expansion.

Go for the tractor that makes your job easy

No matter which type of work you are going to perform efficiency at work is a must. A small tractor might take more time but it makes the job costly. On the other hand, a big tractor may give you good performance although it’s costly you can recover the cost by using it in your daily jobs.


A tractor is meant to work on rough surfaces and pull heavy loads. Make sure the tractor can manage heavy loads as per your requirement. The latest versions of the tractors are designed with axles made up of cast iron for an extra layer of durability.

Service and maintenance needs

Well maintained machinery always gives you good output and maximizes lifespan. Make sure that the service station is conveniently located so that you can maintain it properly. The availability of parts and services on a timely basis is an important aspect.

Compare the price

Once you have decided to buy the tractor check the price in the market. It is important to know whether you can afford the item you are going to buy. Check for the different finance options available. Google for the price mentioned at the different websites to compare the price before making the final decision.

Take a test drive

A test drive is important as you must feel comfortable to drive the tractor. Go for the model that fits your preferences. Make sure everything is easy to use the vehicle must be smooth and quiet.

I hope the above article helps you to select the best tractor for your farm. By checking the exact requirements and expectations from a tractor you can shortlist the vehicle you want.

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