Top 20 Eid Ul Adha Greetings in English 2020

Eid Ul Adha Greetings in English 2020

Eid Ul Adha Greetings in English 2019
Eid Ul Adha Greetings in English 2019

Eid Ul Adha Greetings in English 2020

1. Hold to forgiveness, command what is right; but turn away from the ignorant.
al-A’raf 7:199

2. The Messenger of Allah repeated three times, Those who search deeply for confusing questions have perished.

3. May the Blessings of Allah keep your heart and home happy and joyous. Eid Mubarak!

4. Eid is the combination of 3 meaningful words E- Embrace with an open heart I- Inspire with impressive attitude D- Distribute pleasure to all Eid Mubarak!!

5. Eid is a precious gift from God after Ramadan.

6. Suraj ne bheji hai roshani kiranon me Phoolon ne bheji hai mahak hawaon me Aap Eid ke chaand se jagmagaate rahen De asar itna khuda hamaari duaaon me EID MUBARAK!

7. Celebrating the day of Eid with your Muslim brother is like a big relief and unity among us. Eid Mubarak

8. Eid Mubarak – may your homes and hearts be filled with the joyful spirit of Eid. Laugh, Live, Love.

9. “On Eid-Ul-Adha, Wishing that Allah accepts your good deeds and sacrifices, Alleviates your Sufferings, and forgives your transgressions. Eid Mubarak!”

10. I am thankful to Allah because he blesses me with two wonderful days in a year to be with the people I love and care about most in my life!

11. And never give up hope of ALLAH’s Mercy. Certainly, no one despairs of ALLAH’s Mercy, except the people who disbelieve. (Al-Qur’an 12:87)

12. And do not pursue that of which you have no knowledge. Indeed, the hearing, the sight, and the heart – about all those will be questioned. (Al-Qur’an 17:36)

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13. It is Allah Who gives you life, then gives you death; then He will gather you together for the Day of Judgment about which there is no doubt. But most of the people do not understand. (Al-Qur’an 45:26)

14. The taking of one innocent life is like taking all of Mankind… and the saving of one life is like saving all of Mankind – Holy Qur’an, 5:33.

15. The truth is from your Lord: it is the free will of any person to believe (in God) or to be an Infidel (Unbeliever). Quran 18:29

16. Fight in the cause of God those who start fighting you, but do not transgress limits (or start the attack); for God loveth not transgressors. Quran 2:190

17. May Allah Accept our Sacrifices .”Eid ul Adha Mubarak !”

18. Remembering the Sacrifice of Ibrahim AS, Following the Sunnah of Dear Prophet Muhammad SAW, I am Offering Sacrifice for the Pleasure of Allah swt.

19. A warm and heartfelt wishes to

20. My good wishes, my good wishes for you are the just prayers for your long happy life from God on this noble event. Wish you a very Happy Eid Mubarak My Dear.

Eid Ul Adha Greetings in English 2020