Embassy Suites Breakfast Hours and Menu Prices 2023

Embassy Suites Breakfast Hours and Menu Prices 2023 – Are you looking for Embassy Suites Breakfast hours? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve got all the information about Embassy Suites opening and closing hours, and breakfast timing. What do you get in the Embassy suites breakfast menu, what time does breakfast start, how long is breakfast served at Embassy Suites, and what is everything else you might be looking for?

Embassy Suites Breakfast Hours and Menu Prices 2023

Embassy Suites Breakfast Hours

Generally, Embassy Suites Breakfast time starts at 6:30 am and continues till 9:30 am from Monday to Friday. They start at 6:30 and extend their breakfast hours till 10:30 am on weekends.

The above timings may vary from location to location. Check it out before visiting!

Embassy Suites Free Breakfast Hours

Days Breakfast Hours

Monday 6:30 AM – 9:30 AM

Tuesday 6:30 AM – 9:30 AM

Wednesday 6:30 AM – 9:30 AM

Thursday 6:30 AM – 9:30 AM

Friday 6:30 AM – 9:30 AM

Saturday 6:30 AM – 10:30 AM

Sunday 6:30 AM – 10:30 AM

Does Embassy Suites Have Free Breakfast?

Embassy Suites Breakfast Hours and Menu Prices 2023

Embassy Suites Breakfast Hours and Menu Prices 2023

Yes, Embassy Suites offers free breakfast to their premium customers. In a few stays, they don’t have breakfast options or free breakfast options, But generally, the customers who stay in their premium room will get free breakfast during their breakfast hours.

What Time Does Embassy Suites Start Serving Breakfast?

Embassy Suites normally start serving breakfast from 6.30 AM in the morning. Many people ask for their breakfast start hours during weekends. So I would like to say here, that they do have the same breakfast starting hours throughout the week including weekends. So if you wanted to have breakfast on Sunday at Embassy Suites, then you can get it from 6.30 AM.

What Time Does Embassy Suites Stop Serving Breakfast?

If you are looking for breakfast end timing at Embassy Suites then here it is. It stops serving breakfast at 9.30 AM from Monday to Friday. They serve breakfast till 10:30 AM during weekends.

What are Embassy Suites Weekend Breakfast Hours Embassy Suites serve customers their delicious healthy breakfast from 6:30 AM to 10:30 AM on weekends. So, if you are reaching there and wanted to have breakfast either on Saturday or Sunday then till 10:30 AM it will be available.

Does Embassy Suites Serve An All Day Breakfast?

No, You can have breakfast at Embassy Suites during their breakfast hours only. They offer breakfast till 9:30 AM during weekdays and 10:30 AM during weekends.

About Embassy Suites

Embassy Suites by Hilton is a chain of all-suite hotels which is independently owned and operated by Hilton franchisees. The first outlet for Embassy Suites was founded in the year 1984 in Overland Park, Kansas. Embassy Suites has been serving its customers in almost 257 locations worldwide.

Embassy Suites offer a variety of amenities to their guests. It is a full-service restaurant. They also provide free breakfast to their guests. Facilities like free Wi-fi, guest pantry, fitness centers, and warm welcoming service to its visitors.

If you ever stay near any of Embassy Suite’s locations, you must visit there and check out its super delicious menu.

Embassy Suites Breakfast Menu

The delicious buffet from the menu of Embassy suites includes: Sliced fresh fruit Sliced steap stricks

English muffins Steak and egg

  • Breakfast bread butter and assorted jam Embassy brunch Fruit & cheese danish Mini pastries
  • Homemade granola and yogurts Breakfast enchantments Bagels Waffles
  • Sliced smoked Ham Fruit compotes, seasonal fruit and berries Rustic bread Sweet crepes
  • Hard boiled eggs Warm fruit compote
  • Plated breakfast The candied nuts
  • Metropolitan Omelettes
  • Yogurt partfait Egg whites & Egg beaters

Scrambled eggs with herbs Sausage peppers Drunken bananas Pecan smoked salmon frittata Cheddar cheese peppers Mango fruit salad bowl Mushrooms and onions salsa Irish oatmeal. Embassy Suites Breakfast Hours and Menu Prices 2023

  • Southern grits Red onions asparagus
  • Blackened shrimp Egg casserole
  • Shredded cheddar Mixed vegetable frittata Scallions Biscuit and sausage gravy
  • Toppings provencal herbs cheddar Hashbrowns Sunrise Breakfast buffet Dried fruits
  • Obama Maple syrup with wipped cream
  • Grilled chicken Apple juice
  • Turkey Sausage Mango juice
  • Sliced roast beef Cranberry juice
  • Market fruit salad bowl Freshly brewed coffee Embassy Suites Holiday Hours
  • New Year’s Day Regular Hours
  • Martin Luther King Day Regular Hours
  • President’s Day Regular Hours
  • Good Friday Regular Hours
  • Easter Regular Hours
  • Memorial Day Regular Hours
  • Independence Day Regular Hours
  • Labor Day Regular Hours
  • Columbus Day Regular Hours
  • Veterans Day Regular Hours
  • Thanksgiving Eve Regular Hours
  • Thanksgiving day Regular Hours
  • Black Friday Regular Hours
  • Christmas Eve Regular Hours
  • Christmas Day Regular Hours

New Year’s Eve Regular Hours

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does breakfast served at Embassy Suites?

Breakfast is served at 6:30 am and ends at 9:30 am on weekdays. On Saturday and Sunday, the breakfast hours start at 6:30 am and are extended till 10:30 am.

What is complimentary breakfast at the hotel Embassy Suites?

Complimentary breakfast at Embassy Suites includes a continental-style buffet with hot item choices. It is absolutely cost-free, so the hotel can serve whatever they want to.

Does Embassy Suites give you free breakfast?

Many Embassy suites chain charge an extra cost for breakfast. Still, some outlets are there their prices are moderate, and offer free breakfast to their guests.

Can you eat breakfast at Embassy Suites without staying there?

Absolutely yes! You can grab breakfast at Embassy Suites without staying there. It’s better that you book a table by giving a phone call.

How many free drinks do you get at Embassy Suites?

To get a free drink service, be there around 5 pm to 7:15 pm. The two complimentary drinks you get there include mixed wine or beer along with snacks. You’ll be glad to know that most of its outlets offer this service.

What kind of coffee do Embassy Suites serve?

Embassy Suites serves the special Hilton morning Blend and Arabica Blend of coffee.

Are the snacks in your room free at embassy suites?

This is the best thing that people like here, if you are in a premium-type room then complimentary snacks and drinks are FREE here. The drink will be restocked on the daily basis. But remember, this is only if you have booked a premium room.

What is the continental breakfast available at Embassy Suites?

There is various continental breakfast available at Embassy Suites which includes – sliced fresh fruits, Fruit cheese Danish, juices, muffins & bagels, and many more things.

What is considered an American Breakfast at Embassy Suites?

The standard American breakfast includes two eggs, a side of bacon, toast, cereal, sausage, and juice of your choice. Pancakes are also an alternative.

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