101 Fancy Arabic Mehndi Designs 2023 [Simple Mehndi Design]

Fancy Arabic Mehndi Designs 2023 – Christmas is a festival of joy and happiness. Because at Christmas, people welcome the new year, and we pray that this new year gives more success and gives more happiness.

Fancy Arabic Mehndi Designs 2023

Fancy Arabic Mehndi Designs 2023

So at this festival, there are lots of mehndi design that everyone like most. Because in this era, everyone likes to put some tattoos and art on the body, so mehndi design is the best idea for that type of person.

Some girls like to put some creative mehndi design, and some girls like to put intricate mehndi design. So here we have all type of mehndi design that everybody like in their own way. Some mehndi design made only for Christmas day because it looks like a Christmas tree.

Christmas tree type mehndi design is very trending on the day of Christmas. Some girls like to put intricate mehndi design so she can apply fancy Arabic mehndi design. Arabic mehndi design always looks beautiful on any occasion.

Happy new year alphabetical mehndi design is also very trending nowadays. So boys also apply happy new year alphabetical mehndi design. Moroccan mehndi design is a very nice idea. Moroccan mehndi design gives a new look to the hand and looks very beautiful. This fancy mehndi design is liked by everyone.

Some people celebrate the heavy Christmas party, so at the party, some intricate mehndi design applies. This intricate mehndi design gives a heavy and beautiful look to the hand. Flowery belt mehndi design looks very intricate, so here we have some amazing Christmas party mehndi design.

Some girls only like to put finger mehndi design, so one flower finger bunch is also looking very cute and pretty. It gives a cute and pretty look to the hand. With red nail-polish finger mehndi design gives a more beautiful look.

How to draw Arabic Mehndi designs?

Here are two beautiful examples of Arabic Mehendi design which you can wear for any occasion. It is given below in a simple step by step format.

Simple Arabic Mehndi designs

Step-1: Create a flower

Here a Mehendi cone is being used to create the Arabic design. The first step begins by drawing a flower.

Step – 2: Draw smaller petals by pinching the cone

Drawing the flower is nearly complete,, and the edges of the design are darkened to make it stand out. Arabic Mehendi design is generally executed using one color, thus making it look simple yet intricate. This design is traditional and can be even worn for any informal occasion, but it is not suitable for brides.

When you have finished drawing the flower, now draw smaller petals for making the small petals pinch the Mehendi cone. You need to pinch the cone, so the color is heavy at the base and then drag the cone slightly to give the exact look of a petal. The picture below shows that all the small petals are drawn around the big flower.

Step – 3: Draw a leaf and shade it

Now you can see how the cone is being pinched to bring out the color to draw the base of the petal. A beautiful design depends on the person who is drawing the Mehendi.

Earlier in weddings, the bride’s aunt used to execute these mehndi designs on everyone, nowadays, professional Mehendi designers are hired to draw Mehendi. By following these simple steps, you can draw your own Mehendi without depending on anyone! After the petals are drawn, it is time for the next step.

You can see how the leaves are shaded differently. The leaf on the top of the flower is divided into two sections, and then the shading is done. The bottom leaf has shading on all its sides, and then a small petal-like design is executed in the middle. This design is so simple that it can be done on the palm and also on the arm as Mehendi tattoo.

Once the complete flower is made, it is time to draw the leaves and shade it. This leaf design should be done above the flower, and the same procedure should be repeated below the flower. Notice the shape of the leaf carefully; it should be done exactly this way!

Peacock Mehndi designs

Step 1: Draw a simple peacock design at the base of the palm. First, draw paisley like design and then draw the eyes, the eyes should be dark and then draw the feather on its head.

Step 2: Make the borders dark and then start shading it. For shading the peacock motif, you have to divide it into two separate sections. Once the zigzag shading is complete to draw two lines along the shaded section, it should resemble another paisley in the middle. Draw a small petal design in the middle.

Step 3: Draw a leaf on one side of the peacock and start shading it. This shading should be done with a faster movement of the hand. After shading, it draws two lines matching the shape of the leaf. On the edge of the leaf draw a semi circular design to accentuate the leaf motif.

Step 4: Draw round feather like designs on the margins of the leaf motif. You should pinch and drag the cone, as you did previously, to draw the small petals. It should look really dark. Then repeat the semicircular pattern for one of the feather motifs to accentuate.

Step 5: After drawing, the feather motif on the palm now draw a paisley motif on the base of the finger and a leaf on the top. This should be done with one stroke of the hand. The leaf should be adjacent to the paisley motif. Draw another leaf on the top and start shading.

Step 6: The paisley should be shaded partially, and two lines should drawn in the middle. The other side of the paisley should be left empty. The two leaves should be shaded darkly. Now the Mehendi is complete.

These are two easy Arabic mehndi designs. You can do it on yourself or on your friends. Surprise them with your new mehndi drawing skills! It is time to flaunt your beautiful hands.

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