FMS BSNL Franchisee System @ finms.bsnl.

FMS BSNL – Bsnl’s popularity isn’t at its pinnacle right now, but it’s still one of the top telecom providers on the list. It is the sole government-run organisation, and millions of Indians still rely on it.

FMS BSNL Franchisee System @ finms.bsnl.

FMS BSNL Franchisee System @ finms.bsnl.

Their head office is located in New Delhi and is part of the Ministry of Communications. In 2000, the Indian government launched BSNL. In India, they now hold a 50% market share, which speaks for itself.

Although they don’t have a sizable internet user base, they do have a sizable cellular customer population. The government is also seeking to add some new funds to the BSNL FMS, which would assist to enhance the service and broaden its scope.

This is the correct spot for you if you want in-depth information about Bsnl Fms. The customers and providers can go forward together with the aid of this platform. Access the portal by typing into your browser.

Keep in mind that after five unsuccessful login attempts, you cannot log in. Keep in mind that your access will be removed if you don’t use the portal for 15 days in a row. Until then, use it occasionally.

They provide a range of services, including broadband connectivity by fibre, 4G internet, and more. The best thing is that they may be found in some of India’s most isolated regions, like Leh.

Users only continue to utilise and trust Bsnl as a consequence of their extensive array of services. You may receive an incentive of up to 50% if you work for their franchise, which is pretty alluring.

Anyone may contribute to and be a part of the BSNL Franchise, from a person to a businessman. YuppTV, Zee5 Premium Sony LIV, and Voot Subscription are all included in their one, multi-benefit subscription plan.

This package includes 8000 movies, 500 episodes, and 300+ channels at the unbelievable price of just Rs. 129 per month.

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BSNL Announced 14 Prepaid Plans

All of the following plans are subject to price changes by BSNL: 153, 199, 197, 397, 399, 485, 666, 699, 999, 997, 1499, 1999, 2399, and 249; these plans include phone calls, video calls, internet, and other features.

Even Airtel and Vodafone have modified a few basic plans and tweaked their costs in the next 10 to 15 days. Kerala Telecom was the first to notice this development, and we appreciate that.

Only packs with an SMS pack value of Rs. 147 or more will still contain SMS after these modifications take effect. For the time being, the SMS function will only accept users from the north and west zones.

BSNL FMS Benefits

  • You will earn attractive amount because of their good commission rates
  • High connectivity throughout the country make sure that you get customers easily even in remote areas
  • There is no limitation of working capacity as you can hire some people to do that for you
  • Amazing apps and robust UI will definately play great role in getting more eyeballs
  • Quick support and mass reach is the are where bsnl leads these days
  • It will help venture into both rural and urban areas in India.
  • Improve communication by providing digitalized gadgets and internet services

FMS BSNL Registration

This is the place to go if you want to register with FMS BSNL. You may find out here how to submit an online application if you’re interested.

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No need to visit their office; the days of waiting in line and filling out forms are long gone. Carefully follow each step since one error might cause a whole bunch of others. If the site isn’t functioning properly, don’t panic; this might occasionally happen due to a heavy server load.

  • First of all you have to go to FMS BSNL Registration link
  • After that fms franchise homepage will load on your device
  • Now you have to scroll little but and look for register button
  • After that a form will be displayed on screen where it will ask you to enter few details
  • Do enter full name, address, email address
  • After that select state and district and choose circle
  • Check if all entries are correct or not
  • Click on submit button and a copy will be sent to the officer who will review it

Someone from the BSNL team will contact you after the procedure is over and will also visit your address. You must fill out the form with accurate information. They have the right to reject your application if they discover anything questionable.


  • First you have to go to FMS BSNL login page:
  • After that you will get to see bsnl ads and banners
  • Now look at right side of the screen
  • There you have to enter username and password
  • After enter the details click on Sign In button
  • Finally you fms account will appear in browser and you are ready to take full advantage of it

Videos are another way to master some of the more difficult concepts related to FMS BSNL. We all know that videos are a great way to understand more complicated information regarding FMS BSNL.

It is, as we all know, the simplest method to learn anything. You may find several video instructions by visiting their youtube channel or by clicking this link: YouTube channel for FMS BSNL

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