101 Foot Mehndi Design 2023 [Simple & Unique Mehndi Designs]

Foot Mehndi Design 2023 – Bridal mehndi design is such a beautiful and intricate mehndi design. Whether it is kept hand or feet. Bridal mehndi design is very heavy mehndi design kept by a professional mehndi artist.

Foot Mehndi Design 2023

Foot Mehndi Design 2023

If you are in confusion that which foot mehndi design have to choose for your special day, then you are in well place because what you want is already available here which contains not only the information of your design but also here you will HD quality mehndi design which suits on your foot. You can simply download them.

Bridal foot mehndi design is also very intricate mehndi design. It is applied in whole foot and knees also full fill by heavy mehndi pattern. In the wedding, nothing is less. In the bridal mehndi design, a beautiful round on the foot and around the circle roses or beautiful wines apply on it.

This is the perfect mehndi design for a woman who wants the best of both the worlds – the modern and the traditional! Mostly, used in Arabic countries like India and others.  So if you want to get something like this for your own ceremony, then remember to share this design with your mehndi artist!

We know, it’s the bridesmaid’s duty to look gorgeous on the wedding day. And beautiful mehndi on your hands is a great way to round off an Indian wedding dress for that chic look. Since you won’t have much time because of your friend being the bride, get one of these designs and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Mehndi design is such a lovely mehndi design for a bridal. Jaali is applied on the foot and around the jaali small roses mehndi design is kept. One big floral mehndi design is very trending in this era. Flower with beautiful wine and creeper is applied on foot.

A big circle in the middle of the foot, it is called mandala mehndi design. It is very trending nowadays. Some brides don’t like to put heavy mehndi design on the special day of the wedding so mandala mehndi design is a nice idea for that type of people.

In this era mandala, mehndi design is applied on the backside of the hand of the brides on the middle of the foot. You can also apply on the wedding day. Mandala mehndi design is easy to apply and it looks modern mehndi pattern.

Some foot, mehndi design is totally traditional. It has covered all the foot includes the toes also. Some foot mehndi design is very simple. It is only applying on the ankle. Ankle mehndi design has also much mehndi pattern.

On the ankle, you should apply a small flower with beautiful wine and creepers. Some girls like heavy mehndi design on the special day of the wedding. So elaborate mehndi design gives a nice look to the foot. Here we have some amazing foot mehndi design. Hope you like it.

The Arabian magic:

We may have listed this simple mehndi design under simple mehndi category but boy it is anything but simple and definitely majestic, unique and drop-dead gorgeous, to say the least. The Arabic mehndi style infused with reverse mehndi technique – why didn’t we think of it earlier.

Gone are the days when the ladies of the house would replicate the same patterns and designs over and over. You are hiring a professional, and just like any other deal, this one should be finalised after multiple meetings and a clear set of goals as well – which in this case is to make you look like the princess that you are on your big day.

Mango leaf:

It is stunning through and through! If you are looking for some quick inspiration, then this mango leaf inspired simple mehndi design should do the trick! Even the peacock with its magnificent plumage is looking nothing less than a dream. This simple mehndi design has brought so many different motifs together and we must say, they are working beautifully together.

Strike them with flowers:

Tiny beaded floral beauty! This is what this simple mehndi design is in three simple words. And what we cannot take our eyes off of is the floral anklet that this real bride is wearing with it!

Best tips before and during applying mehndi design:

Always get the appropriate amount of sleep and eat something healthy before getting the Mehendi applied.

Before finalizing the Mehendi artist, do look into their book of designs, to get a clear idea about the design specifications.

Or if you desire to have the exact same design that you have on your mind or a printout, then provide the Mehendi designer another copy of the same to help him trace it on you.

To get the best results, make or at least try to make the henna paste at home using a good quality Mehendi to do so.

Right before you sit for applying the Mehendi, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, and dry them properly.

Then, apply any cream or lotion or oil to minimize the absorption of Mehendi deep inside your skin.

Always ask your Mehendi artists, whether they are in need of any cloth piece or newspaper if they are not carrying any with themselves.

Choose a place with lots of light and minimal hustle bustle around you.

Wear soft and comfortable clothes for the Mehendi application period, as it may take hours to be applied.


The positive point for doing so is that you will be introduced to an array of different designs from across the world, all of which will have some specialties which might speak to your liking! It is your wedding after all and you must not compromise on anything even if it is your simple mehndi design!

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