Happy Employee Appreciation Day 2019 Activities Games, Themes, Ideas

Happy Employee Appreciation Day 2019: Employee Appreciation Day, which is also known as National Employee Appreciation Day, is celebrated in the US and Canada. It is an unofficial holiday observed on the very first Friday of March every year.

Employee Appreciation Day is the day thanking the employees of a company for the hard work and efforts they take throughout the year, thereby contributing towards the companies’ profit. The day hence strengthens the bond between an employer and his employees.

Happy Employee Appreciation Day 2018 Activities Games, Themes, Ideas

Happy Employee Appreciation Day

It was in 1952 when Mary Barrett, then President of National Secretaries Association, along with King Woodbridge, who was the President of Dictaphone Corporation, met Harry Klemfuss of Young & Rubicam in order to find out a solution to recognize the work contribution by the Dictaphones’ secretaries and attract more women to this profession.

The first week of June of the same year i.e. 1st-7th June, was officially announced to be the National Secretaries Week by the US Secretary of Commerce, Charles Sawyer.

4th June was observed as the National Secretaries Day. The main objective behind the declaration of National Secretaries Week was to identify the skills, loyalty and efficiency of the secretary upon which the business and government functions are wholly dependent.

It also signified the necessity of secretarial career in order to fulfil the desirable business needs. In 1955, the National Secretaries Week was shifted to the last week of April. In 1981, the National Secretaries Week went under a transformation in which its title was changed to ‘Professional Secretaries Week’.

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Official commencement of Employee Appreciation Day:

In the year 1995, the day was officially appeared on calendars as a holiday by the name ‘Staff Appreciation Day’, entitle under ‘Staff Appreciation Day’ or ‘Employee Appreciation Day’. This was the year when the day gained much of the importance for which public awareness was also raised up.

In 2000, ‘Secretaries Day’ was changed to ‘Administrative Professionals Day’. This was done to maintain the required pace of ever-changing responsibilities of employees.

Ways of appreciating Employees:

Employee Appreciation Day gives an employer the authority to appreciate his/her employees’ work and efforts. There are many simple ways in which an employer can apprise the staff and encourage them as to how they can improvise their working standards. Following are some of the simplest ways of motivating the staff:

• Delight your staff with breakfast, lunch or snacks.

• Arrange some kind of office party or a small get-together after the office hours.

• Give a day-off to the staff.

• Arrange some outdoor team games.

• Offer your staff with some gifts, gift vouchers/coupons or yearly incentives.

• You can even send your staff a handwritten note, motivating them to work more positively.

Significance of employee recognition and appreciation:

Carrying out simple activities of appreciating and encouraging the staff adds up to their happiness and they get encouraged much more to work harder towards the organization.

According to some researches related to the Employee Appreciation, even if they are provided with perks and allowances, the way you feel about your job cannot be changed. This should concern the boss so that he might try to change the situations in order to fulfil the staffs’ working methodology.

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In a report named ‘The Human Era at Work’ prepared from a research carried out in 2014, tried getting to almost 20,000 workers from various fields, trying to know about their office lives.

The feedback included that the employees having their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs met got more engaged, more loyal, and had more positive energy to work in the office. This is what can help in the betterment of a business.

Complementing the staffs’ sincerity is worth their weight in gold. Follow the below mentioned rules in order to appreciate your employees:

• Awarding your employee is the most common ways followed by every organization in this world which helps the employee to get motivated towards his/her working goals. Being awarded has an intuitive impact on one’s emotions.

It makes us feel as a very much vital part of the organization and boosts up our morale (which is one of our 6 psychological needs).

• Thank the person by his/her name: People respond to their own names positively and fondly. It also reminds them they’re not just some cogs in the wheel.

• Be specific with what you’re recognizing them for: Generic “thanks” or a pat on the back can be patronizing. Tie the recognition to specific actions. This helps employees determine what they’re doing well and what they can improve on.

Tying the recognition to a business goal also reinforces the company’s vision and makes it more meaningful to them. Feeling “connected” to the company’s mission is one of the best employee retention strategies.

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• Personalize: Everyone is different; some people don’t like to be recognized publicly, while others do. It’s more meaningful to find out what employees value and customize recognition for each of them.

• Celebrate anniversary milestones: In the market where job-hopping is common, someone growing with the company for a number of years is significant.

• Make it official: For truly extraordinary accomplishments, official acknowledgement should be placed in an employee’s file.

Every employee in an organization has got some or the other fundamental needs that he/she might expect from the organization to be fulfilled. The most significant of all their expectations is that their organization should acknowledge to the work and effort they do towards the betterment of the company.

If they are not taken care of, employees might switch over to some another organization, looking for some better working environment.

• This leads to major loss of the organization if it does not take proper care of its staffs’ needs and may have to pay for it in terms of money and time.
• This results in poor performance of the whole organization, further leading to degradation of productivity.