Happy International Womens Day 2020 History & About

Happy International Womens Day 2020: The International Women’s Day is one of the most renowned day celebrated all over the world, this day is celebrated on March 8 every year. The story behind celebrating this day on March 8 is also very interesting, in earlier time this day was being celebrated on February 28, 1909 in the city of New York at that time this day was organized by Socialist Party of America. At that time the day was being regularly celebrated on February 28.

Happy International Womens Day 2019

Happy International Womens Day 2020

On March 8, 1917, a  place named Petrograd which was capital of the Russian Empire, In this place a women’s strike take place all over the city, this strike was organized by all the women’s to demand right to vote for women’s. This incident was regarded as the beginning of the Russian Revolution.

Seven day later after the strike Emperor Nicholas granted women the right to vote, as a result the strike was a successful attempt or action made by women’s to get their rights, hence a national holiday was declared on March 8 in Soviet Russia in 1917. As a result all the communist countries began to celebrate this day and in 1975 The United Nations adopted this day as international women’s day.

Happy International Womens Day History

As the beginning of this day took place in Russia on February 28 where a women’s strike took place for right to vote. A similar protest took place earlier in 1857 on March 8 by some workers of garment shops this both incident are described as a myth.

In august 1910, in order to obtain rights for women an International Women’s Conference was arranged in Copenhagen, Denmark. This conference was hugely inspired by American socialist, German socialists, Louise Zietz demanded an annual international women’s day for all the women’s all over the world, later she was supported by communist leader Clara Zetkin and Kate Duncker, but no date was specified at this conference to celebrate the day.

Happy International Womens Day Celebration

A survey was done all over the world to get feedback about the idea to celebrate women’s day as a result 100 women’s from 17 countries agreed and showed positive feedback regarding celebrating women’s day. The United Nations started to celebrate international women’s day in 1975, and in 1977 the United Nations General Assembly proclaim march 8 as day for women’s rights and women’s peace.

On this day an official holiday is given in the countries like Afghanistan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and many more countries. Also in many other countries a special holiday is given just for women’s who work for their lives, on this day it is duty of all the men’s to give women’s who plays different role in their life as friends, wives, mother, girlfriend, daughters a flowers or small gifts. In Bulgaria and Romania children’s often give their mothers and grandmothers small presents.

On this day many people give gifts to their female employees also small children’s give flowers to their teachers. In Italy all the men’s give a special flower named mimosa to women’s because in Italy politician Teresa Mattie choose mimosa flower as a symbol of respect given to women’s on this day, also mimosa and chocolates are given to women’s in countries like Russia and Albania.

Different Ways to Celebration the International Womens Day

On this day in countries like Portugal it is celebrated in a very different way all the women’s go out for night dinners and parties, they also enjoy night out on this day. In Los Angeles many Hollywood actors and actresses comes together to give poor girls, orphan girls gifts and presents to celebrate this day.

This day is observed by many countries, on many places grand events are organized to give awards and appreciation to women’s for their courage. Also to realize youth the power of women that what a women can do many motivational programs are shown and inspirational  stories are narrated by women’s who made some uncommon courageous things in their life.

On social networking sites this day is also celebrated with great enthusiasm, on various sites themes based on women’s day are applied and decorated, special message to thanks women’s are circular everywhere through social networking sites, in this way the message to celebrate women’s day is conveyed.

Happy International Womens Day Significance

This day should be regarded and considered as one of the most important day to be celebrated, because women’s plays a very important role in a men’s life, as they play various important roles in our life like being mother they always takes care of their son, being wife they are always there to support husband and children’s, being daughter they always wanted to make parents proud, being sister a brother can share each and everything with her, being girlfriend she will always love her man throughout her life, so many different roles are played by a women. She plays all the roles with purity and dignity.

Whenever there is a situation to sacrifice something for loved once they are always there to do it. Their hard work, scarification has never been appreciated. The things thence, y always do for us also the way they handle a men’s family his house and does all the works inside and outside house without complaining needs lot of applaud.

Important of International Womens Day

So in order to get a respectable position for women in world and also every man should realize the importance of women in his life and how he is incomplete without her this day is celebrated so that every man should see women respectfully, and feel proud of her and should support her in every way and also each and every right should be given to women’s equal to men.

To vanish sex discrimination all over the world and to convey the message no to discriminate between a boy and girl this day is celebrated.

Without Women the Men Never Exist

One should always remember that without women the men never exist, behind a successful men there is a women so everyone should respect this women and give her a respectable position in life this day is celebrated. Happy International Womens Day 2020