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Happy Nowruz – WHAT DO PUBLIC DO? – About 300 gobs public worldwide fete Nowruz, with traditions and rituals, especially hardy in the Balkans, the Black Sea and Caspian Sea ward, the Caucasus, Central and South Asia, and the Middle East. Fact may hold folk dance performances, specific concerts, and tree planting ceremonies.


International Nowruz Day is a general note. The Nowruz feast is an open lay off in some countries, such as Iran.


Nowruz is an ancestral festivity terming the first day of spring and the rebirth of nature. It was proclaimed as a real UN heed because it promotes love and solidarity, particularly in families. The day also seats reconciliation and neighborliness, tendering to cultural diversity and friendship among public and unequal communities.


Nowruz is the folk Iranian feast of spring, which starts at the exact trice of the vernal equinox, commencing the start of the spring. It is given due as the start of the New Year among Iranians. The name comes from the Avest a stuff “new day/daylight”.

Noruz is notable March 20/21 every year, at the time the sun enter Aries and spring begins. Noruz has been revered for at least 3,000 years and is sadly rooted in the rituals and folk of the Zoroastrian sect. Today the feast of Noruz is revered in Iran, Iraq, India, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.

The Zoroastrian Parsis of India revel Noruz twice, firstly in casual with their Iranian brethren on the young equinox as Jamshedi Navroz and secondly on a day in July or August, bet on upon whether they ensue the Kadmi or the Shahenshahi calendar.

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This is because the trick of intercalation in the Zoroastrian calendar was lost on their return in India. The Kadmi New Year over precedes the Shahenshahi New Year by 30 days. In 2005, Noruz is revered on August 20.


The name of Noruz does not go till the second century AD in any Persian entry. We have senses to think that the fete is much older than that date and were surely revered by the public and royalty during the Achaemenid times.

It has much been suggested that the mighty Persepolis Complex, or at least the palace of the Apadana and Hundred Columns Hall, was built for the sole object of celebrating Noruz. However, no notice of the name of Noruz exists in any Achaemenid inscription.

Our oldest entry of Noruz goes back to the Arsacid/Parthian times. There are sole plug to the fate of Noruz during the reign of Arsacid Emperor Vologases I. Sadly, the defect of any substantial entry about the reign of the Arsacids stalk us with toy to explore about the de.tails of Noruz during their times.

After the rise of Ardashir I Pabakan, the generator of the Sasanian Dynasty, true data for the fate of Noruz were taped. All over the Sasanian era, Noruz was revered as the most prominent ritual during the year.

Most high traditions of Noruz such as yearly banal audiences, cash gifts, and pardon of prisoners, were identified during the Sasanian era and they persisted fixed till the modern times. Noruz, forward with Sadeh that is revered in midwinter, were the two pre-Islamic fates that suffered in the Islamic society after 650 AD.

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During the Noruz lay off public are familiar to pay house talk to one another in the form of short house talk and the other side will also pay you a talk during the layoff before the 13th day of the spring.

As usual, on the first day of Noruz, family piece gathers around the table, with the Haft Seen on the table or set next to it, and hope the exact instant of the approach of the spring. At that time gifts were sent back. Later in the day, on the very first day, the first house talk is paid to the most senior family piece.

As usual, the Younger stalks the elders first, and the elders return their talk later. The talk naturally has to be relatively short; otherwise one will not be able to talk all on their list. Every family state in advance to their relatives and friends, which days of the layoff are their reception days.

Many Iranians will peg large Noruz parties in a central place as a way of stock with the long reach between groups of friends and family. The folk heralds of the Noruz time are called Haji Pirooz, or Hadji Firuz.

He symbolizes the recovery of the Sumerian god of sacrifice, Domuzi, who was finished at the end of each year and found at the beginning of the New Year. Wearing black made up and a red costume, Haji Pirooz sings and dances through the passage with tambourines and trumpets spread out neat cheer and the news of the coming New Year.

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Nowruz is revered widely in Afghanistan. Also familiar as Farmer’s Day, the regard mainly lasts two weeks, culminating on the first day of the Afghan New Year, March 21.

Preparations for Nowruz start respective days beforehand, at least after Chaharshanbe Suri i.e. the last Wednesday before the New Year.


In Albania, the day of Sultan Nevruzit is revered as a usual mystical day by the Bektashi sect. There are unique ceremonies in the Tekke, led by the clergy, and super meals are dealt there. They are fated this day as the birthday of Ali. Alongside the purefete, all Albanians fete a lay version of Nowruz, which is expected to as the Spring Day.


After Iran, the Republic of Azerbaijan emcees the husky number of person lay off related to Nowruz, with a sum of 7 days. In Azerbaijan, the layoff goes on for rare days and ends with festive people dancing and other entertainment of folk bands, as well as the testing of national sports. In rural areas, crop lay off is also noted.


The Parsi New Year is revered as Jamshed Navroz by the all Parsi community. Parsi New Year is a regional lay off revered in Maharashtra, India. It is also familiar as ‘Jamshedi Navroz’ after the legendary King of Persia, Jamshed who started the Parsi Calendar.

Happy Nowruz