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Happy Teddy Day Date 2019: The fourth day of the Valentine’s week is Teddy Day that falls on 10th February annually. In most of the regions of every continent, this even has been observed nothing less than an international occasion. On this day, people mostly gift their loved ones with a teddy bear.

This day is meant for expressing your love towards your loved one and people mostly do it by buying them a teddy. Some people along with their lover, even gift their daughter/son, sister/brother and even to their close friend.

Happy Valentines Day Ideas 2019

Happy Teddy Day Date 2019

Teddy Day holds no back history, but is celebrated by the youth and people of other age-groups with immense enthusiasm, that to since many years. The teddies are a main attraction for most of the girls, women and mainly for children.

They get too much attached to their teddies, and some even like to have a lot of teddies in their wardrobe, as they consider them to be their closest companions.

Why Teddy Bear Are So Important in Our Life?

Teddies contribute to the decorations of one’s bedrooms as well and they even form a part of one’s memories. For some people, their bedrooms feel much emptier if there is no teddy in it. Girls like sleeping with having teddies wrapped up in their arms for the whole night very tightly.

Teddies have a lovely and cute look that make the girls and women fall in love with it, for some people it even becomes a mood maker sometimes. People send a teddy to their loved one by post, by courier, or they gift it by meeting each other.

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Teddies do not have a voice or no possess no real hearts, but they are stuffed with love and affection and look so lively that no one can stop himself/herself falling in love with it. Some girls or even boys preserve their teddies since their childhood, since they have made a lot of memories with them and are too much attached to them that they cannot leave them ever.

On teddy day, people choose the best teddy to gift to their loved one looking for the best color, looks and sometimes for the ‘I love you’ quotes written on the heart shaped stuffed pillow in the teddies’ hands.

Significance of Teddies According to Colors

As in the case of roses, the different colors of teddies deliver some or the other message.

Blue Teddy:

Blue is the color of the skies and the seas, and is one of the most royal shades of color. The blue color indicates depth as that of the skies and the seas. It also represents brilliance, truth, loyalty and faith, wiseness, confidence, etc. if you are offered a blue teddy by your partner, and then he/she is madly and deeply in love with you for sure.

Green Teddy:

Green color is always related to the nature and signifies growth, fertility, harmony, patience and freshness. If you are gifted with a green teddy, then it symbolises that your partner will always wait for you, no matter what is the situation in his/her life. It is a color of deep emotion.

Red Teddy:

Red is the prime color of love and is a color of fire and blood. The color indicates danger, war, strength, energy and determination. It also symbolises passion, hope and mainly never-ending love. If your partner gift you with a red teddy, then love is in the air for both of you.

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Black Teddy:

The color symbolizes a refined quality of gracefulness and ultimate power. It is considered as an evil color, but on the other side is also related to strength. A black teddy is an indication to the rejection of your love.

White Teddy:

White color is a symbol of peace, purity, cleanliness, innocence, etc. The color is considered to be a good spirit and delivers positivist in ones minds. The color marks a good beginning as well.

Though you receive a white teddy, it indicated that the one gifting you this teddy is already booked by someone else as he/she is in a relationship with someone already.

Yellow Teddy:

Yellow is the color of sunshine and is related to joy, happiness, freshness and energy. On the contrary, a yellow teddy indicates that the person giving you the teddy wishes to end up the love relationship with you, they wish to break-up with you.

Orange Teddy:

Orange color is the mixture of red and yellow colors, and hence possesses the qualities of both the colors, all together. The colors indicates passion, energy, enthusiasm and creativity, as that of red color, and joy, happiness and sunshine, same as that of the yellow color.

This color is related with fire, same as that of the red color, as it gives a sensation of heat. If you receive an orange teddy, if indicates that the person giving you this colored teddy is all set for proposing you.

Purple Teddy:

The color is a symbol of power, nobleness and sumptuosity. It is a mixture of red and blue which stability and energy. This color arouses the feeling of love and makes an atmosphere full of romance. A purple colored teddy indicates that a person gifting this to you has no interest in you anymore and it’s time for you to move on.

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Pink Teddy:

Pink is the color of deep affection, compassion and expresses immense love towards your loved ones. This color indicates never-ending deep love. The color is a mixture of red and white, and if someone has gifted you with this pink colored teddy, it means that your proposal for love is accepted.

Teddies symbolize a lot of things and become an integral part of one’s life. In a world where everyone seems to be larger and louder than yourself, it is very comforting to have a small, quiet companion.

A teddy teaches us that if the heart is true, it doesn’t matter much if an ear drops off. You really don’t have to be young to find a friend in a teddy bear. Happy Teddy Day Date 2019