Happy World Family Day in India 2020 {Everything You Need!}

Happy World Family Day in India – When the world family day is celebrated?

Humans are born with feelings and emotions. There may be any kind of relation of a human with other human, animal or thing build due to the emotions or feelings of the person. For creating awareness of families and promoting them, ‘United Nations’ declared ‘15th May’ as the ‘International Family Day’ in ‘1994’.

Happy World Family Day in India

What is Family?

The relationship of Love and Care between parents and their children, siblings or between two or more people is called a family. The feeling of security and caring is comes only in family. To maintain this relation one of the most important factor to remember is time. Sparing time for each other makes family members come closer and creates a happy family.

Importance of celebrating this day

This day gives opportunity to people and families to spread awareness of issues relating to families and increase the knowledge of social, economic and demographic problems that affect the families.

The ‘World Family Day’ helps in bringing out the significance of families as units of humanity, and on other hand gives a chance for government, organizations and individuals to encourage knowledge of the problems, strengths, and needs of families.

The family is the most important part of the society. So there should be some establishment of means and mediums for protecting and helping the families in order to provide them some security such as universal declaration of human rights, social progress and development.

Also a convention on the elimination of discrimination against women is forecasted. In order to withstand in the world every society and nation needs healthy, secured and united families. Hence for the awareness of such things ‘15th May’ is declared and celebrated as ‘World Family Day’ all over the world.

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History of family around the world

The concept of family have been in exist from many years, there were many families that lived together, though there were many disputes among their thoughts, opinions, language and cultures. Though there was diversity of family groupings, people used to gather together in meetings, organizing marriages etc. to rejoice by singing and dancing. This gathering for celebration helped them gaining satisfaction and balance to their life.

Even in the times of problems and issues they were together as family. Similarly, until now this trend is followed by everyone by generations which helped mankind to survive successfully in the world. Hence the bond between two people of emotion and feeling is still existing.

It has always been the need of time to develop awareness of a complete family, because there are many cases where many children, boys, and girls have become the victims of broken family relationships.

These children, boys and girls as a result got involved in unlawful activities and unknowingly destroyed their own lives in doing criminal activities. It is thus necessary for people to understand that anger and separation is not the solution to problems. Love, care, and discussion is the solution of problem.

World Family Day is celebrated in several ways all over world by organizing or attending some events or activities. This could be any formal or informal meetings of people, discussions on family and their matters, speech, quiz, debates, games, workshops for awareness of this day between people.

People celebrate this day by various ways such as by sending SMS, messages, quotes and poems to each other by using social media.

Purpose of celebration

From the year 1996, every year on 15th May, the day is celebrated with a theme. The UN secretary-general makes to the particular applicable motto attention for the year, which is followed by everyone around the world and celebrated. In 1996, the very first motto announced by the UN secretary-general was “Families: First victims of poverty and homelessness”.

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This concept of celebrating the ‘World Family Day’ with a new theme every year gave a huge turning point for learning and practicing various issues and problems faced by family relationships all over world. Also this made possible for the government and organizations to sustain stability in their cultural heritage and prestige.

This day is celebrated with many other purposes and aims, such as.

1. Providing substantial services to the families, commission for social development, and the economic and social council.

2. It helps in promoting the incorporation of family opinions, ideas and suggestions at the regional, national and international levels.

3. Another aim is to provide technical help and capacity building support to developing country governments, in the area of human relations.

4. The major purpose of this is to communicate and chat with the government, civil people and the private sector on family subject matters, and to promote the importance and understanding of the World Family Day or International Family Day.

Including the first motto in 1996, there had been few more themes that played an important role in increasing the bonds between families and effectively helped in development of country government.

Such as “Families and Persons with Disabilities” in “2007”, “Confronting Family Poverty and Social Exclusion” in “2011”, “Men in charge? Gender equality and children’s rights in contemporary families” in “2015”. The present year motto “Families, Education and well-being” did play and important role in development of individual and country.

Indian family

It is well known that the second largest populated country is INDIA having a variety of different cultures merged as one, and has a huge cultural heritage in it. Despite the differences in cultures, Indian family, which is predominantly joint or extended, has remarkably remained stable even in the conditions of drastic social, political, economic and religious changes took place over the last thirty years.

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In general, there are two types of families, one which has enough wealth passed over generations, maintain the multi-couple life style for a longer time, while non-cultivating landowners continue this family pattern for a shorter time. On the other hand landless labourers tend to adhere to the extended family system for at least a while despite the hindrance of early mortality.

In a society as large, complex, and culturally diverse as India, changes takes place at different speeds and at different levels of population. Women plays the arbitrary role in social change, they are the ones who teach the human entrants to this world the first lessons of life and making them accept the values of life which are helpful later in shaping their personality, attitude and behaviour.

As time passes, families in India are undergoing a change. Factors responsible for these changes are modern education, urbanization, and development programmes.

Conclusion – Happy World Family Day in India 2020

Even if there are drastic changes occurring in families now-a-days everywhere, Families are like the tree which has many branches growing in different directions yet the roots remain same. Hence for encouraging such families and making people aware of it, 15th May is celebrated every year all over the world as “The World Family Day”.