Honda Activa Price in India 2023, Mileage, New Model, Launch Date

Honda Activa Price in India 2023 – Activa won the hearts of lacs of the people in India. The unisex appeal has made it popular among males and females. When we think about Activa scooter comes in our mind. In the year 1999 Activa came into the market in the year 1999. The company keeps its vehicle up to date by refreshing its features.

Honda Activa Price in India 2023

Honda Activa Price in India 2023

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. is the manufacturer of Activa. This company is a 100% subsidiary of Honda Motor Company Ltd.

Why people love Honda Activa?

Smooth rides

The engine of Activa 109.2 cc is reliable offers a smooth ride at 60km/hr. the company worked hard to make its engine silent and smooth. The engine is durable like any other part of the scooter and only under a lot of stress, it breaks down.

Proper ventilation is provided to the engine so it cools down fast. As a result of it, the engine never overheats. The scooter also contains a 125cc engine that is offered on this scooter which is more powerful and can run at higher speeds. One of the best things is a scooter without gear you can easily drive in traffic too.

Easy service

The convenient Lift-up Independent Cover allows easy access to the engine. It needs a regular oil change and belt checkup this is a simple way to maintain it. Activa works on a belt drive system which is connected to a differential. You may find it hard to understand but it easy.

Even a simple mechanic can fix the simple issues of it. One can easily find different service centers across the country. The service is available at a very reasonable price if you can maintain a bike you can easily afford Activa.

*A service indicator on the all-new generation of Activa tells us when the service is due.

Accommodate your helmet and small stuff

The Scooter contains lots of storage space. It can easily accommodate a helmet, raincoat, small stuff etc. The boot for the helmet is free when you are driving you can use it sufficiently well.

This vehicle became popular among the delivery executives due to the storage space in it. It has a hook at the foot band area so that you can hang bags on that.

Optimum gear ratio to provide maximum mileage

Activa-i and 5G provide 60 km/I and Activa 125’s certified mileage is 59km. Good mileage is always a great feature that we look at while buying a vehicle. No matter how you drive Activa is designed to provide maximum mileage.

It helps you to save fuel money and good for the environment as well. Enjoy a hassle-free ride on a non-geared vehicle. A lightweight vehicle gives an advantage in the power to weight ratio.

Different Models of Honda Activa

Honda Activa 6G

Designed with the latest technology

Honda 6G is designed with esp technology that helps in silent start without any friction. It increases mileage by 10%.

Easy fuel filing

The filling of the fuel is at your fingertips. You can easily get fuel filled without getting off from your scooter.

Tumble technology works great

The smart tumble technology increases the turbulence of the Air-Fuel mixture. This results in achieving improved combustion and fuel efficiency.


There are 6 colors available in this model glitter blue metallic, matte axis grey metallic, pearl precious white, pearl spartan red, black and dazzle yellow metallic.

Honda Dio


Dio has 109cc with a single-cylinder engine. It offers an average mileage of 55km/l. It is powered by Honda Eco Technology and powered by the eSP system.

Other features

4-in-1 lock with seat opening switch, 18-liter storage capacity and mobile charging socket are included features.


Dio comes with two white position lamps at the front. This is a rear vehicle that comes with a newly designed tail lamp. The curb weight of the vehicle is high which makes your rides smooth and comfortable.

Variants and colors

Honda Dio comes in two variants Standard and deluxe. The colors available in standard variants are Sports Red, candy jazz blue, vibrant orange, matte axis and grey metallic

The Deluxe variant comes in 4 colors Dazzle yellow, Matte Axis Grey Metallic, Pearl Igneous Black and Matte Marshal Green Metallic.

Honda Activa 125

Quick start

No more cranking noise Activa 125 comes into life with a one-touch electric start button. Enjoy the smooth and vibration-free. You will not feel any vibration even if you are at 90kmph.

Extremely comfortable

It has huge seat you feel extreme comfort also provide enough comfort to your thighs. Floor board of the vehicle is also spacious.

Fuel efficient

It offers 50-55 kmpl average on highway and city. The fuel capacity of the tank is 5.3 liters so it can run 280 km on a full tank.

Pocket friendly

This vehicle fits in your budget if you are looking for a good option it is perfect for a small family and able to store the groceries.


Midnight blue metallic, heavy grey, pearl white and Rebel Red metallic are the colors available in this.

Honda Grazia BS6

Nicely designed

Grazia comes with great sportier bodywork with sharper LED headlamps, LED DRL on the handlebar cowl and tail lamp. The digital meter shows tachometer reading, realtime, average mileage figures and distance to empty.


Grazia contains steel wheel and drum brakes on both ends.

Idling stop system

The side stand stops the engine function while idling for a while in traffic. This feature helps in saving fuel and environment friendly as well.

Other features

The external fuel filler cap and apron-mounted storage compartment come under the other features.


It contains a 124cc single-cylinder fuel-injected engine same as Activa 125. The motor produces 8.25PS and 10.30Nm.


It comes in 4 different colors Matte Axis Grey, Cyber Yellow, Sparten Red and Siren Blue

Honda Activa 6G is the upgraded and latest model of Activa. It meets the new BS6 emission norms. It is available in two variants Standard and Deluxe.

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