Hyundai Creta Price in India 2023, Interior, Specification, Mileage, Review

Hyundai Creta Price in India 2023 – The Hyundai creta is known as the Hyundai ix25 car which is a sub compact cross over type car and the manufacturer of this car is south korean Hyundai company, this car was launched in the year of 2023.

Hyundai Creta Price in India 2023

Hyundai Creta Price in India 2023

At first, this car is only intended for the market of the India but later on this car was also launched in the market of the china and Russia subsequently.

This create car is manufactured by the Beijing hyndai, hyndai india by the time of 2023, also hyndai fo brazil, hyndai of rus and algeria’s TMC by the year of 2023 this car is manufactured but not in the market of the Europe ever.

This was initially seen as the veiled concept at auto china in the location of Beijing in the year of 2023.

History of the creta car:

This ix25 car is basically based on the Hyundai kia platform which underpins the kia soul, Hyundai i30, Hyundai elantra as well as kia cee’d that is in other s company’s car.

This Creta car of Hyundai also similar in terms of aesthetic to the car kia KX3, in the coutry india this car went on sale on the 21st of july and in year of 2023, also it was budged as a “Hyundai Creta” after crete. This name of car also intended for suggesting connections along with the creative. The creta or the ix25 is intended to become a global wise model car.

On he location of the Dominican republic this car is badged as a Hyundai cantus due to its said country that the word creta is specially used for the describing the labia minora.


There are basically 3 variants in which creta car engine comes in, and each of the car which present in various models of the car.

The first one is the 4.1 CRDi engine which is available in E plus and S model cars. the another 1.6 CRDi VGT engine which is available in SX and SX (O) models. And the third 1.6 gasoline dual engine VTVT that is available in the E, E plus and SX(o) and SX cars model.

All the market in the location of the chinies and market of the Brazilian gets 2 gasoline engines of 1.6 as well as 2.0 liters.

In country, creta car is comes along with 1.4 and diesel engine of 1.6 liter and gasoline engine of 1.6 liter. Also on the location of Brazil both the engines are basically works on the ethanol. For getting improved the Creta line up later, there is a new which was introduced having name of Creta E plus (diesel car) and the SX dual tone variant car.

This variant of the Creta SX car, was offered along with the dual tone red as well as black and white exterior options of color. The dual tone o fSX car model  is basically powered by the 1.6 liter gasoline  and the diesel engine but the along with no automatic gearbox option available.

The Hyundai Creta is the most well known and famous smaller size SUV on sale in the india. In fact, the popularity of the creta car such that it is 2nd only to the much more affordable Maruti Vitara Brezza.

This hyundai’s creta car is priced in a range of Rs 9.5 to 15.13 lakh and even ends up competing with some other lower  level variants of the Mahindra XUV500 as well as the Jeep Compass.

The Hyundai Creta, despite of being a well-priced small SUV which has a initial cost of less than Rs 10 lakh, manages for offering a premium experience that on associates with cars that cost amore an dover than this creat price.

Another factor working in the small SUV is wide service network of the Hyundai’s and the decent after sales experience which this car is basically offers. additionally, the middle life facelift feature which it recently get makes the SUV even more desirable.

Features of the creata car:

The Hyundai Creta has always been the boldest as well as the most stylish offering in their sector of auto.

Along with the opening of the facelift feature, that was launched soon on that year,and all the remaining things have become super finished better with Creta car.

Stylish, Spacious, and Feature-laden:

The interior of the Creta car is better designed and has been made up from all the high quality materials. The Hyundai Creta’s dashboard basically features a touch screen infotainment unit which supports Apple Car Play as well as Android Auto.

There is alsothe interface for the automatic climate control and temeprateure control which is housed in it and the gear knob is also a leather wrapped can be specified along with exterior colour trim.

The stylish look of dashboard looks so premium and there is a buttons which steering wheel holds and controls for the touch screen infotainment system and the control over it.

The Hyundai Creta’s interior basically provides  comfort as well as convenience features for its users.

As this car Hyundai Creta features only a 5 seat layout, this car is among the more roomy offerings in their auto sector. There is no of legroom as well as headroom for the user of the creta car in both front as well as rear seats.

On the rear seat, there can easily sit 3 no of adults, however the 400 litres of space of boot can hold adequate luggage. The the leather upholstery, sunroof, and the other list of features, which conists of bits just like the rear aircon vents, provides a premium experience.

There is also more storage spaces around the cabin, that subsequently enhances the practicality on offer.

Other features which included in the the interior of the Creta just like as the Wireless charger for mobile, Automatic dimming interior, rear type view mirror, keyless entry, and push-button start or the stop.

Safety of the Creta car:

There are various types of the safety features of this creta car from Hyundai group, which basically comprising of:

  1. Vehicle Stability Management (which is abbreviated as the VSM),
  2. Electronic Stability Control (which is abbreviated as the ESC),
  3. Hill start Assist Control (which is abbreviated as the HAC),
  4. Rear Parking Assist System,
  5. Anti braking system (which is abbreviated as the ABS).

The hive body structure signifies mainly strength of the structure. The 6 no of airbags system basically provides all round protection to the car of Creta.

From the 6 no of airbags, one is reserved for the driver, one for the frot seat passenger and front and rear curtain airbags running the length of the cabin additional to that airbags also from the front side are given.

Design of the Creta car:

The Creta car is based on the latest concept by the company, the fluidic sculpture 2.0. this concept of the fluidic sculpture 2.0 was used mainly for designing of the recent cars from the hyndai company.

For an example this concept of the fluidic sculpture 2.0 is utilized in the cars as like elantra and fluidic verna.

Other features of the Creat car:

Not only design related features or the safety related features are consisted in the creta car abut also other important features are there which consisting of:

Rear parking assist:

This features used for safe parking in the spaces which are tight or narrowed so it is kind of safety and most important features.

Day and night rear view mirror:

This Creta car also incorporated along with the feature like the day and night rear view mirror for efficient driving specially on the night time or the dark time.

Audio system:

So this Creta car is equipped along with the high tech audio system and it is comes along with the 1 GB of the internal memory.

High tech navigation system:

There is also a high tech and touch screen navigation system equipped in the creta car along with the apple car play and android auto.

Not only above features bt also jey less entry sysem and the follow me headlamps added to the existing features of creat car set. there is also a completely automatic temperature controller and the mood change bar along with it.

Some of the exterior features which this car is having is:

  1. Projector headlamps
  2. Diamond-cut alloy wheels
  3. LED Foglamps
  4. Sunroof
  5. LED DRLs
  6. Cascading grille
  7. Roof rails

Some of the interior features which this car is having is:

  1. Leather Upholstery
  2. HVAC with auto climate control
  3. Touchscreen infotainment unit
  4. Wireless phone charger
  5. Electronic Multi-trip meter
  6. Auto-dimming IRVM
  7. Keyless entry
  8. Push-button start

Hyundai Creta Colors

The Hyundai Creta is available 9 various colours which are listed as below:

  1. Fiery Red
  2. Passion Orange
  3. Phantom Black
  4. Sleek Silver
  5. Mariana Blue
  6. Star Dust
  7. Polar White with Phantom Black
  8. Polar White
  9. Passion Orange Dual Tone

Car prices in india for Creta car:

Hyundai Creta Price In Top Cities are listed as below:

City Wise Price:

  • New Delhi
    1. Ex-showroom Price: Rs 9.6-15.65 lakh
    2. On-road Price: Rs 10.97-18.65 lakh
  • Mumbai
    1. Ex-showroom Price: Rs 9.6-15.64 lakh
    2. On-road Price: Rs 11.31-18.95 lakh
  • Bangalore
    1. Ex-showroom Price: Rs 9.6-15.64 lakh
    2. On-road Price: Rs 11.6-19.69 lakh
  • Chennai
  1. Ex-showroom Price: Rs 9.6-15.64 lakh
  2. On-road Price: Rs 11.21-19.05 lakh
  • Hyderabad
    1. Ex-showroom Price: Rs 9.6-15.64 lakh
    2. On-road Price: Rs 11.41-18.80 lakh
  • Pune
    1. Ex-showroom Price: Rs 9.6-15.64 lakh
    2. On-road Price: Rs 11.31-19.01 lakh
  • Kolkata
  1. Ex-showroom Price: Rs 9.6-15.72 lakh
  2. On-road Price: Rs 10.78-17.63 lakh
  • Kochi
    1. Ex-showroom Price: Rs 9.6-15.68 lakh
    2. On-road Price: Rs 11.11-19.21 lakh

This Creta car from the Hyundai company is positioned in between the Venue and the Tucson in its manufacturer’s product portfolio.

This sells in a price range of Rs 10.97 to 18.65 lakh (which is a on-road price in the location of  New Delhi). The Creta is the costliest car which sells in the place of Bangalore, where it sells for Rs 11.6 to 16.69 lakh,

Whereas, this creata car by hundai company was most affordable in place like Kerala (which has a price range of Rs 10.78 to the 17.63 lakh). As the Creta car from the Hyundai is so much popular in the new market  of the car, it’s similarly in demand in the utilized in market of car and commands a high value for the purpose of resale too.

This Hyundai Creta car has been the best selling SUV in their sector for a lot more time now. This is not surprising in case a person or the consumer consider that this car is a well sorted SUV which provides many engines options as well as transmission options to select a consumer’s appropriate needs.

It also provides mainly many features of the up market and provides a better quality of ride to its user. The Creta is easily among the most premium providing car in the automobile sector.

And also in case you are buying a new car then you must select the Hyundai Creta and it will be a brilliant option for anyone who have been searching for a premium 5 seated SUV car which is not that much expensive to purchase and maintain.

As the Creta enjoys a better demand in the new market of the automobile sector, it’s little easy for finding out the well maintained examples in the market of the utilized car.

Also there is case that you want to buy a second hand car then Hyundai creta can be a great option for that as this turn out to be a better option, there are also some of the car valuation tools available on the internet so a client or any person make use of those tools for getting the better car like a Hyundai creta.


So from the above article you can get the information about the creta car , its pricing range and also about the various other features which are incorporated along with this car.

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