Hyundai Venue Price in India 2023, Review, Interior, Mileage

Hyundai Venue Price in India 2023 – The Hyundai Venue will compete with the Maruti Vitara Brezza, Mahindra XUV300, Ford EcoSport and Honda WR-V for a share of the popular compact SUV segment. So far the Maruti Vitara Brezza has been leading in terms of numbers with over 10,000 units being sold each month. Can the Hyundai Venue beat that?

Hyundai Venue Price in India 2023

Hyundai Venue Price in India 2023

To fulfill the requirements of the Indian youth though the best car technology, Hyundai crafted a car this names as venue. It crafted to meet the safety, space, ergonomics and safety features with new age style.

The direction of the development of the car represents the best driving experience, solid presence on road and leading seamless connectivity. The third space in car is trendy and much more spacious which give comfortness for seating. The customer friendly ride experience is the aim of venue car.

There is comfortable package which gives versatile design to model. The complete safety, seamless connectivity as well as pice of mind are given by venue car which gives playful and practical features to feel great fit. During the manufacturing of the venue car, Hyundai thins about the customers and their comfortness which will give the customers a great ride.

Due to which the venue comes with the comfort and convenience features. It is also truly most perfect model as per style, design, proportion, technology and architecture used during the manufacturing. There is 3 years of warranty period and road side assistance.

Why the venue is different than other?

Hyundai has a reputation for loading its vehicles with technology. The Hyundai Venue is no different. Starting with the styling; it gets a unique front end with a large grille, headlamps embedded in the bumper, surrounded by DRLs, and indicators that are placed at the top corners. The talking points are the engine choices. It comes with a choice of three power train combinations.

The rear looks like a grown-up i10 Grand, but it is fairly spacious. The Venue is available in six colours, with dual tone colour combinations as well. (Hyundai Venue Price in India 2023)

About venue car:

The Hyundai draws its plan motivation from different SUVs in the Hyundai lineup and resembles a downsized rendition of the Creta. The enormous falling grille and the exceptional topsy turvy front lamp configuration give the Scene a mark look.

The top-spec variant of the Scene will have 8-inch touch screen infotainment framework with Android Auto and Apple Car Play, a solitary zone atmosphere control, sunroof, voice control, voyage control, a cooled glove box, remote charging innovation, guiding mounted controls, and significantly more.

You can simply walk inside the cabin of the baby Hyundai. Seats are set at a neutral height, and older folk will definitely appreciate that getting in and out of the Venue is easy. Once in, the Venue makes you feel at ease too.

As far as security, the Hyundai Scene will get double airbags, ABS with EBD, and stopping sensors as standard gear. The higher-spec variations will get 6 airbags, ESP, vehicle soundness the board, slope help, brake help, ISOFIX youngster seat stays, and that’s just the beginning.

The Pros of Hyundai Venue:

There is most refreshing design on interior and exterior side of the model. Interior quality fit and finish top notch. 1.0L GDI Turbo petrol engine best in segment. DCT auto box most advanced in segment. Blue Link features unique and very useful.

There are loads of cool features like connected link, sunroof, wireless chargers and so on but not sure how much they are practical, in daily use.

The cons of Hyundai Venue:

Highly priced:

Hyundai Venue is slightly more expensive than Brezza and Tata Nexon, EcoSport and XUV300 has similar prices.

Auto gearbox:

Hyundai Venue offers auto gearbox only with 1.0-litre version. The 1.2-litre petrol and 1.4-litre diesel variant comes with manual transmission.

It is better to consult with the real owners of the car before you buy the car.

The variants of Hyundai venue:

There are four variants are under the name of the Hyundai venue car. These are E, S, SX and SX(O). The top model and base model of venue is SX (O) diesel and E petrol which has the starting price from INR 12 Lakh and INR 8 Lakh respectively.

The Hyundai venue will achieve the best selling compact SUV if continuously sell with competitive price.

The SX variant makes the most sense because it is on the middle ground. In the S there are features which more than S and slightly lesser than SX (O)

Some features over S model:

A dual-clutch automatic transmission the only car in the segment to get it with petrol engine is also on offer.

Projector LED headlamps, infotainment with touch screen control, sunroof, climate control, automatic humidifier, wireless charging and a lot more

In this variant car model, there are 6 airbags are available which is apart from regular set of ABS.

Hyundai Venue Price in India 2023:

Petrol manual transmission variants:

  • Hyundai Venue 1.2 Petrol E 5MT: Rs 6.50 lakh
  • Hyundai Venue 1.2 Petrol S 5MT: Rs 7.20 lakh
  • Hyundai Venue 1.0 Turbo Petrol S 6MT: Rs 8.21 lakh
  • Hyundai Venue 1.0 Turbo Petrol SX 6MT: Rs 9.54 lakh
  • Hyundai Venue 1.0 Turbo Petrol SXO 6MT: Rs 10.60 lakh

Petrol automatic transmission variants:

  • Hyundai Venue 1.0 Turbo Petrol S 7AT: Rs 9.35 lakh
  • Hyundai Venue 1.0 Turbo Petrol SX+ 7AT: Rs 11.10 lakh

Diesel variants:

  • Hyundai Venue 1.4 Diesel E 6MT: Rs 7.75 lakh
  • Hyundai Venue 1.4 Diesel S 6MT: Rs 8.45 lakh
  • Hyundai Venue 1.4 Diesel SX 6MT: Rs 9.78 lakh
  • Hyundai Venue 1.4 Diesel SXO 6MT: Rs 10.84 lakh

Chennai ex-showroom price of venue:

  • Venue E (Petrol): Rs. 6, 70,000
  • Venue S (Petrol): Rs. 7, 40,000
  • Venue E Diesel (Diesel): Rs. 8, 09,800
  • Venue S Turbo (Petrol): Rs. 8, 46,000
  • Venue S Diesel (Diesel): Rs. 9, 00,800
  • Venue S Turbo DCT (Petrol): Rs. 9, 60,000
  • Venue SX plus Turbo (Petrol): Rs. 9, 79,000
  • Venue SX Dual Tone Turbo (Petrol): Rs. 9, 94,000
  • Venue SX plus Diesel (Diesel): Rs. 9, 99,999
  • Venue SX Dual Tone Diesel (Diesel): Rs. 10, 27,800
  • Venue SX Opt Turbo (Petrol): Rs. 10, 85,000
  • Venue SX plus Turbo DCT (Petrol): Rs. 11, 35,500
  • Venue SX Opt Diesel (Diesel): Rs. 11, 39,800

Which one to buy Hyundai Creta or Hyundai Venue?

A better car between these two drills down to one essential question – How do you perceive value for money? And this is how the vehicle segments are configured and constructed.

If it’s about space:

If you feel that value for money is about how big a car you’re getting, the Creta would emerge as the better one. It is spacious and considerably longer than the sub 4m Venue. And with that come better legroom, knee room and headroom.

While you get the space, your compromise here would be more on the features part.

If it’s about features:

If you want a smaller car but a more complete one. A top trim level that gets you all the features that that specific product can possibly provide, then the Venue works really well. Here’s where you try and understand your trade off.

Both the car has the typical boxy SUV like look which make those cars appealing. Top variants of both the cars get cruise control, six airbags, auto climate control, wireless charging, sunroof, infotainment system, push button start/stop, AC vents etc. the only difference, in the venue you get to control few of these features with the help of your smartphone.

Overall, the venue is a better option than Creta for the younger population or the once that want to make the ride fun. On the other hand, the ease of driving can be better experienced with Creta thanks to its powerful engines.

Basically, it’s the joy of controlling your car on your fingertips making the entire experience of owning the car much more convenient and pleasant. The venue does note the location of the car thus providing theft control.

Is the Venue worth?

Why such a large number of people are buying the Venue? What are the real reasons that make it popular in the market? Well, here are all the reasons that you need to know.

A lot of it is subjective to how Hyundai is going to price it. And by judging how Hyundai has been pricing the Elite i20 and Creta – the Venue is likely to not have the highest value for money factor going for it.

Keeping the cost aside, it all depends on what you’re looking for.

Use of technology:

A variety of technologies are used in this model. And this includes voice-enabled vehicle assistant how well it works and what all it can do, is to be seen.

There are 33 connected technology features within the car. These technologies will help in safety as well as convenience such starting and stopping the engine, operating the AC, using the horn, finding the car, etc.

There’s going to be a lot of telemetric play as well vehicle health statuses, location, driving behavior and other inputs that telemetric can give you. Hyundai Venue also offers projector fog lamps, which is the first such feature in the segment

Comfortable vehicle:

Hyundai’s aren’t great drivers’ machine at least in India. They are a little superficial, especially the steering feel. Hyundai products usually are more inclined towards a comfort-oriented driving experience.

Stress-free maintenance

Hyundai are a delight to maintain. They aren’t too expensive and at the same time, there is a strong service network ecosystem as well.

Fuel economy:

Hyundai products aren’t usually focused on fuel economy. You’d also never find Hyundai using fuel economy as any USP or a marketing point. The same applies to the Venue as well.

The 1.4L Petrol, 1.4L Diesels aren’t really known for their fuel economy figures. The 1.0L turbo petrol is something we need to wait and observe. The car comes with three engine options – 2 petrol and 1 diesel. It is the one and only car in the segment to have a dual clutch automatic transmission.

It doesn’t really add up if:

Vehicle cost:

The Venue is unlikely to carry an extremely competitive price tag for variants that make the most sense. Lower variants are likely to have one, but they may not carry the best of features.

Decent performance:

Apart from the 1.0L turbo petrol, the 1.4L petrol and diesel aren’t the best at power figures. Specs aside, a lot of other things would indicate that the Venue isn’t a driver’s machine. If you’re someone who likes driving, the Venue may not connect with you as well.

Diesel automatic system:

The compact SUV space isn’t popular for diesel + automatic transmission power trains. Only the Brezza and Nexon have tried things out and offer AMTs – which again aren’t proper automatics, but just do the purpose.

You don’t want it to look a lot like other Hyundai cars, on the inside:

Expect a lot of component sharing with the Elite i20. If you feel like a lot on the inside is going to appear like the Elite i20 for a vehicle that’s priced significantly higher.


The Hyundai venue is good option for family who are planning to buy a new car as it is spacious and comfortable seating arrangement. Hyundai Venue only makes sense if you are going for the lower spec variants, because the starting price makes it a great value for money package. The new venue will get internet connectivity which will further put the car in the category of smart car.

The feature lets the driver monitor the car in real time and thus diagnose issues on its own. Basically, your car will be much less controlled by your smartphone. Features like opening and locking the doors, diagnosing car for issues, service reminders, car location and much more are provided in a venue which is a fist by Hyundai.

The choice in colors is also available so check the price list and book the new car which gives a luxurious and great driving experience.

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