i BOMMA Telugu Movies Download Website

i BOMMA Telugu – You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking for a website where you can download Telugu movies. You should use the I BOMMA website since it has a huge selection of these movies in HD quality.

i BOMMA Telugu Movies Download Website

i BOMMA Telugu Movies Download Website

The creators of this website are well-known Hyderabadians. BOMMA and iBOMMA are their parent websites. Since they are professionals in their area, you don’t need to worry about the website’s quality or content.

i Bomma Telugu Movies

The demand for I Bomma is currently growing rapidly on a daily basis, which is why they launched I Bomma. Their primary websites currently receive millions of visitors each month.

This new website is receiving excellent assistance from a seasoned crew, which is aiding in its rapid growth. The best feature of the I Bomma website is that streaming Telugu movies in HD Quality doesn’t require you to go through a long process.

Online movie streaming is a quick and easy method. I Bomma is a website focused on Telugu movies, as we have already stated.

You may download Telugu-dubbed versions of Tamil, English, Malayalam, Kannada, and Punjabi movies here. Only telugu-speaking states, including Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and the Yanam region of Puducherry, account for 80% of viewers.

If you spend some time on I Bomma, you will undoubtedly forget about other telugu websites like Jio Rockers, Prmovies, 9xflix, 7Movierulz, and 4Movierulz.

No one on our staff or I would ever advocate for piracy. To support struggling artists in this sector, we should all band together to combat piracy of Telugu movies.

Unimaginable harm is done to the film business as a result of stolen media. Not everyone can afford to spend a lot of money on amusement, but we can all make sure to put aside a little sum.

The only website that offers a big selection of different movies with telugu dubbing is I Bomma. Building a system that can subtitle movies in regional languages requires a tonne of technology and infrastructure. I Bomma has executed it flawlessly.

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i Bomma – Overview

They just released an upgrade that fundamentally altered the situation for the benefit of people everywhere. In that update, a smaller-sized version of the movie collection is now accessible for download.

Therefore, if you were planning to download a 900 MB Telugu movie from I Bomma, you can now do it for just 500 MB. According to rumours, ultra high compression technology is being used in movies to minimise file size without sacrificing video quality.

On your device, a list of all recently released movies will show. Don’t be shocked if you see 4K HD Content on our site in the upcoming weeks. You did hear correctly.

The freedom to watch movies in the best quality is now available to consumers. We have frequently seen that they post recently released movies within a few days.

They are outstanding because of their skilled personnel. They just became well-known in the downloads sector after posting C/o Kancharapalem (2018) on I Bomma.

This fantastic website became well known to people all around the world after that article went viral. Always choose subscription-based services if at all feasible. Their customer service is excellent and like a movie theatre.

Download Movies on i Bomma

We’ll discover how to use I Bomma to obtain Telugu movies. You may skip this part if you already know. Movies that have been dubbed into telugu may be found here in a variety of languages.

The video will automatically download to your device if you follow all the instructions below. Because we are aware that site administrators frequently change items, we will also update this area every day.

Watch Video to Learn Movie Download from iBomma:

First Part

  • First go to i Bomma website
  • Make use of power of search engines to get the official link
  • Once you are on the homepage, do select your country
  • Now your country site will appear on browser
  • On homepage you can see all the telugu blockbuster movies
  • If your movie is not listed on homepage then make use of search tool
  • Search tool is placed at top of the homepage

Second Part

  • On movie page, lots of detail will be given there
  • You will get to know about released date, genre, cast, director and so on
  • Now all you have to do is click on Mobile Download Button
  • For better understanding, go through the attached images
  • Popup ad will open in a new tab
  • Close that tab and move forward
  • Now wait for 5 seconds, timer will appear
  • After that, click on Start Download
  • Finally, Movie download will start in a moment

Watch Movies Online on i Bomma

The days of downloading hundreds of gigabytes worth of movies on their hard drives are long gone. Internet access is now more inexpensive and more widespread.

People these days prefer to view movies online instead of wasting time downloading them. However, only few websites offer streaming for Telugu movies.

  • First go to i Bomma website
  • Do search it on search engines to get their link
  • Now it will ask you to select your country from the list
  • Now i Bomma indian version will load in your browser
  • Do search for your desire movies using search tool
  • Once you are on the movie page, do scroll down little bit
  • Below you will see a video player embedded on page
  • Click on Play button to start watching telugu movie
  • Do wait for 15 seconds and movie will start playing after a moment

To select the video quality, click the options icon in the video player. Additionally, you may choose a different server using the same option. It’s a life-saving alternative when a server unexpectedly stops functioning for whatever reason.

Download i Bomma App

These days, everyone is aware of the usefulness of smartphone apps. All of the successful industry titans require people to download mobile apps, as can be seen by observing them.

You need a strong and user-friendly mobile app if your goal is to dominate the movie download market.

According to recent data provided by a reputable news website, mobile devices will entirely overtake desktop and laptop users in the next five years, which is absolutely logical.

If you routinely download movies, you want to get the I Bomma app. Because frequent push notifications annoy users, developers have paid extra attention to the consumers by avoiding sending them.

Download i Bomma App from Website

This manual is intended for people who want to download the I Bomma App from the official website directly. This tutorial is not for you if you are unable to access their official website.

  • To download i Bomma App, first go to their official website
  • One can find official website using search engines and social sites
  • Now choose your country from where you are accessing it
  • User will be redirected to their homepage
  • Now on homepage, hundreds of telugu movies will appear
  • Ignore all those stuffs and scroll down little bit
  • At the bottom you will see Download i Bomma Link
  • Click on that link to open Mobile App page
  • Now on Mobile app page various details of app are given
  • Have a look at it and check all the features of their mobile app
  • Do scroll down little bit to view images
  • All you have to do is click on Download i Bomma Link
  • After that, wait for 5 seconds to start download of app
  • Install the app and start using it in your mobile phone

Download i Bomma App from Play Store

  • In your android phone open Google Play Store
  • Now search for i Bomma App there
  • You will see lot of results on your screen
  • Don’t click on any of them randomly
  • Now from the click on that app which is developed by Telugu Movies Team
  • Click on Install button
  • Wait for 2-3 seconds to let it install in your mobile phone
  • It may take little bit longer depending on your internet speed
  • Once installation is completed, go to app drawer and launch i Bomma App

I’m done now. You may download the I Bomma App to your phone using this method. Check for updates sometimes. The software needs to be updated to improve security and privacy.

You will undoubtedly notice a positive improvement after switching to the app due to its lights-off function.

Request Telugu Movie Downloads

Even though the I Bomma portal offers hundreds of movies, users sometimes encounter difficulties while attempting to download their preferred Telugu film. They can utilise a search tool in these situations.

On the website, there are search options at the top and bottom. Use the Request Movies option if the search tool is returning a not found error.

Now, give the I Bomma staff 48 hours to accomplish your request. Please refrain from submitting new requests as doing so will take a lot of the admin team’s work. Repeated requests won’t make the procedure go faster.

i Bomma Bug Report

I Bomma is a sizable website that is run by a capable group. They nearly never find every problem, which is a problem.

Simply report any bugs and problems you encounter when downloading or watching material.

Due to their diligent work on customer input and difficulties, all the major motion picture studios gained momentum in the early going.

  • First of all go to i Bomma Homepage
  • Now scroll to the top
  • There you will see lot of links under menu bar
  • Simply click on Bug Report Link
  • After that Bug Report Form will appear
  • There you have to enter few basic details
  • Do enter your full name, email address, and in message enter your issues in detail
  • So that admin team can understand the nature of issue
  • Once all details are filled, click on Send Email button

Telugu Movies Download, Dubbed on i BOMMA

Watch out for websites that host unlicensed movies. Initially, the idea of free telugu movie downloads seems extremely appealing.

Such websites typically attack your computer with malware and spyware. This is how they operate, and more importantly, the government forbids such operations.

Due to its short size, the file may be downloaded rapidly, but the quality must be compromised.

The best aspect of I Bomma is that they publish HD content much more swiftly than other websites do. According to insider information, certain blockbusters will be released in 4K quality in the next weeks.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) – i Bomma Telugu Movies

Is it possible to download 4K movies from Immo?

Yes, you may download full-HD movies, but very few films have 4K support. Wait a few of weeks until they finish their website change, which will improve the quality.

Does it exist a telugu mp3 song download option?

No, as of right now, there isn’t a facility like that. According to information, you won’t see something similar in the future. It is a movie-focused website, thus downloading or playing MP3 music is not an option.

How can I get the I Bomma app on my phone?

I Bomma for Android is a simple app to download. Users with iPhones are not now able to access it.

Mobile apps may be downloaded in two different methods. Both installing an app from the Google Play Store and simply downloading an apk from the official website are options.

Can I view movies right here on this website?

Yes. To understand more in-depth, please visit the How to watch Telugu Movies guide. The article’s introduction includes this part.

Depending on their internet connection, viewers may watch movies in a variety of formats. On I Bomma, every movie format is offered, ranging from 240p to 1080p.

How can I download television programmes and online series to my iBomma?

You cannot download since no television programme or web series has been uploaded to their system as of yet. Their sole focus is on adding new telugu movies and raising the calibre of the movie material.

I Bomma is not designed for TV programmes or web series, so choose another website instead. You may find a tonne of websites where you can accomplish this by searching on Google. If you’re still lost, leave a comment below, and we’ll produce a separate page with information on television programmes and online series.

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