10 I Still Love You Meme 2020 – Heart Touching Collection

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I Still Love You Meme 2020

i still love you meme 2020

no matter what happens in 2020 i will try my

best to be nice to myself and not beat myself

up during the tougher times

Y’all. Everyone on this sub is

amazing and wonderful and we

meme it like no one has before.

Please be kind to yourself in

2020, because you deserve it.

Love you all

I Still Love You Meme To The Moon And Back

i still love you meme to the moon and back

Did you know?

Every day the heart creates enough

energy to drive a truck 20 miles. In a

lifetime that is equivalent to driving to

the moon and back.

So when you tell someone you love

them “to the moon and back” you’re

essentially saying you will love them with

all the blood your heart pumps your

whole life which I think is equally as


I Still Love You Meme Plan Comes Together

i still love you meme plan comes together

We’ll be okay

Things have no been easy for us lately

But I’m proud of us for holding on

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For working together to make it through this

I know we’ll be okay in the end

and I hope you believe that too

because no matter how hard things become at times

It’s only a part of any relationship

And I believe it I will make us stronger

Bring us closer together

And solidify our love for one another We’ll be okay.

Because our love is strong remember I really do love you.

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