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1. Is it because of the money why our heroes had sacrificed?
Are they paid for fighting for freedom?
No. But why men nowadays have nothing in mind but money?
Some fight and kill because of it.
Do you think we are worthy of the freedom that our heroes had given us?
Just take time to think and make this day a day to make ourselves worthy of being free.

2. To keep any great nation up to a high standard of civilization there must be enough superior characters to hold the balance of power, but the very moment the balance of power gets into the hands of second-rate men and women, a decline of that nation is inevitable.

3. President Thomas J. Whitmore: It’s a fine line between standing behind a principle and hiding behind one. You can tolerate a little compromise if you’re actually managing to get something accomplished.

4. If Rizal was alive, maybe he will write a novel about the crazy government that we have now.

5. If Bonifacio was still alive, maybe he has torn the SALN papers of our officials.

Independence Day India Quotes

independence day india quotes
independence day india quotes

6. But because they’re buried down deep, who will care for us if we will not treat each other as fellow Filipino. Happy Independence Day to you!

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7. For enslaving a nation, just kill the conscientious people, the rest can be bought.

8. President Thomas J. Whitmore: If you feel compelled to leave these cities, please do so, in an orderly fashion.

9. Participate and be pro-active. You are a Filipino and this is your country.

10. Let your voice be heard and let your children’s children live free too!

India Independence Day Quotes

india independence day quotes
india independence day quotes

11. By the fall of, it was clear that a nation’s prosperity, even its very survival, depended on securing a safe, abundant supply of cheap oil.

12. Capt. Steven Hiller: Look, I really don’t think they flew billion light years to come down here and start a fight. Get all rowdy.

13. Every nation determines its own destiny; the clever the nation, the better the fate!

14. Elvis Fanatic: Oh god, I hope they bring back Elvis

15. Even if you succeed in study and business if your nation collapses, then what good is it for?

Quotes On Independence Day Of India

quotes on independence day of india
quotes on independence day of india

16. Julius Levinson: All you need is love, John Lennon, smart man, shot in the back very sad.

17. Peace is normally a great good, and normally it coincides with righteousness, but it is righteousness and not peace which should bind the conscience of a nation as it should bind the conscience of an individual, and neither a nation nor an individual can surrender conscience to another’s keeping.

18. Russell Casse: All right, you alien assholes! In the words of my generation: Up Yours!

19. A nation will never be vanished by subjugation or oppression unless they get used to.

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20. David Levinson: They are pulling us in. I was counting on this.

Independence Day Quotes India

independence day quotes india
independence day quotes india

21. Before Elijah could raise a nation from the dead, he raised just one dead child.

22. Thousands laid down their lives so that our country can celebrate this day. Never forget their sacrifices. Happy Independence Day!

23. Be the cause of unity, fight against corruption and flair the flag of our nation. Happy Independence Day.

24. Indian will mark its nd Independence Day tomorrow. On the day, while the President of India addresses the nation in a televised speech, the Prime Minister greets the nation from the Red Fort in New Delhi.

25. Freedom is something that money can’t buy, it’s the result of the struggles of many Bravehearts. Let us honor them today and always. Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day Quotes India

happy independence day quotes india
happy independence day quotes india 

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