Indian Idol 10 Winner Name 2018 {🔥Results🔥}

Indian Idol 10 Winner Name 2018 – We are actively working on all the of the TV Shows to find out the Winner of the show. This time we did the same with the Indian Idol 10.

Since the season started our special team was watching each and every activity on the social media as well as on the show.

Indian Idol 10 Winner Name 2018

Indian Idol 10 Winner Name 2018

Yes, you have heard it right!

Salman Ali is the winner of Indian Idol 10, we have predicted and now it’s finally become true.

We have been watching Anu Malik since the season started and now it’s crystal clear that Anu Malik was always right.

He always wanted Salman Ali to win.

As well as New Judge on the Show had big respect for Salman Ali and therefore it’s the biggest hit show.

The show got highest TRP, as well as almost all the guest, appeared on the show highly appreciated the contest, Salman Ali.

It was shown that Salman Ali has such high scale to sing that almost all the Bollywood singers are afraid of him. Just because he sang so well at such high scale.

We had run a couple of polls to check social media fans of Salman Ali if they are truly and dedicated voting for Salman Ali or not.

We have compared all the songs sung by Salman Ali vs Other Contestent and we always get the conclusion that Salman Ali was better than others.

Even we have compared the same with other season of Indian Idol, wherein we have found that Salman Ali was similar to Winners as they always get same responce.

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Fans of other contestent feel the same that Salman Ali will be the winner of Indian Idol 10 for sure.

Salman Ali is just 20 year old, now it’s one of the most promising singer from reallity show. It will be really big contribution from the Indian Idol to Bollywood industry.

As well as other contestent were so good that they can start singing for bollywood movies from day one only. Stay tuned with us at DSC.

Title – Indian Idol 10 Winner Name 2018