My Estub Initial Setup & Activate the Account

My Estub Initial Setup & Activate the Account – Employees must complete the My Estub initial setup procedure using the login credentials in order to activate their My Estub accounts.

My Estub Initial Setup & Activate the Account

My Estub Initial Setup & Activate the Account

Do you encounter any difficulties creating the account? If you have any difficulties activating the account, please refer to our instructions for completing the initial setup procedure.

Initial Setup Process to Activate the Account

Had the basic setup been finished? To activate the account using the login details, the My-estub initial setup procedure must be completed.

Please get in touch with payroll and ask them to issue login credentials to the listed email address if the workers don’t have a username and password.

My-estub paperless pay employee portal perfectly like the graphic in the previous sentence.

User ID & Password:

Username ID consists of 3-5 digits of company name, employee id, and first four letters of the employee’s first name.

Default password: 3-5 digit of company name + 001. Example: GSC001

Example of username: GSC2345678JOHN

Remember that the password is case-sensitive, and type it in exactly how you would expect.

Are you curious as to why my Estub account is locked? Speak to the customer service department or payroll manager.

How to complete Initial Setup

Employees have to generate their own Secure passwords and connect in to the My-Estub site with their login credentials to finish the initial setup of My-Estub.

The default password has to be changed by employees to their unique password. Enter the updated password twice to make sure they are identical. To enable a reliable and secure password, adhere to the instructions.

Password Rules:

Password requirements include the following: 8 to 20 characters, at least one capital letter, one lowercase letter, one number, and special characters.

  • Also, enter the email address to get instructions when you request for new password.
  • Select the security question and type the answer. This is an additional security process to verify employee identity in case of the employee forgot the password.

This piece is a component of the education estub guide. We really hope that was helpful. Please feel free to comment below with any issues you may be having, and we will assist you in finding the appropriate solution.

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