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A poll by Jack in the Box called JackListens seeks to enhance customer service. To make sure that management receives customer input through all possible methods, this www.jacklistens.com survey is being performed both online and by mail. The JackListens survey is really simple to complete and does not need much work. All you need is a valid JackListens receipt from your most recent dining out transaction. A few minutes of your time are required next, and then you are ready to begin.


Have you been to Jack in the Box before or do you frequently go there? If so, you can fill out the Jack in the Box customer satisfaction survey. In this poll, they seek to better their services by listening to their customers. Thus, if you want to learn more about this poll, read this post and stay on this page. We provide comprehensive information on the Jacklistens Jack In The Box Customer Feedback Survey, Jack In The Box Customer Satisfaction Survey, and Jack In The Box Customer Survey in this page.

How Does Jacklistens Survey Work?


Often, the best customers are those who provide feedback to businesses so they can become better. People are said to learn from their mistakes. The same applies to your preferred restaurant. Fill out the 5-minute Jacklistens Survey at www.jacklistens.com and share your restaurant dining experience complaints. Was the food of poor quality, or was the dinner not cooked as you had wished? If you have a lot of negative thoughts, don’t be afraid to respond. Merely state the obvious. After doing the survey, they find out their advantages and disadvantages.


Got anything to say on a positive note? Try expressing yourself. What about the restaurant most impressed you and made you want to go back? Was it the staff’s and the chef’s prompt service? See the institution that most affected you?

Concerning Jack in the Box

American fast-food restaurant franchise Jack In The Box is well-known for its hamburgers. On February 21, 1951, a wonderful man by the name of Robert Oscar Peterson invented it. There are Jack In The Box locations in 21 different US states. Additionally, it employs 22,000 workers. Long before he became into the bumbling CEO that fans admire today, Jack was simply a clown imprisoned on the roof. Jack was the clown head mascot that sat above the restaurant’s roof in 1951 when Robert O. Peterson opened the first Jack in the Box location in San Diego, drawing attention from onlookers.

Jack in the Box was created as a “contemporary food machine” by La Jolla, California-based master architect Russell Forester. The swift service at the new site was quite successful. Nearly all Oscars locations were renovated, intercoms were installed, and they were given the name Jack in the Box restaurants.

When Jack’s Big Mac was introduced in 1971, it was regarded as one of the largest burgers in the fast food industry. The business introduced a new restaurant chain called JBX Grill in 2023 with a more opulent and premium cuisine. Big man The Jumbo Jack is.

Customer Survey Rewards for Jack

After completing the Jack Guest Survey on the Jack Portal, Jack offers a chance to win Jack Coupons. So do Jack Login and start Jack Guest Feedback Survey. After completing the survey, you will receive a Jack Promo Code. Save it and use it on your next visit to Jack to receive savings and exclusive deals on food purchases.

Two complimentary tacos are yours when you complete the Jack in the Box customer satisfaction survey. You are given the free discount code when the survey is finished.

www.jacklistens.com Laws and Regulations – Jack Listens – Survey Listens You need a recent Jack In The Box receipt with the survey invitation on it in order to access the survey. a smartphone, laptop, or PC

  • You must be a resident of the United States.
  • Per receipt, you are only permitted to complete a survey once.
  • You must be literate in either Spanish or English. Before the receipt expires, complete the survey.
  • Whole Process | Jack Listens Survey


This is the entire procedure for taking jacklistens; after completing specific procedures, you can move on. You will then receive your reward.

By clicking the aforementioned button, you may access the official survey site from your computer or mobile device.

Choose the language using the “Click here to continue” button. You can choose between English and Español.

You are welcome to enter the 11-digit code that is displayed here on the receipt. Next, click the NEXT button.

By clicking the “yes” button, the café’s location can be verified.

Moreover, the length of your visit to Jack in the dog box must be determined.

You currently have the option to display Dine in, Accomplish, or Drive Thru.

You must answer two questions about the demand for food and remove the red screw.

Evaluate your level of satisfaction and your likelihood of visiting the store again.

Continue answering the question and tapping on the red catches to view the ensuing screen to reach the final section of the Jack in the Box web survey questions. After providing your contact information, you will be given a jacklistens code for approval (be sure to write it down).

Verify that you properly signed out twice.

To receive the two complimentary tacos, remember this code and use it the next time you visit Jack in the Box.

Do make a claim for the free food within seven days of finishing the survey.

Enter the four-digit code when you visit the taco shop to receive free tacos.

Moreover, the Jack in the Box menu offers an Americanized version of international cuisine such tacos, egg rolls, rotisserie-roasted jalapeño peppers stuffed with cheese, burritos, and more.

Questions from the Jack in the Box survey include

  • How likely are you to tell a friend about our restaurant?
  • How frequently do you eat at our place?
  • What aspects of our culinary menu did you like?
  • What about our menu did you find objectionable?
  • Would you like to see any particular drinks on our menu?
  • How did our service staff perform?
  • What do you think of the service’s speed?
  • Were your needs met by our staff?
  • Please give our restaurant a cleanliness rating.
  • Would you return here to eat?

Jack offers client service

Complete the Jacklistens.com survey

Phone number for Guest Relations: 1-858-522-4716

www.jackinthebox.com/contact for an online contact form

+1 858 522 4716

+1 858 571 2121

+1 858 571 2121

+1 928 627 2276

+1 928 722 5695

Jack In The Box stores nearby

To sum up

So, this is how you may participate in Jack In the Box’s JackListens survey at www.jacklistens.com. The poll is very straightforward, and you can earn two tacos for free in exchange. For Jack in the Box regulars, this is an excellent chance.



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