JCB Tractor Price in India 2023, Logo, Images, Parts, Rent Per Hour

JCB Tractor Price in India 2023 – JCB Backhoe Loader is used in the application for plantation, construction, truck loading etc. The excavators of JCB are popular around the world used for different construction tasks at the site.

JCB Tractor Price in India 2023

JCB Tractor Price in India 2023

The manufacturers provide a range of excavators from mini to large. Every model is used for a specific task and loaded with the latest features. The selection of the right wheel loader as per your needs is not a simple task. It requires a true understanding of the works performed by this machine.

Types of JCB


A backhoe/back actor or a digger is a large machine for digging and moving earth. This is used for a wide variety of tasks like construction, demolition, light transportation, powering building equipment, paving road etc.

A backhoe is a big and extremely powerful version of your arm. The three important segments of backhoe are.

  • Boom
  • Stick
  • Bucket

The above segments are connected like your upper arm, forearm and hand. It also works like your arm. Boom bets upward to ease digging work and overcome obstacles. Backhoes are multi-taskers they can do many jobs at once.

It is available in a different size to select the one according to your requirements. The machine is not only safe but works smarter and faster.


Excavator is heavy equipment used to mover large objects. You can easily identify an excavator by its arm, bucket, rotating cab and movable track. The operator needs to use pedals and levers to move backward and forward.

An excavator is heavy and large when compared to a backhoe. Excavator works great when you work for demolition, mining, drilling and overall large-scale industrial projects. The Bucyrus RH400 by Caterpillar is the world’s biggest hydraulic excavator. The width of it is 8.6 meters and the crawler length is 10.98 and the weight is 980 tonnes.

Fastrac Agricultural Tractor

JCB is one of the most productive and versatile tractors available these days. This high featured machine easily improves productivity. It is designed to provide safety and a quick job. The routine service of this equipment can be done without any hardship.

What is the need for a JCB?

The role of a wheel loader is crucial when you are going to buy. The excavator models of JCB are designed to meet the specific demands of a customer.

Tips to buy a good backhoe

Nature of the work

It depends on the nature of work on how to use a backhoe, do you need to buy it. In case your job needs 20-30 percent of JCB you can rent the same. This equipment is not only costly but needs money for maintenance as well as storage.

Make sure that you need and have sufficient tasks in hand for that machine to earn by investing in the JCB. Mahindra Construction Equipment provides a lot of rental options one can easily rent a JCB.

Uses of a Backhoe


A loader can lay irrigation pipes, installing posts, digging a hole, filling holes etc. The farmworkers can do their work quickly by using a JCB.


Go for the machine which is designed to protect its internal components. When a JCB is used for site work it has to work dense and constricted spaces.


Residential or industrial a loader can do a minor demolition and pick all the material from one place to another.


These machines can remove tree stumps or entire trees to clear the surface. You can use them for excavation work and the tasks like lining the spillway with rocks.

Features of JCB

There is a misconception among the people that horsepower equals everything. Whereas the power comes from the hydraulic system and not through the engine so you need to consider the following specifications.

Digging depth

A small loader can dig 7-10 feet, an average can dig at least 14 feet and the largest loader can dig up to 60 feet deep.

Choose the right bucket

Selecting the right bucket for your loader is important. Find the daily production figure and density of the material bucket will have to handle. Calculate the daily production target and material density. Suppose you want to work on different materials select the bucket with the heaviest material it can handle.

Operating weight

Go for the lighter operating weight as it is environment friendly as well. In case you need the loader for an agriculture job then you can go for the equipment with heavy operating weight.


A 14 to 15 feet long loader must be between 68 to 107 horsepower. And the larger loader requires 127 horsepower.


The purchase price of the equipment is one of the important aspects to be considered. The optimum value can be checked via its operational cost and resale value. The price of an average backhoe with a digging depth of 14 feet ranges from $ 55,000 to $ 75,000.

Fuel efficient

Buying a fuel-efficient machine means you have done a big saving. Always go for the latest emission management technology to meet the expectations of the community.

About JCB

Joseph Cyril Bamford (JCB) is a manufacturer of equipment for construction, agriculture, demolition and waste handling.

JCB was invented by Joseph Cyril Bamford in the year 1945. In Britain and Asian nations, JCB is used for mechanical diggers and excavators. The company manufactures over 300 types of machines like diggers, excavators, tractors and diesel engines.

The company has 18 factories across the UK, Australia, India, China, Germany, North and South America and sells its goods in over 150 countries. JCB has employed around 12,000 people in 12,000 people on four continents.

When India started JCB production?

By launching Backhoe Loader, the JCB India Ltd. has started its operations in the year 1979. Later it started the manufacturing of world-class equipment for India as well as for the global markets.

A crane can lift loads but the man can never. In the absence of machinery, no one can do a heavy job. The JCB offers faster as well as accurate work to the people by pressing a button machine to start working.

Make sure you are using proper safety measures while using a JCB. The driver must know the safety rules while using this equipment. Stay safe stay well!

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