Mahindra Commercial Vehicles Price in India 2023, Models, Images

Mahindra Commercial Vehicles Price in India 2023 – A commercial vehicle is used to transport goods or people for profit. Buses, trucks, semi-trucks, box trucks, coaches, travel trailer etc. It comes under the category of commercial vehicles.

Mahindra Commercial Vehicles Price in India 2023

Mahindra Commercial Vehicles Price in India 2023

Mahindra Company offers a wide range of vehicles that are used for goods or passengers. These vehicles are used as an individual or a company for business purpose. Driving a commercial vehicle needs great skills, awareness, safety training etc.

Mahindra & Mahindra is one of the best vehicle manufacturers in India. The company is the largest manufacturer of tractors in the world.

Types of commercial vehicles by Mahindra

Heavy Commercial vehicles by Mahindra

The gross mass of the vehicle is more than 4.5 tonnes comes under the category of heavy commercial vehicles.


Mahindra Blazo gives outperformance with the unmatched fuel efficiency and FuelSmart technology. It is a sturdy build vehicle featured with a driveline configuration.


BLAZO X 28 is featured with an improved cabin to provide better productivity. The vehicle is featured with tilt and telescopic power steering, 80 km/h (with speed limiter), 330-liter fuel tank capacity, Full Air S Cam, 10 Bar System, ABS etc. Mahindra Commercial Vehicles Price List in India 2023

It provides real-time driver information and guaranteed fuel efficiency. The applications of BLAZO X 28 are Construction material, engineering goods, refrigeration, tanker, barrels, food grains, boxes of fruits and vegetables.


BLAXO X 35 delivers market loads without becoming fuel-thirsty. This vehicle is featured with tilt and telescopic power steering, 80 km/h (with speed limiter), greadability is 20.5%.

You can monitor the live information of the driver and better payload capacity. You can use this vehicle for market load, refrigeration, tanker, construction material, food grains, boxes, barrels, fruits and vegetables.


BLAZO tippers are designed to provide great performance even on the rugged surfaces. These machines provide excellent productivity with maintaining fuel efficiency.

Apart from it maintains superior features to do the mining and construction equipment applications easier than ever.


The tipper is designed to provide better payload capacity. It is designed to provide great fuel efficiency, improved cabin to provide better productivity.

The maximum speed of the vehicle is 60 km/h with a speed limiter. BLAZO BSIV 9S and BLAZO BSIV 6S are used for loading construction material and coal.


It is designed to provide great fuel efficiency and a real-time driver information system. The payload capacity of the tipper is good.

The maximum speed of the tipper is 60 km/ph with a speed limiter. This can be used to load construction material and coal.

Tractor Trailer

The mileage of BLAZO X BSIX has won the hearts of the transporters across the country. Tractor Trailer comes with fuel economy and lower economic cost.

Intermediate Commercial Vehicles

The weight of the vehicle ranges from 8 to 15 tonne comes under the category of ICV vehicles.


FURIO came in the market like a storm; the truck is built with international standards. This vehicle is designed by the iconic Italian design house Pininfarina. Mahindra FURIO 14 is designed to provide unmatched comfort, great quality and productivity.

Light Commercial Vehicles

The light commercial vehicles are the productive vehicles which are used to transport goods within and around the city.


Mahindra designed super-versatile commercial vehicles for multitasking. OPTIMO is designed for narrow roads, tough mountains, heavy and multiple loads.


Best in the class vehicle comes with fuel economy and high loading capacity. JAYO is designed with a bold look, style and backed with great features. This vehicle gives you comfortable seating to ensure a better driving experience.


Medical mobile van

It is a reliable vehicle for medical transportation, emergency as well as patient care. The vehicle is made by using prefabricated material the van is equipped with a patient examination surface and can accommodate medical supplies. Mahindra Commercial Vehicles Price List in India 2023

JAYO Container

This is a perfect vehicle for the transportation of multiple loads like a parcel, courier, FMCG goods. The payload capacity of the vehicle is 2.5 tonnes and the overall architecture of the vehicle gives the ability to reach the last mile.



It is the best in a class bus that brings new comforts, new style and interiors. The bus has comfortable seats, roomy interior for pleasant journey, side luggage box, projector head lamps etc. mDi tech engine and FuelSmart Technology gives best in class performance.


Cosmo is a powerful, efficient and comfortable bus from Mahindra which allows you to earn money before ever. The bus is featured with better pick-up with CRDe technology. The eye-catching curved body of this vehicle gives great presence. The seat of the driver is adjustable in four ways and seats of the passengers are ergonomically designed.


EXCELO is designed to bring efficiency and incredible comfort. This is an economical machine to give your business great heights. It is the perfect mixture of fuel efficiency, low maintenance and great build quality.

Tips to buy a commercial vehicle

Safety features

Front airbags and seatbelts are the common safety features in every vehicle. Make sure to check the necessary safety gear and rear seats jump before making the final decision of purchase.

Consider what the safety measures in case of an accident are. Follow the regulatory compliance and safety standard guidelines.

Finance options

The financing option is a big decision when you are going to buy a commercial vehicle. Just check the other options like partial purchase, credit purchase, a business contract hire etc. look for the banking institution, pre-approved small business auto loan and other financing options in the market. Mahindra Commercial Vehicles Price List in India 2023

Take a test drive

You can only examine the break, gears, wheels and speed only by taking a test drive. Make sure you will drive it through curves and turns to examine the advanced features which are available in the commercial vehicles these days.

Check engine

The size of the engine of commercial vehicles plays a vital role while buying a commercial vehicle. As you are going to use this vehicle on a regularly it depends on how you are using it.

A 4-cylinder engine is adequate for the transportation of the regular items. The engine with more than 4 cylinders is powerful and versatile. So the engine is the main thing that determines the usage of a vehicle.

Add ons

Never feel shy to ask freebies when you are going to buy a commercial vehicle! It might be in the form of an extended warranty on some parts of it. To increase the sales some dealers and manufacturers offer different types of scheme on a vehicle.

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