Mahindra SCORPIO Price in India 2023, Reviews and Specifications

Mahindra SCORPIO Price in India 2023 – Mahindra is one of the most popular manufacturers of SUV makers in the Indian market. One of the SUV is known as Singham ki Gaddi. It was launched in 2002 and remains one of the highest-selling cars in the Indian automotive market. Different updates in this car have kept it as a fresh vehicle in the market.

Mahindra SCORPIO Price in India 2023

Mahindra SCORPIO Price in India 2023

The Scorpio is one of the smartest and most aggressive-looking SUVs in this segment. The great presence and boxy design give a butch look. When compared to other SUVs in this segment maintenance of Scorpio is quite affordable.

If you travel a lot or you live in a joint family it is good to buy this car. This is great for long drives and you need transportation.

Why people love Mahindra Scorpio?

Mahindra came into the market as a leader in the affordable SUV segment in India. Bolero, Armada and Scorpio have made Mahindra a popular brand in the market. Scorpio has a bright spark selling 4,000 units per month. Here are the reasons why people like Scorpio.

Rugged vehicle

Scorpio is a rugged vehicle having a heavy-duty ladder-on-frame. This is completely designed to run on India’s road conditions. You can travel with peace of mind over rough terrains. It is a reliable vehicle that can run thousands of kilometers without any issues like service etc.

Up to date car

Mahindra put efforts to keep the car up to date. The current Scorpio looks completely different from the first generation of SUVs. It includes exteriors and futuristic features like rain sensors that automatically switch on wipers after detecting rain.

Advanced features

The headlamps of the car automatically switch on when the condition starts to become dark. The advanced driver information display shows different readings like average fuel consumption, service reminder, tyre pressure, a distance of empty etc.

Infotainment System

The car has a 6-inch touchscreen infotainment system that supports Bluetooth, DVD, AUX-in and USB. It also offers GPS navigation in ten languages. Simply it is a vehicle that is popular despite increasing competition in the market.

Very well priced vehicle

The base model of Mahindra Scorpio attracts lots of buyers. It offers a well-established brand image at a lower price as compared to Tata Safari. The S2 variant of Scorpio is priced around 9.71 Lakh.

Anywhere affordable

The base model is powered by an m2DICR 2.5-liter engine offers a maximum power of 75 Bhp and 180 Nm of peak torque. The rural people are attracted to this model however the base model 4×4 variant, S4+ is priced smartly for buyers who need an affordable go- anywhere vehicle.

Why Mahindra Scorpio is perfect for city roads

City roads are becoming clustered these days due to rickshaws, taxis and bikes on the Indian roads. To offer supreme reliability, easy drive and different features Scorpio has lapped up by the customers around the world.

Designed well

Mahindra Scorpio is a great vehicle looks good from all angles. It looks great in parking as well on the dirty roads. The interior of the car makes sure that passengers are comfortable and relaxed in the vehicle.

Comfortable journey

If you are stuck in traffic within your city or on a highway you will never feel uncomfortable. The seats and automatic AC guarantee a cozy ride to your destination. The company makes sure that there is no room for complaint even in the rear seats.

Great mileage

The car contains all the comforts like technology, safety and design it works like a lion and takes fuel like a deer. A 7/8 seater Mahindra Scorpio gives 12kmpl mileage within the city.

You can easily drive this powerful car and much more refined than competitors in its class.

Different variants of Mahindra Scorpio

Mahindra Scorpio S5

It is the diesel variant SUV that gives a mileage of 16.36 kmpl. Engine Displacement is 2179 cc Max Torque 320nm@1500-2800rpm. The car has a seating capacity of 7 people and boot space is 460 liters.

Scorpio S5 model has power front windows, passenger bag, power steering, ABS, Power Windows Rear, driver airbag, air conditioner and wheel covers are the key features of this variant.

This model is available in four colors Pearl White, Napoli Black, Dsat Silver and Molten Red.

Mahindra Scorpio S7

This diesel model gives you a mileage of 16.36 kmpl. Engine displacement 2179cc Max Torque 320nm@1500-2800rpm. The seating capacity of the car is 7 with 460-liter boot space.

The key features of this model include Power Window Front, Passenger Airbag, Power steering, ABS, Power Windows Rear, Power-adjustable exterior rear-view mirror, wheel cover, driver airbag and air conditioner.

Four colors pearl white, Napaoli Black, Dsat Silver and Molten Red.

Mahindra Scorpio S9

This diesel variant gives a variant give 16.36kmpl. The engine of the car is powered by 2179 cc available with manual transmission. The seating capacity of the car is 7 people and boot space 460 liters.

The key features of Scorpio S9 are Multi-functional Wheel, Power Adjustable Exterior Rearview Mirror, Automatic climate control, ABS, Fog-Lights-Front, Power Windows Front and Rear, Passenger airbag, touch screen, air conditioner, wheel cover and power steering.

You can get this variant in four different colors Molten Red, Napoli Black, Dsat Silver and Pearl white.

Mahindra Scorpio S11

This diesel variant model gives a mileage of 16.36kmpl. Seating capacity and boot space are the same like above models.

Key features of S11 are Multi-Function Steering Wheel, Alloy wheel, Power Windows Front, Passenger Airbag, touch screen, power steering, Power Adjustable Exterior Rearview Mirror, ABS, Fog Light –Front, Power Windows Rear, driver airbag and air conditioner.

You can select the color Pearl White, Napoli Black, Dsat Silver and Molten Red.


The Mahindra Scorpio is a great Indian SUV that gives a high-seating position. No other vehicle can compete with this. Although the car comes in different models’ engine and performance are same among all the models.

Service and maintenance is not an issue with Mahindra cars. Power delivery is linear and easy to drive. We advise you to buy Mahindra Scorpio if you are planning to buy a car on this budget.

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