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Maria Victoria Henao Wiki – Maria Victoria Henao was the Hollywood actress. She played one of the most popular roles in the Narcos, you might saw her as the standout amongst the most prevalent Netflix arrangement highlights tranquilize pirating. Wagner Moura, one of the stars assumes a part motivated by Pablo Escobar. Tilting back to genuine living, who is Pablo Escobar? Pablo was hitched to Maria Victoria Henao.

Maria Victoria Henao

Maria Victoria Henao Wiki

Pastora Henao Bayen

Mario Victoria is a designer and businesswoman. She is a beautiful lady who supported her husband throughout her life.

Maria Victoria Henao is the widow of the Pablo Escobar. Her husband was the world’s wealthiest criminal dreaded cocaine terrorists Pablo Escobar. Over the seventeen years of their marriage, her husband who is a narco-terrorist was shot dead by police in 1993.

Although Pablo was a terrible terrorist, to his family, he was a great father, husband, and caretaker. The death of Pablo left a huge gap in the life of Maria, who was left to take care of two children. Wikipedia

Personal life of Heneao

Maria was born in 1961 her father, Carlos Henao Vallejo and mother is Leonor Zuleta in a small town Palmira Valle DEL Cauca. She spends her childhood in her native town. She belongs to the Columbian ethnicity.

Pablo Escobar

He was often called as king of Cocaine and the wealthiest criminal in history. By the early 1990s, his estimated net worth or US 30 billion that is equivalent of $56 billion in 2017.

Pablo took birth in the Columbian city of Rionegro Antioquia on 1st December 1949. But later his family moved to a suburb of Envigado. He controlled 80% of the cocaine shipped to the U.S. He started cocaine trade in the early 1970s. He smuggled into the U.S.more than 15 tons smuggled every day. As his fortune and fame grew, he dreamed to see himself as a leader. In some ways, he positioned himself a Robin Hood-like figure.

The Early life of Pablo

He came from modest means his father worked a peasant farmer and his mother was a school teacher. From the earliest age, he packed a unique drive to raise himself from his humble beginning.

How Pablo started his criminal career?

He started his criminal career from a street thief, stealing cars moving into the smuggling business. His early importance comes into existence during the ‘Marlboro Wars’ where he played a high-profile role in the control of Colombia’s smuggled cigarette market. It was a great training for the future narcotics kingpin.

Escobar rise to power

In early 1970 the Columbia became a prime smuggling ground for marijuana. As the cocaine market flourished, Columbia was proved to be its biggest asset. Columbia has situated at the northern tip of South America the thriving coca cultivation epicenters of Peru and Bolivia. The country became the global cocaine trade with the US and the largest market for the drug.

Escobar quickly moved to control the cocaine trade. In the year 1975 Medellin drug trafficker Fabio Restrepo was murdered. It is believed that he is killed at the orders of Escober.

Escobar in Politics

Pablo wanted to become the president of Columbia. As he saw its path to wealth and intimacy lay in crime.

In the year 1982, he was elected as an alternate member of Columbia’s Congress. But the wealth of Escobar could not stay hidden and after two years of eligibility, he was forced to resign.

How many people killed by Escober?

He was responsible for the killing of thousands of people, including civil servants, politicians, journalists, etc. When he realized that he had no chances of becoming Columbia’s president and with the US pushing for his capture and extradition. He unleashed his anger on his enemies as he believes that they are influencing the Columbian politics.

Due to the Escober terror the lives of three Colombian presidential candidates, attorney general, judges, etc acclaimed. In the year 1989 Escober was the man behind the Colombian jetliner in which more than 100 people were killed.

Escober’s Prison and escape

In June 1991, Escober surrendered to the Colombian government of President Cesar Gaviria. Due to it, exile was lifted and Escober was allowed to build his own luxury prison name as “La Catedral” that was guarded by men he handpicked from among his employees.

How Maria and Pablo met?

Maria’s older brother worked with Pablo when he was in his initial business of drug crime. Her brother introduced her to Pablo as her brother became the important member of Pablo’s business, Maria got the opportunity to meet Pablo on various occasions. Soon they fall in love with each other and decided to tie the knot.

Maria’s family was not in favor of their marriage

Her family opposed the alliance, due to Pablo’s lower social status. The opposition forced them to run off in 1976 and marry. At the time of marriage age of Maria was only 15 years and Pablo was 27.

Family and children

In the year 1977, Maria gave birth to their first child Juan Pablo Escobar and Manuela Escober was born in 1984.

Maria’s unconditional love for Pablo

Maria and Pablo were happily married. But his affair with a journalist name Virginia Vallejo is well known and well documented. Maria knew everything about it and knows that Pablo has another mistress, but she never complained about him. It is her unconditional love which made her tolerate all this. But Virginia shared through her book ‘Loving Pablo, Hatin Escobar’ suggested that Maria was addicted to the lavish lifestyle that’s why she was with him.

Maria was not aware of Pablo Escobar Drug Business

Pablo invested his time and energies in promoting his drug business. Maria thought that Pablo is in the real estate business and that is where all income is coming from. Sadly, as she was completely unaware of the illegal business of Escobar.

Maria was shattered to hear the news when the truth was out, that Pablo arrests in 1977 on the charge of cocaine shipment on the border of Ecuador. After he released he tried to cover up the story by telling her that he was totally innocent.

Maria Victoria’s Net Worth

She was pretty healthy and wealthy girl. Pablo has maintained an incredible net worth. He created and bought numerous residences. The luxury house is a colonial house it contains a complete zoo with animals from different continents that includes elephants, giraffes, hippopotamuses etc.

He also owned a home in the US under his own name. That house is featured with 6500 square feet, water-front mansion situated at 5860 North Bay Road in Miami Beach Florida.

The car collection of Pablo includes the following cars

  • 1972 Mercedes S600 Pullman.
  • 1964 Porsche 356
  • Toyota Land Cruiser.
  • Mercedes 190SL Roadster.
  • 1928 Cadillac V8 Town Sedan
  • 1946 DeSoto
  • 1978 Renault 4
  • 1974 Porsche 911 RSR

The Behavior of Escobar with his family

Escobar was a lovely family man, he loves his wife when he was around her. Victoria wanted him to be a sincere and honest person with her, but he was not. Actually, he was involved in extra-marital affairs with the women from different places.

He was involved in many extra-marital affairs with the woman from different places. He spent most of his time outside of his home and the family felt his absence. Due to it, Victoria went into a deep depression due to the problems she has faced due to her husband.

Pablo Escobar son Juan

Juan Pablo is a motivational speaker. These days he is known as Sebastian Marroquin. He completed his studies in the field of architecture and launched a book in 2015 Pablo Escobar. He described in that book his father had executed suicide.

Manuela daughter of Pablo

Pablo wants to make sure that his daughter Manuela will get everything she wants. After the death of Pablo Manuela undergoes a life of insecurity and instability. She changed her name and started to live the normal life. She used to take a bus to reach school as same as the normal children of her age group.

How Pablo met his dread fate?

Pablo had been always ultra-conscious about his own security. He never left any hint about his whereabouts. One day he made a mistake and that made him suffer dreadfully. He called his wife on 2nd December 1993, his call was traced by police and he was murdered in a police encounter.

The Struggle of Maria Victoria after the death of Pablo Escobar

When the Escobar was killed by Colombian police forces in December 1993 his family had to suffer a lot. All the money of Escobar was taken by the Columbian Authorities. Maria and her children fled from Columbia in 1994.

The things became worse even many countries refused to accept them and they had to live like refugees in many countries.

Maria Henao’s Immigration to Argentina

To escape from police Henao changed her name to Maria Isabel Santos Caballero while moving to Argentina. Her children too changed their names the Juan became Sebastian Marroquin and Manuela changed her name to Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos.

Maria arrested

Maria was arrested in the year 2000 after her whereabouts was disclosed through a TV show. She was arrested with his son in the offense of money laundering. The investigation suggested that she was involved in drug trafficking and she got the details of Pablo’s business. She denied all the allegations and given the statement she was just Pablo’s wife, but nothing to do with his illegal business. Later she was released as none of the charges can be approved.

Maria is currently living in

She is currently living in an apartment in Bueno Aires with her son and Pablo’s mother. She is maintaining a low profile as at this moment she doesn’t want to attract unnecessary attention. The children of Maria have made their name for themselves in their respective field. The daughter of Maria made sure that her family stays out of the tabloids. She never talks about her father in public and has served all ties with her family. Sebastian son of Maria has authored a book named ‘Pablo Escober My Father’. He is working as an architect and lecturer.

Netflix Released a series

In the year 2015, Netflix released a series based on the life of cocaine king’s name as Narcos. A Mexican actress Paulina Gaitain played the character of Maria. In the show, Maria’s character was shown as a strong-willed woman. She was shown advising Pablo in his business deals in some episodes.

Rumors of Maria Victoria Henao’s death

Henao is still alive, to date, on the other hand, may death rumors that flew after her husband’s death.

Net Worth of Maria Victoria

The family decided to lead a life completely under a shadow. Maria’s net-worth is still under review. Maria looked after her husband’s net worth. Her husband had the wealthiest criminal in the history with a net worth of $30 billion.

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  • Name: Maria Victoria Henao
  • Date of Birth: 1961
  • Place of birth: Columbia
  • Nationality: Columbian
  • Conjugal status: wedded (widowed)
  • Hitched to: the late Pablo Escobar
  • Kids: Sebastian Marroquin and Manuela Escobar.
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