Maruti Ertiga Price in India 2023, Interior, Review, Mileage, Images

Maruti Ertiga Price in India 2023 – Can something beat a good drive? Of course not! Maruti Ertiga Interior, Maruti Ertiga Review, Maruti Ertiga Mileage, Maruti Ertiga Images.

You are not born to drive a poor car. A good car is your second home with wheels.

Maruti Ertiga Price in India 2023

Maruti Ertiga Price in India 2023, Interior, Review, Mileage, Images

Maruti Ertiga is a great vehicle comes with great features that suit your personality. The Next-Gen Ertiga is a stylish car becoming the market leader in MPV. Maruti Ertiga Price in India 2023,

As per Maruti Suzuki, Ertiga is specially designed for Indian users to rest Maruti models are designed for the global market.

Why do you need to buy a Maruti Ertiga?

Indian culture is of joint family in which people stay together. It is a joint family or two brothers’ family is a tradition and staying together is a sign of unity and love. Not just family sometimes we make a trip with our friends too. Maruti Ertiga Price in India 2023,

Traveling together is always fun when an MPV comes into light. Getting two cars is not economical when Maruti has launched Ertiga.

Maruti Ertiga S-CNG

It is available with Factory-fitted S-CNG technology to get set go for a smart and eco-friendly drive. S-CNG model of the car offers maximum performance, convenience and enhanced safety. The intelligent Injection System and dual interdependent ECUs, the MPV promises the consistent drive across all surfaces.

How Maruti Ertiga entered into different markets?

Indian Market

The concept of Ertiga was showcased by Maruti Suzuki in 2023 at Auto Expo. But the productive version of it unveiled on 6th January 2023 in the Auto Expo in New Delhi. In India, second-generation Ertiga is available in 8 trim levels LXi, VXi, ZXi, ZXi +, LDi, VDi, ZDi and ZDi+. Maruti Ertiga Price in India 2023

Indonesian Market

nternational Motor Show. Indonesian market has GA, GL and GX trim levels earlier model only has 5-speed manual transmission. Ertiga with diesel variant with manual transmission option is imported from India.


Three trim level GA (manual transmission), GL (manual or automatic) and GLX (automatic transmission only) are available in the market.

South Africa

Ertiga is the second-made-in-India product in South Africa number one goes to Alto (A-Star). In South African market Ertiga is the single vehicle with a 1.4 liter petrol engine paired with either 5-speed (manual)/4-speed (automatic) transmission. Maruti Ertiga Price in India 2023


In February 2023 the second generation Ertiga is launched it is fully imported from Indonesia. Earlier it came with a black interior and later it was used on the Suzuki Sport version.

Why do people fall in love with new Maruti Ertiga?

Bigger and spacious

The latest model of Ertiga is bigger and spacious as compared to the previous models. It has grown in length but not heavy it’s just like a new Maruti Swift and Baleno. A light vehicle is helpful when it comes to the efficiency of the wheelbase.

Premium looks

The generous use of chrome and design in angular gives premium looks to the car. The interior of the car gives a wood finish.

Value for money

No doubt it is a little pricier as compared to earlier models but cheaper than the next MPV. The basic model costs Rs.7.44 Lac and the top model costs Rs.9.5 lakhs. The diesel Ertiga starts from Rs. 8.8 Lac to 10.9 Lac. Maruti Ertiga Price in India 2023

Smart Features

You will fall in love with the features like SmartPlay infotainment system, rear camera, push-button start, roof-mounted blower, reclining seats, Smartphone connectivity, projector headlamps with LED alloys and so on.

SHVS tech

Ertiga gets 1.3 litter diesel and 1.5 litter petrol makes it fuel-efficient. The car gives 20 kmpl and around 26 kmpl for diesel.

Easy Ingress and Egress

The ease of getting in or out in the car is a great factor when you are buying a new car. Ertiga is designed on monocoque chassis, due to it the rear seat is on the ideal height. This makes getting in and out of the car is easy.

The big rear-door opening makes sure to get into the third row. Getting into the third row is mostly in the MPVs but in Ertiga, it is not. Maruti Ertiga Price in India 2023

Flat Ride

The flat ride quality gives you a great feeling you will surely ready to buy this. You can enjoy the pliant ride no matter you are sitting in the first row, second row or third row. Enjoy the smoothness and comfort when you are on the highway. In the city, you might feel firm but not uncomfortable.

Things to know before buying Maruti Ertiga

What is MPV?

The multi-purpose vehicle is also known as minivan specially designed for families. This is a flexible vehicle whose seats can be folded or removed. The multipurpose use ensures you can use the space you like.

Usually, seven-seater vehicles with first and third row two seats and middle row with three seats. Maruti Ertiga is affordable which is available at Rs.7.44- 10.90 Lac in petrol or diesel variant.

Design of the vehicle

A seven-seater car with dimension 4395mm length, 1735mm width, 1690 height and wheelbase of 2740 mm ensures the spacious car in this range. The second and third row has foldable attachment offers enough boot space. You can enjoy the wider and comfortable seating with more boot space. Maruti Ertiga Price in India 2023

Key features of Maruti Ertiga

Power Steering

The work of the driver reduces considerably when he has power steering. This steering is engineered to provide artificial feedback.

Anti Lock Braking System

ABS maintains tractive contact with the road surface. It prevents the wheels from locking up during braking.

Driver Airbag

Safety comes first it a driver airbag is a restraining device designed to inflate rapidly in case of any automobile collision. This saves drivers and passengers from striking the window or steering wheel.

Automatic Climate Control

Once you set the temperature and no need to worry about re-adjusting the same. Thanks to the vehicle sensors which allows you to enjoy it.

Alloy Wheel

The wheels made from an alloy (a mixture of metal) of aluminum. These wheels are stronger as compared to pure metal that is usually much softer and ductile.

Power windows Front

The window of your car can be raised by a button.

Fog lights front

The lights are designed to have a sharp cut-off on top they are very useful during the poor weather, fog, rain or dust.

If you are looking for a car for your family and luggage Ertiga works great! Make sure you check the rivals to compare the features as well as the price of the car.

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