101 Mehndi Design for Hand 2023 [Simple Mehndi Design]

Mehndi Design for Hand 2023 – Mehandi has a symbol of the positive energies and associated with the fortitudes since time being. Although it has a significant place in the Indian culture, it is now known globally by the name ‘henna’ and is a fashion hit. In a way, it was there even before tattoos.

Mehndi Design for Hand 2023

Mehndi Design for Hand 2023

Mehandi is In India applied by married women as well as girls on some weddings and festival including Teej, Diwali and Rakhi, etc. Not just by girls, children like it just the same. The celebratory feel that it gives when applied to the hands and legs is incomparable.


Mehandi is derived from henna plant drive leaves which are mixed and powdered with water then obtaining pastes. The best methods to derive the powders are by drying it out under the sun. Mehendi is origin of the word. A word of Sanskrit is a ‘Mendhika’ that is used for plant of henna itself.

Mehandi has used women these days mostly. The list includes men as well as cancer patients who use henna to decorate their scalps to go through hard times in their lives. The natural paste of the mehendi is harmful and it is used by women as well as men alike on the hair.

The paste of leafy green dyes the tinge of red or hair brown. On the skin, the color is usually brown or black which fades away to lighter shades with time. With the advancement in the henna industry, shades like golden and white are also employed by many. Besides fashion uses, it has a significant place in the Hindu tradition.

For brides are applying henna is the key aspects like a day is dedicated to the Indian wedding application. This day occurs a day before the wedding and is considered a symbol of health and prosperity for both the groom and bride as they open this new chapter in life.

Getting hands as well as feet laden with auspicious henna is something all women do despite their age.

If you are clicking when flaunting your engagement ring or the pretty floral jewellery or just posing cheekily on your mehndi day, believe it or not, the back of your hand gets the most attention. When many brides choose to tell their love story through their bridal mehendi, the traditional mehendi aesthetics seem to take a rear seat, so why not pay them the required attention.

We’ve lined up some of the most beautiful back hand mehendi designs here to bring in the right kind of inspo. No longer wait and pin your favorites now!

We know that designs and pictures are fuel for your soul when you’re a bride-to-be mehndi in a way because you can never get enough of them, and rightly so!

Skimming through these exquisite patterns and models, bookmarking them for ourselves or just gawking at their fascinating elegance, these patterned hands and feet just enchanted us every time and before we even know that we can’t stop scrolling.

That’s why we’re trying to make sure you’re not left hungry at Shaadisaga and every now and then we keep giving you something different. Just as we gave some big inspiration for mehndi foot designs, stunning designs for your hand back and some interesting ideas for mehndi groom as well, this time around we brought you some fantastic and creative ways to capture your mehndi in frames.

These quirky and fun mehndi shots are a must add the offbeat edge to your photo album aside from those cliched mehndi pictures! Save your wedding plans for those mehndi and play around.

Simple Mehendi Design for Hand

Mehendi is a part of indispensable of weeding in India. Ceremony of mehendi is very auspicious for every Indian bride. Grooms also make mehendis at weddings.

Ceremonies are held a two night before Indian wedding as method of wishing to the bride’s good health as well as prosperity. She embarks on new journey of her lifelong matrimonies.

Bride’s right to all the married women and girls all of get the hands laden with the mehendi for revelries of wedding. Also it’s very important for the brides to get the feet laden with the mehendi. So, they are several of the simple design of mehendi for a wedding you should see.

Mehndi Design for Full Hand

  • Personalization galore:

These types of design for hand depicting the celebrations on palms, story of couple on the peocock ends and wrist is perfect blends of personification and tradition.

·        Uniquely design pattern:

These designs of mehndi for bride’s hand with very different cute mickey face as well as checkered patterns on the wrists.

·        Floral finesse:

The intricacy of this all floral design with dark and light highlights lending it a definitive edge makes this bridal mehndi one of the one trending design for full hands.


According to information we can know about mehndi design for hand and its importance. Mehendi is very valuable in the time of festival like diwali, bhai dhooj as well as wedding.

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