101 Mehndi Design for Holi 2023 [Simple & Trending Mehndi Design]

Mehndi Design for Holi 2023 – Holi is the festival of colors. Holi is the festival of love and color. In the celebration of Holi people spray colors on others, people dance a lot, women make unique dishes to eat.

Mehndi Design for Holi 2023

Mehndi Design for Holi 2023

If you are looking for the designs for the Holi festival then you are in the right place. Here you will get the newest and amazing designs of the Mehendi designs for Holi.

So in the festival of colors and joy mehndi design is also look very colorful on girls hand. Mehndi also has its colors. In the Holi, we try something different mehndi design. We try some glittery mehndi design.

Khaleeji mehndi design has a new look for hand. On the day of Holi deity, Krishna grew up. So Krishna’s special that could apply Krishna’s mehndi art. It looks very traditional and lovely.

This art is also for boys who like mehndi art. Boys also apply mehndi design at the festival of Holi. Radha Krishna’s art also looks very colorful and cute. There are lots of festivals in India because many different religions live in India.

Indian women and girls like mehndi design very much in India fancy mehndi design are trendy. Kids also love elegant mehndi designs. Decorative mehndi design has a small bunch of flowers and dots. It looks very attractive in all types of festival. Fancy mehndi design has some space on hand, so it looks delicate.

In the festival of Holi special bhakti, mehndi art is also applicable to this festival. Holi Dahan art is trendy in this era, and the specialty of art is boys also apply mehndi art in the Holi festival instead of a tattoo. Mehndi is looked very colorful in hand, so here we have some of the Holi unique mehndi design. (Mehndi Design for Holi 2023)

Holi is a festival of colors. Holi mainly celebrated in India. In India when any type of festival comes then all the women and young girls put Mehendi on their hands. Most of the girls like to put Mehendi on their hands with the combination of different designs.

This type of Mehendi designs normally came from East Asia where all women and girls love the Mehendi. These types of Mehendi designs are combinations of flowers.

Most of the designs include the name of Holi is patterns and most of the girls put Holi’s name on their hand in the form of Mehendi.

How to write a Holi name?

When you start to put the Mehendi designs then first you have to put the circular patterns designs and then in that, you can draw your favorite patterns to fill the circle.

Then you can put some floral designs with the square shapes and in that, you can put individual flower design.

After that, you can again draw a pattern above the square designs. Then you can start to put the alphabets of the Holi. After putting Holi’s name you can draw the circler and square shapes of the designs.

Then on the fingers, you can draw the lines and then fill them by half.

These are the steps to draw Mehendi designs if you have to add the Name Holi in your Mehendi designs. You have to careful while putting it. These are the easy steps to put the name.

These types of Mehendi designs are very usual and not very complex to draw. Young girls are more attracted to these types of Mehendi designs.

Most of the times these Mehendi designs are put on hand on the other occasions also.

How to make Mehendi?

If you have a Mehendi powder then all you have to do is very easy work.

First get Mehendi powder as you want then in the bowl take two spoons of the oil, half glass of warm water and then add a little bit of sugar.

Then mix it up well and keep it at the room temperature for 1 to 2 hours.

After that you have to check the consistency of Mehendi is it is too much thick then add some water and Mix it up well. Then you can put this mixture of Mehendi in the carrot bag and further fill in cones.

These are the easy steps to make Mehendi at home.

With the help of this Mehendi, you can put the designs. The Mehendi designs for Holi are also famous in India and most of the women still follow those designs as a tradition.


With the help of this information, you will get the process of making the Mehendi and you also get the information about the Mehendi designs for Holi.

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