101 Mehndi Designs Easy and Simple 2023 [Simple Mehndi Design]

Mehndi Designs Easy and Simple 2023 – What actually every bride there want on her wedding day is nothing but to look special as well as to look gorgeous.

Mehndi Designs Easy and Simple 2023

Mehndi Designs Easy and Simple 2023

Mehndi is integral part of the Indian tradition and culture. Every girl who is going to be a bride wants a mehndi on her both hands as well as on her feet as it feel special and auspicious.

Mehndi, also known worldwide as henna, is a paste which is often synonymous with good fortune and positivity. It is one of the oldest forms of human-derived body art. On auspicious occasions, women and girls get their hands and feet laden with that paste.

Whether it’s weddings or festivals like Diwali, Bhai Dooj, Teej or Eid – Mehendi is a highly cherished way for most girls to drink into the celebratory feelings. While some women swoon over their aromatic fragrance, others love their hands with elegant and complex mehendi designs. But now, as the time has gone by, it is popular for men also to submit mehendi.

The Mehendi paste is extracted from the henna plant’s powdered, dry leaves to decorate the body of an person. The leaves are dried in the light, and then ground for a fine green mossy powder. To obtain a smooth paste it is then mixed with an adequate amount of water, lemon juice and a few drops of eucalyptus oil.

The paste is further soaked overnight for all ingredients to be infused, and then poured for application in a plastic cone. In addition, the word ‘Mehendi’ originally comes from a Sanskrit word ‘Mendhika’ which refers to the henna plant itself.

As already mentioned, women traditionally decorate their hands and feet with beautiful mehendi designs. But now, not just men but also patients with cancer who lose their hair growth are still using this natural paste to decorate their bald scalps to the complete.

The mehendi paste is colored green but brown is the standard color that it leaves on the skin. However, the developments in mehendi designs and techniques still make use of colors such as white and gold.

Whatever the occasion is mehndi is mandatory in Indian culture also is considered an as good omen.

Especially mehndi plays an imp role and has a special space in Indian tradition. And now a daya it is become fashion as you see many girls of hand on which this drawn mehndi.

So it is the thing which not only for the girls who are going to bride but also many other girls can also draw this mehndi on their hand as well as on their feet.

There are various types of mehndi designs some of them are complicated some of them are easy and simple while some of them are easy for drawing and for looking superb also.

It is your wish that which type of mehndi a person or a girl or women wants to be drawn on her hands.

Even boys can have mehndi too. Back in times of kings and Maharaj thy did and in this new era some boys too so it is not considered as a girl thing.

So this type of trend of mehndi design are travelled from older type of Maharaj attrition to this ear of fashion for some of boys too.

At the time when a person come to choose a particular mehndi design for them then they have tons of variety and different design of mehndi. But it is easy to select mehndi for you.

So just try to appeal what type of design intricate your appearance and which design you want to have on your hands.

What sort of mehndi you want to wear on your wedding is mainly based on in you. Several of the girls or brides cabin have their future beautiful names on their hands while others draw only initial names and it is a easy way to express love.

There are different types of mehndi designs:

  1. Bridal mehndi design
  2. Khalifa mehndi design
  3. Arabian mehndi design

So be aware what type of mehndi you want and mehndi type of function you want to attend after having this design.

Simple as well as easy mehndi design:

There are different simple and easy mehndi designs which a girl want to try on her wedding day.

And the type is mainly depends in you that what type of mehndi you wanna wear on your wedding. Some of girls or brides cab have their future beau names on their hands while some only draw initial of name and it is just simple way of showing love.


So, do not get confused and make a wise choice as there are numerous no of mehndi designs available on the online websites too so make use of internet and get best simple and easy to drawn mehndi design.

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