Mrwhoestheboss Giveaway | And Win 10 Iphone 13, 20 Playstation 5

Mrwhoestheboss Giveaway – You’ve probably seen giveaways before, like five phone giveaways for ten phones, some of which you may have even entered.

Mrwhoestheboss Giveaway

Mrwhoestheboss Giveaway

I put this tech giveaway—the giveaway to end all giveaways—together with Marques from @MKBHD and @dbrand.

Who is Mrwhoestheboss?

The largest tech YouTuber in the UK is British-Indian Arun Maini, better known online as Mrwhosetheboss. Arun creates films on his YouTube channel, “Mrwhosetheboss,” where he tests and examines the most recent smartphones available.

What is in the giveaway?

This giveaway contains 6 products

  1. Ten (10) Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max
  2. Ten (10) Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
  3. Twenty (20) PlayStation 5 consoles
  4. Thirty (30) Switch OLED consoles
  5. Eighty (80) Apple AirPods 3 devices
  6. Fifty (50) Grip Cases

How many items in giveaway

How do I enter?

Simply follow @dbrand, @MKBHDv, and @Mrwhosethebosson on Twitter to get started. That is it, exactly.

You can also follow dbrand, MKBHD, and Mrwhosetheboss via the sites below, however it’s not necessary for entry:

On Instagram:


On YouTube:


On Facebook:


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I already follow all three of you! Am I still eligible?

Ans: Yes.

Is the giveaway open worldwide?

Ans: Yes.

When were the winner will be selected?

Ans: Ten winners will be drawn on March 7th at 1:00 PM EST. Winners will continue to be drawn, ten at a time, in 24-hour intervals (excluding weekends), until all prizes have been given away.

How do you announce winners?
Ans: Once we’ve established contact via Twitter DM with the winners and confirm their shipping details, we’ll post their Twitter handles on this page

Benefit of using dbrand’s giveaway platform
Ans: Benefit of using dbrand’s giveaway platform

If I win, will I need to pay anything to receive the prize (shipping costs, duties, taxes, etc.)?
Ans: Of course not. Everything will be paid for by dbrand.

If I win, do I need to do anything once I receive the prize?
Ans: No, but the winners are encouraged to tweet out a photo tagging @dbrand, @MKBHD, and @Mrwhosetheboss to verify that they’ve received their prize

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