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National Day of Admission
National Anthem Day commemorates the day that the US 0.00 “The Star Spangold Banner” was adopted as its national anthem. Written by Francis Scott, “Star Spangold Banner” “became the national anthem in 1931.

Oh, can you see Fort McHenry
“The Star Spangold Banner” The story behind it circulates as an anthem. While serving as an attorney at Jarztown Light Field Artillery during the War of 1812, K 1814 was an attorney, his negotiating skills as the attorney for the British Navy ship, Tonton’s prisoner Dr. William Bene was called for release. In early September, Key, accompanied by Colonel John Skinner, traveled to Baltimore to talk.

While And Skinner secured Bene’s release, the British Navy began attacking Baltimore. The trio waited at sea to return to Georgetown.
Fort McHenry is located on a peninsula on the Patpsco River. Just in the Northwest Branch is Baltimore City. In 1814 Baltimore had about 50,000 inhabitants. Today it is hardly a metropolis. The country itself was still young, and often the soldiers’ families lived nearby, and their soldiers were ready to help.

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How to go to #NationalAnthemDay
Sing Star Spangold Banner. Did you know that there are three more verses from the original song? As a challenge, try to learn them all. Use #NationalAnthemDay to post on social media.

History of National Hymn Day
Almost 117 years passed before the United States became the national anthem when the key to 0 was. “Fort M. Heneris Defense,” “Said.” Hale Colombia “And” “My Country Tees out of pride of place in patriotic songs. But the United States has no officially announced anthem to a resolution of Congress signed by President Herbert Hoover unless “The Star Spangold Banner” On March 3, 1931, the United States did not become the national anthem.