National Day China Quotes {Everything You Need To Know}

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National Day China Quotes

National Day China Quotes

1. Whoever is trying to bring you down, is already below you.

2. We met for a reason, either you’re a blessing or a lesson.

3. Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

4. Everything is made in China. Except for babies, they’re made VaChina.

5. In moments of doubt, trust your gut, hug your dog and eat a donut.

6. Global led bulb expert.

7. I like people who smile when it’s raining.

8. China is a big country, inhabited by many Chinese.

9. Being honest with you, it’s not the Great Wall of China. It’s an all right wall. It’s the all right wall of China.

10. When our thousands of Chinese students abroad return home, you will see how China will transform itself.

11. I’ll love you, dear, I’ll love you till China and Africa meet and the river jumps over the mountain and the salmon sing in the street.

12. Cows are my passion. What I have ever sighed for has been to retreat to a Swiss farm, and live entirely surrounded by cows – and china.

13. One thing I want to make clear, as far as my own rebirth is concerned, the final authority is myself and no one else, and obviously not China’s communists.

14. What this country needs is dirtier fingernails and cleaner minds.

15. Nothing is more precious than independence and liberty.

16. Today is a day to celebrate its national sibling day. You are so lucky to have me as a sister.

17. When life gives rainy day, wear cute boots and jump in the puddles.

18. With me or miles apart, you are always in my heart! Happy national day china!

19. You just I’m going to be the biggest Chinese star in the world.

20. National day of the people’s republic of China.

21. Mandarin Chinese lessons: China’s national day – What does China’s national day represent?

22. Wrinkles mean you laughed, grey hair means you cared and scars means you lived.

23. In the dust of defeat as well as the laurels of victory there is a glory to be found if one has done his best.

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24. China is a big country, inhabited by many Chinese.

25. So I went to Chinese restaurant and this duck came up to me with a red.

26. As long as there’s pasta and Chinese food in the world, I’m okay.

27. Chinese food try to engage the mind not just the palate. To provoke the intellect

28. Tom Friedman says China is so awesome they make kosher pigs.

29. A convergence exists in the search for human excellence on both sides of the Pacific Ocean.

30. History is the archaeology of the present and future.

31. The United States is the result of an enlightened philosophy; china is the outcome of traditions and history.

32. China is constantly reinventing itself and so is the United States.

33. There is always a need for intoxication: China has opium, Islam has hashish, the West has woman.

34. What happens when a hundred thousand people memorize the same poem? Does anything change!

35. Everything was burning. Today it was the bodies; tomorrow it would be the spirit.

36. No matter what china is going to become, china will never recover her true originality if she tries to please the west on western terms.

37. The regret, these two words were etched into my forehead, I was sure.

38. You’re my prey tonight.

39. Understandably she had a lot of suitors, just like any other girls in china with two arms and legs.

40. It is not fiction. It is history. And both their histories match now.

41. Happiness in a family really revolves around how much money I have in my disposal.

42. This is no place for limits.

43. China! Everything in details failure.

44. I can love what is broken.

45. She is intent on pleasing the men that frighten her.

46. Happiness is a conscious choice we make for ourselves. It has to come from within.

47. Welcome to sex media, where fantasy becomes reality.

48. Wealth gives you options, and your decisions about what to do with your options say much about your character.

49. If you invest your time, talent, and resources, orphans around the world can have much happier and healthier lives.

50. The loudest silence is camera silence.

51. Remember, sex is like a Chinese dinner. It ain’t over til you both get your cookie.

52. You just wait. I’m going to be the biggest Chinese star in the world.

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53. I have a dream to provide every Chinese, especially children, sufficient milk each day.

54. When our thousands of Chinese students abroad return home, you will see how china will transform itself.

55. I don’t care if you’re gay, black, Chinese, straight. That means nothing to me. It’s all an illusion.

56. I am an American, steeped in American values. But I know on an emotional level what it means to be of the Chinese culture.

57. Romantic music really stirs my soul. And, of course, I love Chinese music; it makes me feel closer to home.

58. I can’t stay away from Chinese food. I really love that stuff.

59. Not like Chinese food, where you eat it and then you feel hungry an hour later.

60. I have had no contact with the Chinese government. I only work with journalists.

61. I am grateful to the motherland and the people. I feel honored to fly into space on behalf of hundreds of millions of female Chinese citizens.

62. Being honest with you, it’s not the Great Wall of China. It’s an all right wall. It’s the All right wall of China.

63. At the Olympics in China, every color was represented and that was just the drinking water.

64. When our thousands of Chinese students abroad return home, you will see how China will transform itself.

65. I hope that I will be the last victim in China’s long record of treating words as crimes.

66. China has to go along with world trends. That’s democracy, liberty, individual freedom. China sooner or later has to go that way. It cannot go backward.

67. The future of the world’s film industry is in China because we have 1.3 billion people.

68. Russia and China are very natural partners. We are neighbors with an immense common borders.

69. China itself has said repeatedly that they will and have been conforming to international law.

70. I love badminton, and representing China is an honour for me.

71. We send missionaries to China so the Chinese can get to heaven, but we won’t let them into our country.

72. I would like to be a philosopher in ancient Athens and a poet in ancient China.

73. Providing classified information to a foreign agent of the people’s republic of China is a real and serious threat to our national security.

74. China’s censorship and propaganda systems may be complex and multilayered, but they are obviously not well coordinated.

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75. My grandfather, on my father’s side helped to draft one of the first constitutions of China. He was a fairly well known scholar.

76. I find it harder and harder every day to live up to my blue China.

77. Democracy in China is like Viagra, no, such thing as free elections.

78. We regards America and Europe as old friends, we keep old friends, but we make new friends in Japan, India and China.

79. China and India, will separately and together, unleash an explosion of demand.

80. Reform is china’s second revolution.

81. Zhang Yimou is one of the best directors on mainland China.

82. Ninety-five percent of our wool is going to China.

83. I think really, China, Chinese, I think they have really long history of civilization, reach culture.

84. The total economy of Latin America is bigger than China.

85. To the media I have become a symbolic figure, critical of China. According to the government, I am a dangerous threat.

86. The goal of Australian foreign policy should be to promote maximum harmony between the US and China.

87. China is trying to become America without democracy while America is trying to become France without cheese calories.

88. China not only does not support hacking but also apposes it.

89. Many agree that the worst thing that could ever happen is if Russia and China get closer.

90. There are 1.3 billion people in China, and they all want a Buick.

91. China can be our partner, but that doesn’t mean that they can just roll all over us and steal our jobs, on an unfair basis.

92. Well I think both Russia and China have very strong aversion to interference in internal affairs.

93. Although I don’t like the way the Chinese do business, I continue to do business in China. I have to. They’re the next world power.

94. China has concluded that trade trumps all.

95. Nothing ever goes as planned in China.

96. The tread in China is toward tighter and tighter control. They are basically improving their censorship mechanisms.

97. There’s a real contradiction that’s difficult to explain to the west and the outside about China and about the Internet.

98. China is building a model for how an authoritarian government can survive the Internet.

99. There has been a rising tide of criticism about china’s treatment of foreign companies.

100. Google attempted to run a search engine in China and they ended up giving up.

National Day China Quotes