101 New Mehndi Designs 2023 [Simple Mehndi Design]

New Mehndi Designs 2023 – Mehndi Designs is generally the art that is derived from ancient India. It has its origins in India. It is a decorative design which is basically created on the one hand and the feet of girl on special occasions.

New Mehndi Designs 2023

New Mehndi Designs 2023

We use paste-extracted from the dried leaves of the henna plant. It is used mainly in India, Pakistan, and in the countries of the Middle East. Mehndi Designs for every occasion. We create a simple design and the best Mehndi that adapts to all events.

Yup!-Yup! We understand that each bride is special (just like you) and in its style, we want her wedding. And if you’re one of those basic brides who like reducing everything, today we’ve got you some bridal mehndi designs that aren’t your usual full hand or OTT mehndi designs. We offer you the new half-hand mehndi designs, however, that you can submit for your wedding and show like a boss!

So if you’re a bride who’s all set for her mehndi but still puzzled about what to get inked, the bride’s best friend or bridesmaids, the bride/groom’s sister or a wedding guest who’s excited about attending the ceremony, bookmark this stylish half-hand mehndi style images that’ll be perfect for 2023 wedding Mehendi ceremonies!

Stepping out of Pinterest boards and feeds to Instagram, white Mehendi has moved into the mainstream, adorning many brides’ hands on their wedding days. White Mehendi designs are the town’s talk for brides of the new age.

What began as a music festival-goers make-up trend is now turning up on the beautiful hands of brides, who are ready to surprise everyone on their wedding day. And if you’re a bride-to-be always looking for something special and new to try on your wedding without it being over the top, then White Henna Designs could just be the right thing for you!

There are five types of Mehndi design that we design for our clients, namely

  1. Indian Mehndi Design
  2. Pakistani Mehndi Design
  3. Arabic Mehndi Design
  4. African Mehndi Design
  5. Egyptian Mehndi Design

Different patterns of Simple Mehndi Designs for Front Hands


Floral design, the floral design is perfect for any occasion. The design of the flowers will go well with all the clothes, regardless of the costume you wear. We design the best flower design to give a more vibrant look and style.

Mehndi design for arms and feet: we do not draw Mehndi only on the hands, but also on the arms and feet. The Mehndi looks more elegant and attractive in arms and feet.

Stone Decked Mehndi Design


Stone-design looks elegant in this design; The stone design will attract the attention of even more people. This design will help a person to distinguish themselves from the crowd with a unique design.

There are several designs in decorated stone which use different stones that are in contrasting colors; make sure that the stone matches the color of the dress.

Simple mehndi design


this type pf the mehndi design is extremely simple, but still, it is an impressive aspect for those peoples who want minimalist art to work on their palms.

This mehndi design covers almost 80 % of the palm of the person. It has worked alone in the index, which gives it an extravagant but simple appearance. The floral and geometric patterns make it so attractive. Almost everyone can do this design. All you need is the correct way to fill in the gaps.

More easy Mehndi Designs for Front Hands of the girl:

Mehndi art design of Geometric layers


these are Effortless, elegant, and charming for girls for school, and for small girls, try this beautiful as well as attractive geometric design along with the art of henna. This is basically an eccentric form of henna art, which is so popular in Middle Eastern as well as popular in Gulf countries, in which women usually turn to minimalist henna art projects that can be a bit easily taken care of at house.

So, go ahead, do not hesitate, and experience such an eccentric henna design with the friends and family to strengthen your game of henna.

Arabic new mehndi design


This is basically a simple design if getting which looks quite elegant and it having a symmetrical floral motif, and also sometimes it has a checkered pattern.

There is intricate detailing in the feet, which lends ab elegant touch yo it.

The equal distance placed dots are within the checkered patterns, which look like the asymmetrical design of Mehendi.


So as there is various new trend sin the mehndi design get your favorite with the help of this page.

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