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No Smoking Day 2019: Smoking is considered as one of the worst habit a human being have so in order to spread awareness to stop smoking habit and live a smoking free life this day is celebrated.

This day is mostly celebrated in United Kingdom and it was first celebrated on Ash Wednesday in 1984. Further changes were made and now it is being celebrated on second Wednesday in March.

No Smoking Day 2018

No Smoking Day 2019

This day is specially celebrated for those peoples who wanted to quit smoking in their life and those who have core habit of smoking each and every day called as ‘chain smokers’, so in order to help these peoples to quit smoking and to show support for them this day is celebrated.

No Smoking Day 2019

Each and every year a new theme is set up on this day which is regarded as an important message to be given to people who smokes.

For example: In the year 2010 ‘break free’ was the theme of this day, this message urged smokers to get free from smoking and to live free life a healthy live and also to get free from the chains of smoking habit and find a freedom for themselves.

Further in 2011 ‘time to quit’ was decided as the theme of this day, this message convey people that the time has come now to get rid of this habit and live a free smoking life and also that it’s been a long time since they are ruining their body due to this habit and now if they don’t stop it, their body will be destroyed forever, such strong messages related to this themes are given to open eyes of people who smokes cigarettes.

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The campaign that started this day is based in London which consist of a staff afterwards this campaign bonded with British Heart Foundation in 2011. The president of this campaign is one of the most famous personality who is an entrepreneur, TV personality, named Duncan Bannatyne, this man was an ex-smoker who realize the loss he is gaining day by day due to this habit and hence he quit smoking.

No Smoking Day Celebration

On this day people come on streets together with lots of banners and posters written with strong messages against smoking and they marched a walk throughout the city to spread this message all over.

Also on various places camps are organized where health checkup of peoples are conducted and medical reports are shown to them related to their health and also they are guided for further treatment, some people who suffers from disease related to smoking they are sended to hospitals for treatment.

Various information and data are shown to people to aware them about the fact that how a single cigarette can burn their life and how day by day it is destroying lakhs of lives.

Why People Celebrate No Smoking Day

Analysis and reports shows that around 1.2 crore peoples each year die because of smoking habit and also 50 to 60 lakhs people suffers from severe disease due to smoking each year. And also the number is increasing day by day because people are become addicted to this habit more, also the young generation has lot of stress about their work and studies so they get addicted to smoking.

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Also both boys and girls in their young age find the habit of smoking as part of style they even go for smoking to just shown off in friends circle but they don’t know that the thing they see as a part of style is poison in reality and in such young age they are consuming poison in form of cigarettes and destroying their life.

Cigarettes contains tar and tobacco which directly damages our nervous system and also it makes our lungs impure as all the tar gets deposited inside the lungs so as the day passes the lungs becomes crude and the flow of oxygen gets obstructed due to the deposition of tar.

Due to this it becomes difficult for the patient to breath oxygen so it becomes very difficult to inhale as a result the body doesn’t gets enough oxygen hence the blood doesn’t gets purified so in the last stage the patient ends up having blood cancer or dead.

So the young generation should have awareness about the medical fact related to smoking habit, also days are gone when the habit of smoking was carried out by men’s only but now women’s are too involved in this habit to a great extent.

Why You Should Quit Smocking?

As per women is concerned the cigarettes are very injurious to health, if a girl has smoking habit from young age then it may totally damage her ovary tube and she may not give birth to child throughout her life, also if a pregnant women has smoking habit then the life of her child is in danger as the tar directly gets deposited to her baby’s nervous system.

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No Smoking Day, Why It’s So Important?

In order to make people healthy all over the world and live a smoke free life this day plays a vital role in spreading this message, also it aware people about the bad things they will suffer due to smoking, it also support those people who are trying very hard to quit smoking but fails so it gains support for those people and also it helps them to find different and easy ways about how to stop or quit smoking in easier way.

No Smoking Day Contribution NGO’S

On various places tablets and medicines are distributed by NGO’S to patient that helps them to stop smoking. The campaign tries its best to convey the message that ‘one should always think about his family and the consequences he will facing after smoking’.

Final Point – No Smoking Day 2019

Due to such strong actions taken by campaign a person thinks twice before smoking a fear is set inside him against smoking, this day helps to set such fear inside every person who is addicted to the habit of smoking. So in order to make the life of our loved once better this day should be celebrated to great extent. No Smoking Day 2018