Renault KWID Price in India 2023, Review, Top Speed, Interior

Renault KWID Price in India 2023 – Kwid car is more efficient, mileage-friendly as well as dependable road cars. In the Delhi Auto Expo of the 2023 year, a small car kwid gets a rewarded which is really bold concept to improve their performance in positive way.

Renault KWID Price in India 2023

Renault KWID Price in India 2023

There is very positive response from the customer to buy the kwid which compares to Maruti alto in expo. There is mature ride experience is mentioned by the customers. They said that it is high quality and technology used in this vehicle which gives a royal look and gives comfortness too.

Biggest topic to talk about the kwid car is its exterior design because it contains headlamps which are amazing and stylish, there is big grille system, and there is wide range of ground clearance. The perfect combination of stylish exterior and comfortable interior is kwid.

In kwid the safety features are available which includes seat belt reminder, dual airbags, and reverse parking system and ABS system also. There are both transmission systems in kwid like automatic and manual transmission. There is automatic climate control system is also present in the kwid model.

The price ranges of kwid as per cities showroom of India including the ex-showroom and on road prices are detailed mention here:

New Delhi: Rs 2.75-4.75 lakh and Rs 3.05-5.36 lakh

Bangalore: Rs 2.76-4.75 lakh and Rs 3.57-5.92 lakh

Hyderabad: Rs 2.99-4.86 lakh and Rs 3.45-5.66 lakh

Pune: Rs 2.90-4.86 lakh and Rs 3.63-5.80 lakh

Chennai: Rs 2.89-4.86 lakh and Rs 3.47-5.72 lakh

Kolkata: Rs 2.86-4.87 lakh and Rs 3.42-5.61 lakh

Kochi: Rs 2.87-5.01 lakh and Rs 3.24-5.68 lakh

About Renault Kwid car:

Renault Kwid is one of the most popular hatchbacks in India owing to its performance and stylish looks. This French offering is available in 6 different colours namely Electric Blue, Moonlight Silver, Fiery Red, Outback Bronze, Zanskar Blue and Cool White. This beauty comes with an engine of up to 999 cc and gives a mileage of up to 17.09 kmpl.

Renault Kwid is also loaded with a number of safety features like anti-lock braking system, central locking, power door locks, child safety locks, seat belt warning, crash sensor and engine check warning.

On sale today, it is one of the most affordable cars. Every month, there is consistently selling of the kwid cars more than 5000 units that means it is much popular car. The exterior design of car is just lovely. It may looks smaller than Duster but it’s really good and stylish.

There is ground clearance in this SUV of 180 mm which gives the big reason to style the headlamps, big grille and SUV. The length of kwid is about 3731 mm, height is 1474-1490mm and width is 1578 mm. Renault has now started offering an AMT transmission with the 1.0-litre engine and thus the convenience factor is higher now.

The exterior of car includes various accessories like, stylish wheel capes, climber edition, flag graphics variant and etc. The more stylish look to the kwid car is possible due to the accessories used in this car:

  • Body graphics
  • Side body cladding
  • Roof rails
  • Alloy wheels
  • Rear spoiler

There is not amazing exterior for the kwid car but also premium interior design which looks great distinct than exterior side. The most affordable Renault car comes with most spacious from inside as there great space for legs movement and huge space for boots almost 300 liters. The inner cabin is made up of plastic which is high quality and rated. Dual tone upholstery is used for the seats.

The sporty look is given to steering with three spoke design. Interior design for key features as orange color is used for speed, temperature ad fuel level. The sportiness of this car model is enhanced due to funky as well as modern interior look of the car.

Some other interior Equipments of the car are as:

Front speakers, central locking, infotainment system, HVAC and Front Power windows.

The Renault car is categorized as biggest small car. There is large dimension for inner spacious for legs and boot space. There is higher road presence with the footprints.

There is no automatic transmission system in the Kwid car. There is optional AMT which offered by the 1-litervariants. That’s why the AMT is considered as option automatic transmission for all practical situations as it migrates the clutch and gears as per situation.

The kwid car is good as it is well sported vehicle with most spacious from interior side. I think it is better than Maruti alto and other rivals of the market as well. For the entry level car buyers it is one of the best.

If talking about the safety features present in the kwid car, it is highly safe car as there is addition of high speed alert, airbags for driver and other members, ABS, jerk notifications, reverse parking sensors.

During the purchasing of the Renault Kwid car, one need to consider the entire factor including the colors as it is most vital part during the selection of car. The small car is available in five colours out of which you can choose as per you choice. These are Zanskar Blue, Electric Blue, Outback Bronze, Moonlight Silver, Cool White and Fiery Red.

There is automatic climate control is present inside the car which gives the comfortable environment. But there is no sunroof facility is present which loves by kids. It may be added to new version of the Renault Kwid.

The Renault Kwid STD and Renault Kwid AMT is the base and top model of the Renault Kwid which having the starting price is from Rs. 2.83 and Rs. 4.92 Lakh.

Renault KWID Price in India 2023

Variants of Renault Kwid:

The Renault Kwid is available in various Manual and Automatic Petrol variants:

Manual petrol:

1.0 RXT, 1.0 RXT Opt, STD, RXT, RXL, RXE, Climber 1.0 MT Opt, and Climber 1.0 MT.

Automatic petrol:

1.0 RXT AMT, 1.0 RXT AMT Opt, Climber 1.0 AMT, and Climber 1.0 AMT Opt.

The price of kwid variants:

  • RX: Rs.4,33,290
  • RXT AMT: Rs.4,63,290
  • RXT AMT: Rs.4,70,990
  • RXT Opt: Rs.4,40,990
  • Climber 1.0 AMT: Rs.4,84,490
  • Climber 1.0 AMT Opt: Rs.4,92,190
  • Climber 1.0 MT: Rs.4,54,490
  • Climber 1.0 MT Opt: Rs.4,62,190
  • RXE: Rs.3,53,290
  • RXL: Rs.3,83,290
  • RXT: Rs.4,13,290
  • STD: Rs.2,83,290

Kwid model price in Delhi showroom:

  • Kwid STD 0.8: Rs.2, 83,290
  • Kwid RXE 0.8: Rs.3, 53,290
  • Kwid RXT 0.8: Rs.5, 13,290
  • Kwid RXT 1.0l easy-r: Rs.3, 63,290
  • Kwid climber (o) easy-r: Rs.04, 92,190
  • Kwid RXT 1.0l: rs.4, 23,290
  • Kwid RXL 0.8: Rs.3, 83,290
  • Kwid climber: Rs.4, 44,490
  • Kwid RXT 1.0l (o): Rs.4, 40,990
  • Kwid RXT (o) 1.0l easy-r: Rs .4, 23,990
  • Kwid climber (o): Rs.4, 62,190
  • Kwid climber easy-r: Rs.4, 84,490

Kwid model price in Kolkata showroom:

  • Kwid STD 0.8: Rs.2, 93,289
  • Kwid RXE 0.8: Rs.3, 63,270
  • Kwid RXL 0.8: Rs.3, 93,291
  • Kwid RXT 0.8: Rs.4, 23,249
  • Kwid RXT 1.0L: Rs.4, 43,299
  • Kwid RXT 1.0L (O): Rs.4, 50,998
  • Kwid RXT 1.0L EASY-R: Rs.4, 73,297
  • Kwid RXT (O) 1.0L EASY-R: Rs.4, 80,999
  • Kwid CLIMBER Rs.4, 64,495
  • Kwid CLIMBER (O): Rs.4, 72,197
  • Kwid CLIMBER EASY-R: Rs.4, 94,499

Kwid model price in Bangalore showroom:

  • Kwid STD 0.8: Rs.2, 93,291
  • Kwid RXE 0.8: Rs.3, 63,289
  • Kwid RXL 0.8: Rs.3, 93,270
  • Kwid RXT 0.8: Rs.4, 23,290
  • Kwid RXT 1.0L: Rs.4, 43,293
  • Kwid RXT 1.0L (O): Rs.4, 50,994
  • Kwid RXT 1.0L EASY-R: Rs.4, 73,290
  • Kwid RXT (O) 1.0L EASY-R: Rs.4, 80,997
  • Kwid CLIMBER: Rs.4, 64,499
  • Kwid CLIMBER (O): Rs.4, 72,198
  • Kwid CLIMBER EASY-R: Rs.4, 94,491

Kwid car price in Ahmadabad, India:

  • STD: 3.41 Lakh
  • RXE: 4.17 Lakh
  • RXL: 4.5 Lakh
  • RXT: 4.82 Lakh
  • 1.0 RXT: 5.04 Lakh
  • 1.0 RXT Opt: 5.13 Lakh
  • CLIMBER 1.0: 5.27 Lakh
  • CLIMBER 1.0 Opt: 5.36 Lakh
  • 1.0 RXT AMT: 5.37 Lakh
  • 1.0 RXT AMT Opt: 5.45 Lakh
  • CLIMBER 1.0 AMT: 5.61 Lakh
  • CLIMBER 1.0 AMT Opt: 5.7 Lakh

Kwid car price in Hyderabad showroom:

The ex-showroom price and on-road price of the Kwid car is expressed as below:

  • Renault Kwid 2023 STD: Rs. 2.92 Lakhs and 3.32 Lakhs
  • Renault Kwid 2023 RXE: Rs. 3.62 Lakhs and Rs. 4.07 Lakhs
  • Renault Kwid 2023 RXL: Rs. 3.92 Lakhs and Rs. 4.39 Lakhs
  • Renault Kwid 2023 RXT: Rs. 4.22 Lakhs and Rs. 4.73 Lakhs
  • Renault Kwid 2023 1.0 RXT: Rs. 4.42 Lakhs and Rs. 5.11 Lakhs
  • Renault Kwid 2023 1.0 RXT: Rs. 4.5 Lakhs and Rs. 5.2 Lakhs
  • Renault Kwid 2023 1.0 RXT: Rs. 4.63 Lakhs and Rs. 5.34 Lakhs
  • Renault Kwid 2023 Climber: Rs. 4.71 Lakhs and Rs. 5.42 Lakhs
  • Renault Kwid 2023 Climber (O): Rs. 4.72 Lakhs and Rs. 5.43 Lakhs
  • Renault Kwid 2023 1.0 RXT AMT: Rs. 4.8 Lakhs and Rs. 5.52 Lakhs
  • Renault Kwid 2023 1.0 RxT AMT (O): Rs. 4.93 Lakhs and Rs. 5.66 Lakhs
  • Renault Kwid 2023 Climber AT (O): Rs. 5.01 Lakhs and Rs. 5.75 Lakhs

Renault Kwid customer review:

There is mix up review about the car: Renault KWID Price in India 2023

First review:

It is a good small car overall, has plenty of good little features, decent space and looks good too. It’s a simple point A to B commuter kind of car and don’t expect anything more than what is promised from this car, that is of being a starter level family commuter.

It is the best looking entry segment car over alto and ion and has good mileage, easy availability of parts and sufficient boot space and good value for money. A good bang for your buck kind of car.

Kwid 1.0 RXT optional is the best variant from what i have saw on paper and performance wise all variants are the same.

Second review:

The Renault Kwid is a very good package and it remains unbeatable at its price. Another positive thing is that it is offered with two petrol engines now 800cc and 1.0-litre, thus catering to a wider segment of buyers.

Third review:

Buying a Renault kwid feels like buying a used car. I bought a new car just so that there will not be any problems for at least a couple of years and the brand new Renault Kwid had problems right from day one. It might’ve been ok if the repairs or service was fast but even that is really bad. There are really no positives so far. There is absolutely no reason for all these headaches in a brand new car. And we don’t know what other problems will be revealed down the line.

Fourth review:

Generally this kwid car is called as mini duster. There is refreshment inside the car due to presence of automatic climate control system which gives the comfort to passenger. There variety of best features for this car like there is best safety feature including airbags, noise reduction, key connectivity, screen touch system and etc.


There is 50,000 km or 2 years warranty period is offered by the Renault kwid model. You can check the showroom and on-road price of kwid model if you want to but the car.

There is thousands of variety of cars in the Indian automobile market. But I think the kwid is best as it mini duster. Though it is considered as smaller car it has capacity of 7 seater. Not only exterior but also interior of this car is amazing. The interior is consisting of headlamps, AMT, climate control sensor and etc. Most important part is that budget, it is affordable car.

What should you think before buying a kwid car? One must aware of the color, exterior look, design, interior design, body style, transmission system, engine capacity, safety features and dimension of car.

The budget is most important factor which should be considered first. If your dream is to buy kwid car then you can refer the above listed details before buying check all factors of the car. Check the space is available is enough for family or not. And color is also part of consideration. Choose the color of the car as per your wish.

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