Happy Samhain Quotes, Sayings 2020 {Top 100 Quotes}

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Happy Samhain Quotes and Sayings

Happy Samhain Quotes and Sayings 2020

1. The modern world did have a few advantages. Nice threads. Juicy steaks. Little black dress.

2. When everything went wrong at once, it felt like folding origami in a hurricane.

3. My stomach rebelled at the thought of more food, but a scoop wouldn’t hurt. There was always room for ice cream.

4. But realistically, I could not kill my brother-in-law.

5. I feel the nights stretching away thousands long behind the days till they reach the darkness where all of me is ancestor.

6. The summer solstice is a time for strength and vitality for action and movement.

7. We weren’t so much oil and vinegar as a lit match and napalm.

8. From moment one, you were the wildest thing I’ve ever seen. Second, I do is imagine how you’d taste.

9. It was hard to judge a man’s full character by his bachelor party etiquette.

10. From moment one, you were the wildest thing I’ve ever seen. All I do is imagine how you’d taste.

11. In times when the grain was harvested by hand, many traditions and superstitions grew up around this important event.

12. Why did I have to look like hell when he looked like he just stepped out of a comic book?

13. Good thing I was covered in chicken drippings, frosting and powdered cheese. I always did know how to impress a man.

14. Call upon the past and celebrate this night, as the veil thins between the living and the dead. Happy Samhain!

15. Dispel the darkness transcend between the worlds and the journey beyond the veil edge.

16. Blessed Samhain. May the season of harvest be kind to you!

17. When I started Samhain, I remember a producer telling me that I had a real band now.

18. Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen, voices whisper in the trees. Tonight is Halloween.

19. When you sleep on this beautiful Halloween night, nightmares shall be your sweetest dreams.

20. Normal people have no idea how beautiful the darkness is.

21. No one is too old for fairy tales.

22. Sometimes I want to disappear.

23. But sometimes nightmares are real.

24. You don’t know what it’s like when nothing feels alright.

25. I’m alone and I feel empty, I’m torn apart inside.

26. You wake up and your first thought is I can’t do this anymore.

27. As the darkness now draw near to see the cycle of the year as the light now goes within, let the hallows dance begin.

28. Remember your ancestors on samhain night. Blessed samhain.

29. Joyous samhain and a blessed new year.

30. The wheel has turned, the veil has thinned. Blessed Samhain.

31. A blessed samhain to you! May the turning of the year bring you strength and joy!

32. What’s your future holds. Happy Samhain!

33. Poppin up to say, have a hauntingly. Happy samhain!

34. Samhain, all hallows eve.

35. Devil-girl you must burn. I Burn at the touch of autumn’s breath burn that heart of cold simmering in the samhain.

36. I am trusting you, you’ve changed my view.

37. When black cats prowl and pumpkins, may luck be yours on Halloween.

38. Keep calm because samhain is coming.

39. There is magic in the night when the pumpkins glow by moon light.

40. If a think loves, it is infinite.

41. Samhain is a Gaelic word meaning summer’s end. It is pronounced sow-in in Ireland, sow-een in Wales, sav-en in Scotland.

42. There is nothing but more dangerous than a board witch.

43. Introducing samhain to children.

44. Wishing you a most blessed Samhain.

45. The veil is thin, let’s honor our ancestors.

46. Samhain light a fire for your ancestors.

47. On this samhain night remember the past and your ancestors. Look to the future and New Year.

48. Celebrate samhain and happy Halloween.

49. The shadow of samhain.

50. Have a magical samhain.

51. A blessed samhain to you! May the turning of the year bring you strength and joy!

52. Magical samhain moon lend us your mysterious power. Let your brightness fill our hearts and energy carry us through our days blessed be.

53. Blessed samhain, may the season of harvest be kind to you.

54. My candle was nearly burn out, when by the glimmer of the half extinguished light, I saw the dull yellow eye of the creature open.

55. Hope their blessings and good wishes are with you today and always.

56. Blessed samhain cat and full moon picture.

57. Keep calm and wait for samhain.

58. Love and spirit this samhain.

59. Merry samhain creature of the night.

60. On the samhain night we will remember the witches who went before us. In the dark of night hidden from those who would harm them. In the names of the goddess and god we will remember!

61. We count the day till samhain comes. It is the witches the New Year. All hallows eve and the spirit world takes flight. We gather in sacred ritual with candles, a flame under harvest moon light.

62. Samhain’s here the day to remember you ancestors with respect may their blessings and good wishes be with you.

63. This samhain may your home be filled with memories of loved ones both living and departed.

64. Wishing you a blessed Samhain. See link for sacred spirit of samhain podcast part one.

65. Broom sticks and moon shine. Wishing you a spiritual

66. Blessed samhain may these days of waning harvest be profound and delicious.

67. Keep calm and have a blessed Samhain.

68. Ancestors chant samhain song spell, sing for the planet for yourself for all your relations.

69. People thought that they would encounter ghosts if they left their homes.

70. Keep calm and celebrate samhain.

71. When witches go riding and black cats are seen. The moon laughs and whisper tis near Halloween.

72. Suddenly, all of my ancestors are behind me be still they say. Watch and listen, you are the result of the love of thousands.

73. The witches new year in to portal the witches shall go to hear the call of the ancestors flow, connect this spirit samhain night insight, wisdom bring to light.

74. The veil is thinning.

75. True life is lived when tiny changes occur.

76. A smile is the universal welcome.

77. The ego is a veil between humans and god.

78. Your ancestors rooting for you.

79. Blessed is the autumn light and samhain approaches the night.

80. Every step you take is supported by a thousand ancestors.

81. It’s a day to honor Invisible world. Let’s conquer our fear of death through love.

82. Remember your ancestors on this thinly veiled night.

83. Sacred sites of Ireland, samhain.

84. Blessed be! Have a wicked Samhain.

85. I see the moon and moon sees me, goddess bless the moon and goddess bless me.

86. If the shoe fits, make sure you get a Broom and hat to match.

87. In the time of greatest darkness there is greatest light.

88. Wishing you well, and that your ancestors are well still too!

89. When the grandmother speak the earth will be healed.

90. The veil is thin between our world, tonight we honor our ancestors who came before us and celebrate the pagan new year.

91. You say witch like it’s a bad things.

92. Samhain blessings, may have a magical evening.

93. The wheel of the year has turned the full circle of the season.

94. At Samhain we honor our ancestors and celebrate with family. May the samhain fire keep you warm and throughout the coming winter.

95. Samhain is coming, honor your ancestors.

96. On this night we remember.

97. Welcoming the ancestors, samhain blessings.

98. Samhain, dark lord cometh! Wild hunt begins.

99. A beautiful blessed Beltane to all lovely peoples in the north and a beautiful blessed samhain to all lovely peoples in the south.

100. At sunset of October 31, ancient pagans would begin the formal ceremonies of samhain by lighting a giant bonfire.