Squash champ Joshna Chinappa on her training regimen and more

Squash champ Joshna Chinappa on her training regimen and more – The athlete is getting ready for the Commonwealth Games.

Squash champ Joshna Chinappa on her training regimen and more

Squash champ Joshna Chinappa on her training regimen and more

Squash expert The name Joshna Chinappa is synonymous with squash in India, and she has re-entered the top 10 PSA global rankings.

The Chennai champion, an athlete for the ASICS brand, spoke with The Telegraph about her decision not to celebrate the victory just yet, a food item for which she lacks self-control, and the maxim “Sound Mind in a Sound Body.”

A very happy 2023 to you, Joshna! Congratulations for the stellar comeback to the top 10! How did you celebrate? How much of a morale booster is it for you in a crucial year?

I sincerely appreciate it. I’m happy to make it back into the top 10, which is a great position to be. I haven’t yet had a party since I still have work to accomplish! Because the Asian Games and the Commonwealth Games are major events this year, as you mentioned, I wish to enter these competitions with consistency and assurance.

What have you incorporated in your routine this year?

Since there are so many competitions there, I’ve started practising there a little bit more. I either go there before a tournament or stay back after one to train there. Playing and practising with the top athletes makes sense.

Is there something you have given up?

The toughest thing for me to give up was chocolate, which I did for extended periods of time. When it comes to it, I lack restraint!

Tell us about your relationship with ASICS…

Being a part of the ASICS family and a fantastic group of international athletes makes me feel really proud. Before I became affiliated with ASICS, I was a tremendous admirer of the brand and used their squash shoes often.

ASICS has a remarkable history of assisting athletes from a variety of sports and enabling them to achieve the pinnacle of their discipline. They will assist me bring about change off the field while also advancing my on-field accomplishments. I adore their running gear and workout attire!

What is your mantra to achieve ‘Sound Mind in a Sound Body’?

The ASICS concept of “Sound Mind in a Sound Body” is more relevant than ever, particularly at a trying time like the Covid-19 epidemic.

We must give equal importance to our minds and bodies! I think it’s crucial to be surrounded by loved ones and friends who genuinely care about your wellbeing.

As athletes, we focus mostly on the physical aspect of our bodies, but there are those days when I need to put my mental health first. I thus occasionally speak to a buddy, my coach, or even an expert if necessary to balance it out.

I believe it’s beneficial to set aside some time for yourself and engage in things that will put you in a positive frame of mind.

It could be taking a short break to get you back on track, meditation, exercise, or any other fun activity that makes you feel happy and fulfilled.

What kind of a daily regimen do you follow?

I usually work out three times every day. In addition to daily workout or gym activities, I play squash twice daily in the morning and the evening. My day normally begins at 7.30am and concludes after my last lesson at 7.30pm.

With squash being strenuous and a sport which is all about quick reflexes, what have you had to work on over the years? Is there something which became more of a challenge in your 30s, something you could easily pull off in your 20s?

My greatest physical years, in my opinion, were after I hit 30! I worked with a fantastic group of coaches and trainers who helped me be in the greatest physical form I could be and helped me understand my body a lot better.

It goes without saying that you must take better care of your body as you age. I’ve had to pay much more attention to my food, being properly hydrated, getting enough sleep, and warming up and cooling down before and after practise or games.

My body has recovered much more quickly because to yoga and meditation, as well as being in a positive mental environment.

What’s the recipe to keep those legs agile and in good condition to compete with players younger than you?

Weight training, track workouts, on-court fitness sessions, Pilates, and several physiotherapy treatments with my physiotherapist have all been important parts of my effort to stay physically strong.

What kind of preparation are you doing for the Asian and Commonwealth Games?

The games are currently being prepared for. It was incredibly beneficial for me to have that time off from competitions since I was able to train in December and January.

I’ll shortly start competing and play in back-to-back competitions till June.

So ideally after that I’ll be able to take a break to train and concentrate for the Commonwealth Games, which are at the end of July.

Do you believe in new year resolutions? If yes, what are they? If not, then a note to remember this year would be…

I haven’t set any goals for myself. But I’m hoping to be content this year and learn how to cook.

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