Get Free Coupon – Take Official TGI Fridays® Survey – TGI Friday’s has always been about getting to know its customers and offering a great eating experience for friends and family, which is why the TalktoFridays customer satisfaction survey exists.

The TalktoFridays survey, which can be found at, is designed to learn more about what you like and hate about the cuisine served at TGI Friday’s as well as the level of service you receive from the waiters. Every time you complete it, you will be entered to win free meals.

If you’re a fan of TGI Friday’s delicious menu items or simply want to share your thoughts with the company, now is your chance. Thanks to the official TGI Friday’s customer satisfaction survey, which can be found at, you may spend a few minutes filling out the short survey form using the instructions below and be entered to win free meals.

Why is there a Customer Satisfaction Survey on TalktoFridays?

The billion-dollar food market isn’t simply based on brands’ ability to supply high-quality, low-cost food to clients all across the country. TGI Friday’s succeeds in business because of the additional care they take in catering to clients not just via their dishes, but also through great customer satisfaction.

Staying in touch with customers’ ideas and opinions is an important element of attracting new customers and preserving existing ones, which is exactly what the TalktoFridays guest satisfaction survey aims to do.

The brand is able to acquire relevant and real feedback by personally contacting consumers who have previously visited one of the hundreds of TGI Friday’s around the United States.

The TalktoFridays guest satisfaction survey is open all year, and any customer who meets the survey’s conditions can take part at, where they will be entered to win free meals if they complete the survey satisfactorily.

How to Enter the TalktoFridays Survey for a Chance to Win Free Food |

  • To enter and complete the TGI Friday’s guest satisfaction survey and be eligible to win free appetisers and food vouchers through the promotion, follow these steps:
  • To input the code on the official website, you must have a receipt from TGI Friday’s that is at least 3 days old or a survey invitation from TGI Friday’s.
  • To take part in the survey, you’ll need a computer or a mobile device with an active internet connection.
  • A legal resident of the United States or one of its territories is required to participate in the survey.
  • To participate in the TalktoFridays guest satisfaction survey, the participant must be at least 18 years old.
  • To participate in the TalktoFridays poll, you must also be able to communicate in English or Spanish.

Restrictions on the TGI Friday’s Guest Satisfaction Survey:

  • Any effort to destroy or damage the survey is a direct violation of criminal and civil laws.
  • Participants under the age of 18 are not permitted to take part in the TGI Friday’s customer satisfaction survey.
  • Only the 50 United States, including the District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico, are allowed to participate in the consumer feedback survey.
  • The survey submission will be cancelled if there is any fake input coupled with personal prejudice.
  • Employees of TGI Friday’s, their families, sponsors, linked companies, subsidiaries, advertising or promotional agencies associated with TGI Friday’s are not eligible to participate in this customer satisfaction survey.
  • You will not boost your chances of winning the giveaway prize by purchasing additional TGI Friday’s goods.

Instructions for Taking the TGI Friday’s Customer Satisfaction Survey:

  • Before taking the TGI Friday’s customer satisfaction survey, please sure you provide fair and honest comments. Before taking the TalktoFridays poll, set aside any bias or prejudice you may have towards the brand.
  • From your computer or your mobile phone, go to
  • The instructions, which contain links and other pertinent facts about the survey, may be found on the welcome page of TGI Friday’s guest satisfaction survey.
  • Fill in the Survey Code found in the middle of your TGI Friday’s order receipt.
  • Start the TalktoFridays customer guest feedback survey by entering the time at the top of the receipt.
  • Remember that after 20 minutes of activity per page, your survey participation session will be immediately ended.
  • To begin the survey, hit the “Start” button when you are ready.
  • Complete the survey by answering all of the questions and providing the personal information requested at the conclusion.
  • Make sure you fill out every field to improve your chances of winning the TalktoFridays guest satisfaction survey award.
  • The receipt order is valid for two days following your visit to any TGI Friday’s restaurant.
  • After you complete the survey, you will receive a validation number that is only valid for 30 days.

Similar Surveys:

In the food and service sector, there is a fierce competition among firms to eat into each other’s client base, and the greatest thing is that initiatives like the TalktoFridays customer guest satisfaction survey always benefit customers. Here are some additional comparable surveys you may take to increase your chances of winning big:

TGI Friday’s is a chain of restaurants owned by TGI Friday’s.

TGI Friday’s is a restaurant franchise that began as a way for Alan Stillman to meet women in his New York neighbourhood and has now grown into a global phenomenon.

TGI Friday’s was meant to be women-friendly because most public venues were drinking bars for males, and with only a small investment, one of the largest chains of family-themed eating restaurants was born.

The brand commissions restaurants that focus solely on the ambience, as well as the highest attention in the preparation of each and every entrée, appetiser, and dessert.

Not only has the TGI Friday’s brand gone global, with over 870 locations in over 60 countries, but it has also become a household name in the United States.

In 2023, the restaurant chain’s busiest branch in Haymarket Leicester Square achieved the global record for the most lucrative week for any restaurant.

TGI Friday’s has gone a long way from being a concept for a dating bar that sprung up with just a $10,000 investment half a decade ago to being one of the world’s largest friendly eating bar chains, valued more than $800 million.

Final Thoughts

You’re all ready to start reaping the benefits now that you know how to participate in the TGI Friday’s survey utilising the guidelines listed above. The chance to WIN free meals by taking a few minutes to complete the TalktoFridays guest satisfaction survey is more than enough of a motivation to go to and fill out the form.

So, if you appreciate your trips to TGI Friday’s and want to be a part of improving the restaurant chain and your great dining experience with your honest input, do the survey right now. If you have any concerns about the TalktoFridays survey, just leave a comment below and we’ll respond.


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