Tata Nexon Price in India 2023 – Reviews, Images, Interiors, Mileage

Tata Nexon Price in India 2023 – Tata Nexon is designed with the strongest structural strength. As per the Global NCAP, it car is the 1st and the only car in India to get a full 5-star safety rating. This car offers you unparalleled comfort! Why do you buy Tata Nexon?

Tata Nexon Price in India 2023

Tata Nexon Price in India 2023

Great safety features

The crash protection safety airbags keep safe driver and co-driver. It contains an anti-lock braking system with electronic brake distribution in all 4 wheels with hydraulic assistance for the emergency brake.

Nexon has absolute control for every drive with ABS and EBD as standard safety. Its advanced ultrasonic sensors with rear camera feed and dynamic guideways help your hassle-free perfect reverse parking in any area. The strong structural steel structure absorbs the impact energy and protects passengers during any unfortunate collision.

Design and sport look rocks

The touchscreen floating dash-top gives you Apple Car Play and Android Auto connectivity. Deep bass and crystal-clear acoustics speakers make your journey memorable. Grand central console with sliding tambour door offers you first-class smart storage.

Nexa has wide-open doors and highly set seats that allows you an easy ingress and egress. The front seat is designed with a lower back and under-thigh support to give a comfortable feeling. You can utilize your cabin, which is designed with 31 utility spaces.

The foldable armrest with storage space is great to hold cups.

The aerodynamic design combines the practicality of an SUV with the style of a sports coupe. The projector headlamps give you high-intensity on-road illumination.

Great performance

The turbocharged diesel engine of the car gives 110 PS, 260 Nm of torque. And the petrol engine was given an output of 120 PS, 170 Nm torque. You can drive this car in multidrive modes for versatile drive performance as you need or inefficiently cruise on highways to manage traffic.

HyprDrive S-SG gives you a perfect combination of the effortless drive with Level Nex performance.

Comfortable vehicle

The seats of the car have hardness foam makes it perfect for seating. The driver’s seat is 6-way adjustable, and the legroom ensures a comfortable drive. It runs great even on the bad roads; the dual-path suspension is for active absorption of bumps. The seating configuration is flexible with a rear 60:40 seat split and a full flat-fold option. It releases up to 690L of luggage space.

Top models of Tata Nexon

Nexon XZA Plus AMT

The petrol model of XZA gives a mileage of 17.0 km/pl. Seating capacity is 5 people, and boot space is 350 liter.

Key features of XZA

  • It has a multi-function steering wheel.
  • Engine start-stop button.
  • Alloy wheel and touch screen.
  • Power windows front and power steering.
  • Adjustable exterior rear-view mirror.
  • Automatic Climate control and ABS
  • Fog lights front.
  • Power Windows rear, Driver Airbag, and Air conditioner.

Six colors, Tectonic blue, Calgary white, Pure silver, Daytona Grey, foliage green, and flame red, are available in this model.

Tata Nexon XZ Plus (0)

The petrol model with ARAI mileage is 17.0 km/pl, and city mileage is 14.03 km/pl.

Key features of Tata Nexon XZ Plus (0)

  • It has a multi-functional steering wheel.
  • Engine -stop button.
  • Alloy wheel.
  • Power windows front and rear
  • Power steering.
  • Adjustable exterior rear-view mirror.
  • Automatic climate control and ABS.
  • Front Fog lights.
  • Driver airbag and air conditioner.

Which model of Tata Nexon is good for you?

What you expect

The right car model you expect depends on your requirement. Some people need a daily basis, or some drive it on weekends. Here are some important aspects you need to check.

1. How many people daily travel in your car?
2. Types of the road on you drive like a highway, surface streets, or off-road.
3. Do you need fuel economy or not?
4. Features you want like a backup camera, leather seats, etc.
5. Advanced features like an automatic emergency brake, blind-spot monitoring, lane departure warning, etc.
6. A child car seat is required or not.
7. Do you have a parking space or garage?

What is your budget?

You can buy a car or lease it depends on your financial condition. How much you can afford on a monthly basis. Remember the thumb rule that your new car payment must not be more than 15% of your monthly take-home pay.

In case of a lease, this payment should be less than 10% of your take-home amount.

Keep an additional 7% of your monthly income to cover fuel and insurance. This planning will help you in buying your next car.

Lease or buy

Lease and buy both have their benefits in case of the lease you need not pay any down payments. At the end of the lease, you will not have any car too. Buying a car may be expensive at the beginning, and monthly payouts will be high, but after paying it all, you will have your car to drive long run.

Select the right model

Have you set up your mind for a specific car? Check all the models of the car and compare the features as well as cost. If you already decided on a model, review is to make sure that you haven’t overlooked it.

Once you settle for any model, you can easily check more easily contrast the features and specifications.

Plan a test drive

Selected the right model? That great! Don’t forget to take a test drive by booking an appointment with local dealers. Take a test drive for a different model; this will help you to have more options in your hand.

The test drive helps you to give true results when you are in the driver’s seat. Try to check the car in different places like stop-and-go traffic and highway speed. Get in and out of the car and sit on the back seat for a few minutes. Do you want to install a children’s seat? Bring that when you go to take a test drive?

Evaluate the car truly the salesperson will Definity respect your requirements. Listen to the sound of the engine.

Pick your car

After taking a test drive, your choice will be clear; if not, take your time. You might take some time to finalize it. Make the right decision is important as compared to making a hurry. Taking an individual decision is a matter of individual taste.

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