– Primark Survey – Win $1000 or $500 – You can participate in a survey after visiting a Primark store recently to offer your thoughts and comments in exchange for a chance to win $1,000 cash. At Primark, we value your opinions greatly.

The process is really simple. You go to, fill out the survey with the information from your purchase receipt, and submit it. Don’t worry if you haven’t bought anything in the recent days. By sending a regular letter, you can still participate in the incentive.

The business is dedicated to giving customers the finest possible experience. In order to hear their opinions, it is appealing to take an online survey. Primark will award one reward of $1,000 (USD), $1,000 (CAD), $1,000 (GBP), $1,000 (DKK 8000), or $1,000 (EUR) per day to people who submit their important input. Survey Specifications & Needs

  • Purchase Necessary?
  • No’s Type
  • Survey’s Prize
  • Cash of $1,000
  • Online, over the phone, through SMS, or via mail

Admission Restrictions 1 (one) Each Day Location US, DC, PR, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany Korea, Honduras, Denmark Receipt Is Good For Any Number Of Days

Accepting Status Surveys Prerequisites

The long Terms & Conditions have been read by us so you don’t have to. What you need to know is as follows: Every day for the duration of one day, from 12:00 am ET to 11:59 pm ET, a series of unique and different daily contests will be held.

By completing a survey, you can enter by:

  • Get an invitation from a Sponsor participant by way of a survey answer card.
  • Get an invitation from a register receipt at a venue that is taking part.
  • Get an invitation via email or technological means.

You are required to abide by any and all particular guidelines that are listed on the survey invitation.

The survey can be completed online at, over the phone at the toll-free number shown on the invitation, or by SMS (telephone number provided in the invitation instructions).

No payment or completion of a survey is necessary to participate or win.

Without making a purchase or completing a survey, you can enter by mail by hand-writing “Please enter me in the Empathica Daily Sweepstakes for a chance to win one Daily Prize” on a piece of paper and hand-printing your first and last names, home phone number, full address (no PO Boxes accepted), email address, and the name of a participating client. Then, mail the completed entry in a separate envelope with enough postage to EMPATHICA survey limitations

Participants must be citizens of the United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Honduras, or Korea.

In the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Germany, and Denmark, participants must be older than 18; in Korea, they must be older than 20.

Employees, representatives, agents, and any relatives of the Sponsor are ineligible.

Launch the survey

Visit a Primark store and buy something. Keep in mind that the initial Daily Sweepstakes Period starts on October 1, 2023, and it concludes on October 30, 2023.

Get a cashier’s receipt.

Visit by following the directions. You will arrive at the Primark survey’s welcome screen.

The pin number from your purchase receipt must be entered.

The 13-digit survey code that can be found at the bottom of your sales receipt must be entered. Enter the number into the input box, then press “ENTER>>” to continue.

Choose a language. From the menu list, choose the language of your choice. There are ten choices available. Click the “NEXT>” button after that.

Read the greeting letter. According to Primark, by responding to the survey, you will be offering input to enhance the focus. After reading, select “NEXT>” from the menu.

Insert the time and date that are printed on your receipt. Find this information about your visit to the Primark store on your receipt, which you should grab. Enter the date of the visit in the appropriate field, then pick a time window from the list of choices. Choose “NEXT>” from the menu.

All survey questions should be answered one at a time. Please provide your honest opinions regarding your visit to a Primark store. The questions range from how you would rate your recommendation to how difficult you found certain goods to find.

Fill out the contact information field. You must enter your contact information after finishing the survey to be eligible for the sweepstakes and the chance to win $1,000 in cash.

Choose “Skip to the end” from the menu.

Click the “NEXTt>” button after selecting the “Skip to the end” option. They will ask your permission to email you in the future for research purposes. Respond and carry on.

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Primark is a worldwide retailer of clothing, cosmetics, and household goods that was founded in Dublin in 1969 under the name Penneys. It provides the most current styles for the best price on the high street. Incredible Fashion at Extraordinary Costs is their catchphrase. The business has 380 locations spread over 13 nations throughout Europe and America.

Identifying Data

Address for the Primark headquarters: 01 Arch Street, Suite 300, Boston, Massachusetts 02110, USA Contact information: +617-350-5232

Contact Information: 0118 960 6300


The greatest customer service and experience are what Primark strives to provide. It will begin offering an online service in October 2023 to solicit feedback from customers who wish to provide it. You may access the online survey if you just made a purchase at one of its stores, and after answering all the questions, you can enter to win a $1,000 cash award. Visit and retain a copy of your most recent sales receipt. You can enter the sweepstakes and provide your contact information after responding to the customer satisfaction survey.

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