Toyota Innova Crysta Price in India 2023, Interior, Review, Mileage

Toyota Innova Crysta Price in India 2023 – Toyota Motor Corporation, Japanese Toyota Jihadist KK, the Japanese parent organization of the Toyota Group. It turned into the biggest carmaker on the planet without precedent for 2023. The home office is in Toyota City, an industrial city east of Nagoya, Japan.

Toyota Innova Crysta Price in India 2023

Toyota Innova Crysta Price in India 2023

The vast majority of it’s about 600 auxiliary organizations are engaged with the creation of cars, car parts, and business and modern vehicles.

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  • From INR 15,67,000*
  • (Ex-Showroom Price – Delhi)


  • From INR 14,93,000*
  • (Ex-Showroom Price – Delhi)

Innova Crysta

The Innova Crysta is the latest version of Innova model which is available in the market with luxurious interior features and facelift in the exterior.

The new model of Innova is launched with only petrol or diesel-based engine. There is no announcement done by company team that the launching of the model with CNG based version.

The model is launched with amazing features as: (Toyota Innova Crysta Price in India 2023)

Infotainment system –

  • The central resource navigation or equipment which is used for communication purpose.
  • It is used for entrainment too.
  • There is also the option of audio functions.

You can use this system by using the following steps as –

  • Press the home button.
  • You are able to enter in edit mode by holding the icon which you wish.
  • Drag it to the desired position and then released it.
  • Cruise control.

Climate control –

  • The host of interacting factors are influenced by the climate of a particular space.
  • The climate factors are such as latitude, elevation, nearby water, topography, vegetarian, prevailing winds, ocean currents etc.
  • The local climate is influenced by any changes in the global climate system.

Driver seat (electric adjustable) –

  • To adjust the seat by using a switch or joystick and a small set of electric motors.
  • Most of luxuries cars, power control option is available for the seat of the front passenger.
  • Rear parking sensors.

Innova Crysta variants:

The variants of Innova Crysta are available in the automatic and manual transmission system. The several options are available for the customers. Some variants areas:

  • GX automatic.
  • ZX automatic.

GX variants:

It is the first variant of this model which gives the two options of the engine of the car. One engine is smaller and another is bigger.

The bigger engine provides an automatic transmission which attracts the most people to buy this model. This variant comes with the number of key features as:

  • The alloy spare wheel.
  • Multi reflector headlamps.
  • Door handle.
  • Manual AC.
  • Four loudspeakers.
  • Black fabric seats.
  • Tilt and telescopic stirring.
  • Three airbags.

VX variant:

The variant of this model is available in smaller engine capacity with the five-speed manual gearbox.

The major highlights of this variant:

  • Front fog lamp.
  • Rear personal lights.
  • Six speakers.
  • USB and Aux.
  • Easy close back door.
  • Seatback table.
  • Front and rear automatic AC.
  • Blue ambient illumination.

ZX variant:

The top specification variant has both types of engine. But this variant is available in the only seven-seater car.

The major highlights of this variants areas:

  • Chrome ORVMs.
  • Cruise control.
  • Window – up or down automatic.
  • Seven airbags.
  • Diver seat – power-adjustable in 8 ways.
  • Leather seats.
  • Hill-start assist.

Innova Crysta interior:

The luxurious interior features are available in new model Innova Crysta. The seating options of the interior such as:

  • GX – 7 or 8-Seater.
  • GX automatic.
  • VX variants.

The facility of the wide seats and specious legroom’s are observed in this vehicle. It offers comfortable seating options for seven to eight passengers.

It is one of the best and spacious cars which gives the comfortable diving experience for the long journey.

The ZX variant is also an option but it is available in a combination of seven seats only. The interior is featured with the silver line decoration and finishing of the instrument with brown-red colour with 3D design. The multi-information display is also inside the car which is having 4.2-inch height.

The accessories of Innova Crysta:

The long list of accessories of Innova Crysta is:

Front Grille Garnish:

At the front side of the car, the grill is providing to protect the engine and radiator.

It also helps to remove the risk of overheating of the car engine.

Fogg lamp:

These lamps are used to assist the visibility in foggy weather.

The position of the lamp is at the lower side of the car.

Wheel Arch mounting:

The permission of the steering of the front wheels without the rubbing action is done by the shape of wheel arches.

It is available at lower prices.

Muffle cutter:

It is fitted at the tailpipe line of the exhaust system of the car.

The sound-absorbing heat insulator, exhaust pipe with the number of holes for exhaust are included in this muffle cutter.

Car cover:

The product which used for the safety of the car from dust or other particles is car cover.

It is available in the market with various range of prices.

Wooden panel:

  • It is available at both forms that mean at less expensive panelling and more expensive panelling.
  • The less expensive panelling is thinner and is made up of composite materials.
  • Whereas the other one is thicker in nature and made up of natural wood.
  • But if the natural wood is damaged, then it has to be changed and the look of panelling is also changed.

Seat cover:

  • The seats of the car are covered with various materials like plastic, leather etc.
  • Scuff plate.
  • License plate chrome.
  • Rear bike protector.
  • Security system with alarm.

Technical specifications of Innova Crysta:

  • The inline cylinder configuration.
  • Engine located at the front side in a longitudinal direction.
  • The injection type of fuel system is observed.
  • The model is based on Diesel fuel type.
  • The manual transmission.
  • The fabric material is used for seating arrangements.
  • The digital fuel gauges.
  • The low fuel warning tab is also available.

The ventilation system of the car is manual air-conditioning with heating and cooling system.

Performance and handling of Innova Crysta:

The Well-proven performance of this model is due to the use of modern technology like hill start assist control and vehicle stability control. The assurance of the drivability with the high speed and comfort for the driver is getting from:

  • The quick response of the engine.
  • Gear ratio (smooth changes).
  • Suspension quality with advanced techniques.

Innova Crysta Exterior:

The exterior of the Innova Crysta is featured with the chrome finish with:

Radiator – the high gloss lower grille which provided the fresh air to the radiator of the vehicle.

Automatic LED projector – This projector is available with levelling headlamp and fog lamp on the front side.

Colours of Innova Crysta:

The Innova Crysta is available in the market with the following seven different colours as:

  • Garnet red.
  • Avant-Garde Bronze.
  • White Pearl Crystal Shine.
  • Super White.

Your choice of the vehicle may impact on the arrival period but it won’t affect the price. The usual waiting period for this model is about one month and it also depends on the city where you are living.

The Innova Crysta mileage is depending upon the engine performance and transmission ratio.

Braking and Safety option of Innova Crysta:

The anti-lock braking system is provided in the front disc and rear drum brakes of the braking system of the Innova Crysta in all variants.

The model is available in the market with the safety features including antilock braking system, brake assist, hill assist, impact beams of front and side, central locking system, vehicle stability control. And the best option there is child safety lock also.

In this model of Innova, there are three airbags are present. The facility of airbags is provided for:

  • The driver of the vehicle.
  • The knee of the diver.
  • Co-passenger of vehicle.

The additional safety option is also available. The extra airbag is available at the top variant ZX on the front side for occupants of the vehicle.

Competitors of Innova Crysta:

The competitors of Innova Crysta such as Tata Hexa, Mahindra XUV500, Mahindra Marazzo, Tata Safari etc. in terms of specifications and price of the vehicle.

In India, on the road, there is huge performance of the Innova model which denotes that it is most recommendable by Indian people.

The competitor Tata Hexa is available with the six variants. The price of this car ranges between Rs. 11.85 lakh up to Rs. 17.42 lakh. Both automatic and manual transmissions are available in this Hexa model. (Toyota Innova Crysta Price in India 2023)

Car Showrooms in top cities:

The details of the showrooms and dealers nearest to your location in India as:

  • Ahmedabad – Two showrooms of Toyota:
  • Infimum Toyota – Naroda Road, Ahmedabad.
  • Infinium Toyota – Gandhinagar Highway, Thaltej, Ahmedabad.
  • Bangalore – There is a total of 10 showrooms under the Toyota.
  • Ravindu Toyota – located at various 4 locations of the Bangalore.
  • Nandi Toyota – located at 3 locations of the Bangalore.
  • Viva Toyota – this showroom is available at three locations of Bangalore.
  • Chennai – Total 8 showrooms of Toyota:
  • Harsha Toyota – located at various 3 locations of the Chennai.
  • Lanson Toyota – located at various 5 locations of the Chennai.
  • Delhi – Total 10 showrooms of Toyota:
  • Espirit Toyota – Mathura Road, New Delhi.
  • Galaxy Toyota – located at various 7 locations of the Delhi.
  • Uttam Toyota – located at various 2 locations of the Delhi.
  • Gurgaon – 4 showrooms.
  • Hyderabad – 6 showrooms.
  • Kolkata – 3 showrooms.
  • Lucknow – 3 showrooms.
  • Mumbai – 9 showrooms.
  • Noida – 2 showrooms.
  • Patna – 2 showrooms.
  • Pune – 5 showrooms.

The Innova Crysta in India:

The prices of this model are starting from Rs. 14.93 lakh for the petrol fuel type up to Rs. 21.71 lakh. The diesel fuel type Innova Crysta variants starting from Rs. 15.67 lakh upto the top model of the price Rs. 23.47 lakh. It is available in approximately 20 variants and various seven colours. (Toyota Innova Crysta Price in India 2023)

In the following cities of India, this model of Innova is available Rs. 14.93 lac onwards:

The price list of Innova Crysta as per variants:

7 GX MT –

  • Price – Rs. 14.93 lakh.
  • Waiting period – 3 months.
  • Fuel type – Petrol.
  • Manual Transmission.

7 GX MT 8S–

  • Price – Rs. 14.98 lakh.
  • Waiting period – 3 months.
  • Fuel type – Petrol.
  • Manual Transmission.

4 G Plus MT –

  • Price – Rs. 15.67 lakh.
  • Waiting period – 3 months.
  • Fuel type – Diesel.
  • Manual Transmission.

4 G Plus MT 8S–

  • Price – Rs. 15.72 lakh.
  • Waiting period – 3 months.
  • Fuel type – Diesel.
  • Manual Transmission.

4 GX MT –

  • Price – Rs. 16.05 lakh.
  • Waiting period – 3 months.
  • Fuel type – Diesel.
  • Manual Transmission.

4 GX MT 8S –

  • Price – Rs. 16.10 lakh.
  • Waiting period – 3 months.
  • Fuel type – Diesel.
  • Manual Transmission.

7 GX AT –

  • Price – Rs. 16.15 lakh.
  • Waiting period – 3 months.
  • Fuel type – Petrol.
  • Automatic Transmission.

7 GX AT 8S–

  • Price – Rs. 16.20 lakh.
  • Waiting period – 3 months.
  • Fuel type – Petrol.
  • Automatic Transmission.

8 GX AT –

  • Price – Rs. 17.46 lakh.
  • Waiting period – 3 months.
  • Fuel type – Diesel.
  • Automatic Transmission.

8 GX AT 8S–

  • Price – Rs. 17.51 lakh.
  • Waiting period – 3 months.
  • Fuel type – Diesel.
  • Automatic Transmission.

Average service cost of Innova Crysta:

From Toyota, it is one if the best vehicle for the big family. From the date of purchasing of this car model, the cost of average maintenance and service comes around 23,000 Rs. For a period of five years. That means, per year the user has to give 4,600 Rs. for maintenance of the car.

EMI calculations of Innova Crysta:

  • The total price of Innova Crysta – Total loan amount – Rs. 13,43,700.
  • Total period – 60 months.
  • The percentage – 10.5 %.

Then the EMI is calculated for each month will be – Rs. 28,88 per month.

You can use the ZMI EMI calculator to calculate the loan interest rate by entering the total amount of loan which you want to buy. This calculator calculates the instalments on reducing the balance of the loan amount. (Toyota Innova Crysta Price in India 2023)

Toyota’s car creation

After the 19s half-century, that is 1950s Toyota’s car creation processing plants were back inactivity, and to pick up aggressiveness the organization started a cautious investigation of American car producers, attributable to saw the U.S. specialized and financial prevalence.

Toyota administrators visited the generation offices of companies, including the biggest Ford Motor Company, to watch the most recent vehicle producing innovation and thusly executed it in their very own offices, yielding an about quick increment in proficiency.

Crysta strength of Toyota

The Toyota Innova Crysta is a contextual analysis in the quality of a brand. Purchasers appear to be resolute by Crystal’s high cost just in light of the fact that they partner the Innova name with quality and unwavering quality and are eager to pay enormous cash for the tranquil possession that it ensures.

To be reasonable, Toyota has likewise increased the exceptional remainder on the second era of the MPV.

The Innova Crysta is accessible in seven-and eight-situate arrangements while there are four motor gearbox alternatives to browse.

There’s a sturdy 2.7-litre oil motor that can be had with manual and auto gearboxes. Diesel motor alternatives incorporate a 2.4-litre engine with a manual gearbox just as a 2.8-litre engine with a programmed gearbox.

Look of Crysta

Striking and current in look, the Innova Crysta effectively separates itself from the utilitarian picture of the model that went before it. It’s fairly pleasant within also, with a shrewd dashboard loaning the lodge an up-market look.

The Crysta doesn’t frustrate as an MPV, either. Entrance departure is helpful and the one-contact tumble for the centre line situates additionally gives moderately simple access to the last push.

The front-and-centre column seats are agreeable and even the third line is useable despite the fact that the seating position isn’t the best. The seating facility is available in both the case, that is in both seat and skipper seat structure there’s additionally sensible baggage space with all seats up, and the choice to overlap seats to make more space for the payload is helpful, as well.

Contrary and efficient in working compared to the name

Crysta, the name looks so hard but the working and gearbox of the company are absolutely fantastic. The Innova Crysta oil is refined and offers great execution but on the other hand, is fairly parched.

Of the diesel, the 2.4-litre unit doesn’t feel energetic as it so happens yet gets into its usual range of familiarity rapidly enough.

The catch is that the 2.4-litre motor can get boisterous, while nor is the 5-speed manual gearbox it’s aligned with smooth, nor is the grip light. The 2.8-litre diesel auto is simpler to live with gratitude to its smooth-moving auto gearbox, and you’d likewise be shocked by the presentation it has on offer.

Crystal’s ride quality

The Crystal’s ride quality is amazing over rutted, smooth, rough as well as on the dirt surfaces. However, the suspension can’t absorb sharp edges as effectively. Tragically, dealing with is simply normal and what makes the Innova feel especially awkward around the local area is it’s substantial directing.

Toyopet, first sedan of Toyota

In 1957 Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc., was set up, and the next year the organization discharged the Toyopet, its first model to be showcased in the United States; it was inadequately gotten as a result of its high cost and absence of drive

The organization took its present name in 1982 when Toyota Motor Company was converged with Toyota Motor Sales Company, Ltd.

Everything except the top ZX-trim Crystals is accessible with the choice of seven or eight seats. The oil Innovas are essentially less expensive than the diesel variations however on the off chance that you factor in the higher running expenses and lower resale esteem, they don’t appear to be such engaging.

It’s the diesel programmed that appears to be the best form of the Innova Crysta. Shockingly, it’s either just accessible in the base trim, or restrictively costly in its completely stacked structure. Thus, it’s the 2.4-litre diesel-manual Innova Crysta VX that seems to be the most reasonable purchase for the cash.

The Innova Crysta with three engine variants

The Innova Crysta is accessible with three engine alternatives, in which two types of diesel and one petroleum. While the 2.4-litre oil-burner puts out 150bhp and 343Nm of torque, the 2.8-litre unit produces 174bhp and 360Nm of torque.

The petrol engine, then again, produces 164bhp and 245Nm of torque. The littler, 2.4-liter unit is exclusively coupled to a five-speed gearbox while the 2.8-litre unit can be selected distinctly with a six-speed programmed transmission.

Also, on the off chance that you are going for the petroleum-fueled variation, you have a decision of a five-speed manual gearbox or a six-speed AMT.


The Innova Crysta is the latest edition of Inova model which is upgraded in area, colours, exterior and interior design with the advanced safety option which makes it worthy for use by the new generation. Most of Indians recommend this Innova Crysta model as the best option to buy four-wheeler for a big family.

Though the Innovacrysta covers lots of good features there are some things need to be improved, they are as follows:

In regular urban rush hour gridlock, a light guiding spares you a great deal of exertion. The Innova Crysta’s directing needs some push to utilize, which can be somewhat saddling when you need to go through a few hours at low speeds.

Noise, vibration and brutality (NVH) levels in the Innova Crysta are not gain that much of positive attention that is they are not as perfect. The motors don’t offer the best refinement and there’s no getting away from the way that there is a diesel under the hat.

Car covered pretty much good stuff also if compared to the same budgetary other cars, It can be a good option before buying. The Innova Crysta is available in the range of Rs 14.65 lakh, the basic model and Rs 22.01 lakh, top model.

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